Prison Communication

Securus Technologies’ Dedication To Crime Prevention.

Securus Technologies has always been very dedicated to conjuring innovative cutting edge technologies for the sake of crime prevention. The company is based in Texas and has always dedicated its time, resources and commitment to equipping correctional facilities with ample provisions to regulate the way communications are made within holding cells, state prisons, and federal prisons, privately held prisons, detention camps and city jails. Although it is an American company, Securus Technologies has flourished enough to draw the Canadian market through its reputation for creativity, hard work, and efficiency.

Securus draws its success from its commitment to research and development. The company is highly innovative, and it is reported to target conjuring new technological means of improving their service delivery every passing week. It has, according to tax reports, spent over 600 million dollars on patents and acquisitions, sometimes even partnering with other innovative entities for the sake of making correctional facilities safer and preventing crime. It does so by regulating inmate communications, limiting their correspondence to the confines of the law. One of its most successful efforts towards that effect resulted from its partnership with the Harris Corporation. The partnership led to the development of the “Cell Defender” which limits any contraband phones within these facilities from connecting with mobile networks. The “Cell Defender” effectively rendered contraband phones useless and cut off criminal cartels in contact with inmates from their coordinated efforts to break the law.

According to PR Newswire, prison officials across different states are utterly impressed with Securus and its efforts to keep sanity within their holding facilities. According to them, the privately held company has installed state of the art communication infrastructure that even allows inmates to make affordable calls to their families. The same facilities and equipment, however, has seen the reduction of unlawful communications within their facilities. Most of the officials have been writing letters to the company urging it to remain unrelenting in its innovation alongside inmates who had earlier been cornered by organized crime within the facilities. According to them, since Securus started servicing the correctional facilities;

  • They have helped minimize drug abuse and trafficking within the prisons
  • They have reduced incidences of corruption
  • They have reduced cases of coordinated attacks on inmates, prison officials and their families