Caring for the Community

Sam Boraie Has Been A Key Pillar Of Boraie Development

Sam Boraie serves as the vice president of the renowned real estate development company, Boraie Development. This corporation is credited for completing multiple projects in New Brunswick. Omar Boraie, the founder of Boraie Development, has played a crucial role in enhancing the economy of New Brunswick considering that his properties have attracted many people to the town. The city’s multi-use facilities have retail and office spaces, and apartments. Today, the company continues to undertake different projects in Atlantic City and Newark. Over the years, Boraie Development has partnered with different personalities, including Shaquille O’Neal to construct properties in the city.

Sam is the son of Omar Boraie. The Egyptian-born investor in real estate introduced Sam, his brother and sister to the business during their formative years. To this end, Omar’s children have been able to provide transformative leadership, which has enhanced the company’s undertakings in New Jersey and its environs. In addition, Sam has zeroed in on finding new developments ( with the objective of augmenting the economy of the region. His brother and sister also serve as vice presidents of the company. Under his leadership, Boraie Development has developed strategic plans of revamping Atlantic City. The company is planning to build both housing and retail markets. In addition, they have undertaken to enhance the open space around the Revel Casino Hotel Tower.

Sam has been in charge of the company’s business development division. Through his ideas, he has helped the company to spearhead the acquisition of different companies. In addition, the executive has been using his extensive network to augment the firm’s asset base. His exceptional marketing skills have enabled Boraie Development to sell out its projects, reveals Bloomberg. Besides working for Boraie Development, Sam has continued to participate in different philanthropic activities. The consummate humanitarian has been serving on the Elijah’s Promise advisory board. This nonprofit company, which is based in New Brunswick, has been empowering people with the intent of alleviating hunger and poverty.

For the past 28 years, Elijah’s Promise has been giving food to the most vulnerable community members of Central New Jersey. The entity runs a culinary arts school, community soup kitchen pay-as-you-can café and catering business. Over the years, Elijah’s Promise has connected low-income families and individuals with health and social services. Courtesy of community partners, donors and volunteers, the organization has been able serve over 100,000 meals annually. In addition, the foundation has trained previously unskilled workers for different careers in the vast food service industry. In this firm, Sam Boraie plays a pivotal role of planning for its future objectives.

Additionally, Sam has been involved in the affairs of State Theatre of New Jersey. He is an active member of the board of trustees ( of the theatre where he serves with other businessmen. The theatre is regarded as a local cultural phenomenon because it engages in production of many plays each year in New Brunswick and its environs. Over the years, the entity has been relying heavily on charitable donations. Much of these resources have been contributed by Sam, the larger Boraie family and Boraie Development.