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The Leading Meat Processing Company in the International Markets- OSI Food Solutions

How OSI Food Solutions Started

The OSI Food Solutions origins date back in 1909 in Chicago when a German national who had immigrated to the USA, opened a family business of selling meat. The German who was Otto Kolschowsky grew the food business over the years where his first milestone was when he began a wholesale business that eventually became a company by the name “Otto & Sons” in 1928. The company continued to prosper from decade to decade, and due to its excellent customer service and quality meat supplies, it became the preferred brand to most of the food businesses. What’s more, 1975 saw Otto & Sons changing their name to OSI Industries as it continued to expand its business where today it is known as the OSI Food Solutions.

How OSI Food Solutions Operates

OSI Food Solutions Company is a top brand that deals with the production and supply of value-added meat products to international food brands. The company abilities include providing customized food products, reliable supplies, and timely distribution to meet their clients’ needs effectively. Further, the business is currently operational in three continents while it has over 65 premises in 17 countries, and has employed more than 20,000 employees. Furthermore, OSI Company is an award-winning global food supplier and was recently recognized by the “British Safety Council” during a luncheon at the Draper’s Hall in London. The company was presented with the Globe of Honor Award due to its exemplary care for the environment.

The OSI Company continues to expand its business in order to serve as many of its customers as possible, and for this reason, it recently acquired Baho Foods to penetrate the European market. The Baho Food Company was a Dutch manufacturing company that had its area of focus on the quality food production and processing of deli meats, snacks, and other foods to the retail markets. Again, the CEO and president, David McDonald, stated that with the company acquiring Baho Food would lead to a broader coverage of supplies as it had five other subsidiaries in other countries in the business world. Moreover, Baho Foods’ subsidiaries are in Netherlands and Germany where they include Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, and Gelderland Frischwaren.