Why Jacob Gottlieb is Dominating the Healthcare Industry

Currently, the healthcare industry is in for some great things, and some exciting changes are coming. One of the pioneers pushing for these changes is Jacob Gottlieb. Jacob believes that we are living in a time when the health care industry has a strong foundation and therefore should put forward in assuring that it’s providing excellent health care to all citizens in the world.

As a result, Jacob Gottlieb is adding yet another investment opportunity in the healthcare industry known as Altium Capital. Altium Capital is well known for its previous investment in companies in the same sector as the Oramed pharmaceuticals and Amarin Corporation.

The Expansion of Altium Capital

So far, Jacob Gottlieb through Altium Capital has invested 5.6% stake in Oramed with the aim of developing an oral treatment for diabetes patients. Rather than receiving injectable drugs, Jacob believes that this should be one of the advancements in the healthcare industry. Altium believes that its partnership with Oramed is for the better because Oramed is an international company that has an experienced management team with several years’ pharmaceutical world.

Altium’s Relationship With Amarin

Amarin and Altium’s partnership, on the other hand, is focused on developing drugs to improve cardiovascular health. The base of the end product is on a combination of two significant scientific aspects – lipid science and therapeutical polyunsaturated fatty acids. In the end, Jacob Gottlieb looks forward we better medicinal alternatives compared to the ones that are present in all aspects of medicine.

How Jacob Is Managing Everything

Managing all these new benches takes quite some time, and that is why Jacob shares office space with another healthcare investor and longtime friend Stuart Weisbrod. The two, who have previously worked on the Merlin Biomed group, now share offices and talk about future collaborations. For this, Jacob had founded an asset management company in 2005, and by 2016 the company was worth 8 billion dollars and had over 200 employees in different offices across New York and London.