Prison Communication

Securus Technologies Gift to Parents and their Children during Christmas

Christmas is the best time of the year. However, people in correction facilities can hardly relate to this. It is a sad part of the year because they get to miss their loved ones and do not spend time with them. The day of joy, love and family is a day of gloom for people in prisons. Securus Technologies has strives to change this with their video visitation program. The company believes that everyone deserves a happy time during the holiday, even if they are in a correction facility. Securus Technologies has availed its services. The company has mostly benefited children who cannot visit their parents in correction facilities.


Securus Technologies introduced the revolutionary technology a few years ago. Since its launch, many families have praised the program for its benefits. Many family members have preferred video visitation compared to traditional visits. They get to spend more time with their loved ones. The person in the correction facilities gets to connect with everyone in the home and its general environment. One video advertised by Securus Technologies was that of a son opening a gift presented to him by his dad. The two were happy to spend 20 minutes together. The video made me realize that communication is a special aspect of family. Improved communication like that of a video visitation is even more meaningful.


Securus Technologies recognize the need for better communication with the video visits. The company moved forward to invest close to $32 million in the development and deploying visitation systems. The company makes use of advanced software and connectivity to realize the communication network. The visitation system has been very strategic. The whole video cost is extremely affordable. The video cost per visit should be less than $7. The calling rate charges are usually $0.30 per minute. The amount is affordable considering the quality and the invaluable nature of a video visit. Family members that want to use the video visit can sign up for the program. All that is needed is a computer, smartphone, tablet and an internet connection.


Securus Technologies is a non-profit company situated in Dallas. The company has a specialization in prison technology. It deals with correction systems and law enforcement in prison. Securus has established itself as a leading provider of communication systems for prisons. The company has its offices in several parts of the United States such as Georgia, Atlanta, Carrollton, Allen, and Texas.