Miami Billionaire

Transformative Miami Billionaire Chris Burch

Staying up most nights listening to conversations of people think and talk on radio show Voice of America while in a broom closet is what the billionaire founder of Burch Creative Capital, a firm based in New York City regards to as the pioneer to his young mind, refer to ( He is curious to listen, create ideas and dreams. Burch describes his talent as his ‘camera of curiosity.’ Chris has an eye to leaf through anyone who comes across his path and decides by gut feeling and creativity.

Being the founder of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch is conceivably the creative force driving numerous luxurious fashion brands including Jawbone, Poppin, Voss Water, and hospitality group, the Faena Hotel plus Universe and many technology firms. Not long ago he partnered with his friend Ellen DeGeneres to embark on her lifestyle brand ED.

Speaking to his staff, Lauren Holmes of Elite Traveler revealed how his employees’ faces light up at the mention of his name. Everyone from his gardener to his ship captain had stories to tell of their fascination with him, his energy, his drive for work and many agreed that he is not your everyday Miami billionaire, check this out,

Chris Burch describes his personality to have been shaped by the great occasions in his life of extreme happiness and pain. Chris has always come out having learned so much about good and bad things in life, about people and the art of building himself up. He credits these moments as learning tools, which have defined his career paths and finding great pleasure in the success of the people in his vicinity. It is his passion to help people and his investments have become one of the top employers.