Prison Communication

Securus Technologies, Making Advances in Correctional Telecommunications Services

Securus Technologies, a Dallas, Texas-based inmate services company has been in the news regularly over the last few years. The company, which provides services such as inmate calling, monitoring, investigative services, and even financial service has grown significantly. Among the most recent achievements are earning an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, and public praise and recognition for assisting in keeping jails a safer place. Family members and correctional facility employees alike credit the company with proving great customer service and technology that is far ahead of the curve. Being able to monitor inmate behavior and communications have been recognized as a key driving force in prosecuting crimes that were difficult and sometimes possible to handle. This sort of evidence has also helped to keep contraband outside the correctional facilities, a major reported problem by the staff at these facilities.


The company has also been able to resolve the majority of customer service concerns at an unprecedented rate achieving one call resolution and excellent service as reported by customers. The company not only monitors inside jails but outside as well. Being able to track criminals via electronic means while under house arrest or other measures that require GPS capability. The services provided are also helping families of the incarcerated stay in touch with their loved ones. This is an invaluable service for staying in touch, which, is often considered to be a major challenge while involved with the corrections system. Securus is also constantly developing new technology to stay current and provide even better solutions for inmates, their loved ones, and employees involved in the corrections process. The company has a full listing of their products and services on their website located at