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Tammy Mazzocco, Dream Realtor

An agency would be quite fortunate to acquire Tammy Mazzocco as part of their team. Why? Because Tammy Mazzocco is simply an amazing realtor. Her experience speaks for itself. Beyond that, Tammy has upped her game ever since joining the work force. From the get go she was a professional in each of the prior positions she had before becoming a realtor. As time went on she continually conquered new ground and stood strong as a Queen of Realty in Ohio. Figuratively speaking there is royalty in her realty.

According to Blog Web Pedia, Tammy is an Ohio Based Realtor who is now a member of one of the most prominent agencies in the state of Ohio, The Edwards Realty Company. After starting as a secretary Tammy quickly moved into the work role of property management. Later on in 1995 she took a position as a property manager of many T&R properties in Ohio. She then became a personal assistant of Joe Armeni whom she learned a lot of skills from.

In 1999 Tammy Mazzocco finally made the leap to being a realtor. The rest is history. Tammy Mazzocoo has been at the forefront of the Ohio Real Estate game since 1999. She is quite obviously one heck of a real estate agent and is charismatic as they come. She consistently charms people over to properties and her lovely personality.

Tammy landed her first real estate deal within her first year as a Realtor. This is impressive considering that just starting out in the industry means you have no clients initially. Tammy believes her website has played an integral role in building clientele.

Tammy Mazzocco is not only a great Realtor, but also a great marketer. Her clients have proven to be enthralled by her alluring web presence. Tammy also exudes charisma and professionalism in the way she presents her business and herself within the site.

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