Prison Communication

Securus Technologies: Helping Prison Facilities to Safe from Corruption

Securus Technologies is a leading correctional facilities communications technology provider. They have been helping prison institutions to stay safe for many years. Many of Securus clients often praise this technology for helping them to keep their buildings free from inmate criminal activity and from officer corruption.


One of the best benefits of this technology is its ability to record data. This data could be related to phone calls, computer usage, emails, text messages and inmate communications. It can also be used to record staff conversations as well. The technology is very useful for this purpose.


In one instance a client reported that they were able to stop corrupt corrections officers from moving drugs inside of a prison for inmates. This technology has also been beneficial for stopping shady prison guards from compromising a prison facility.


In this particular facility, a group of prison guards were allowing prisoners to escape outside of a jail for overnight trips outside of the prison to get alcohol and even to see people on the outside. Securus technology is state of the art and it is very effective for helping prison staff to keep jails secure and safe for everyone. You can find out more information about this technology by viewing an article on PR Newswire.