Richard Dwayne Blair: The Pillars of Success

Richard Dwayne Blair is very passionate about his approach to his success. There are a lot of good reasons that his three-pillar approach is effective. In order to know, the first place to start is with the first pillar, which is the financial road map. While in the process of laying out the financial road map, Richard Dwayne Blair collects information about his client. Among the pieces of information he gets is the personal goals of the client, the strengths, weaknesses and his tolerance of risk. Afterwards, he comes up with a plan that is suited to what he knows about the client.

The second pillar deals with a long-term investment strategy. With the right strategy, Richard Dwayne Blair’s clients can make choices in investing that is going to not only bring forth some short-term results but some long-term results as well. One of the best types of investments strategies for a client could be to find a bank account that offers compounding, and then put a little bit of money into the account each time. One can also find an alternate source of income in order to add to the amount of money that is invested. This is just one example.

The third pillar is implementation and monitoring. This is a very important part of the plan because a plan is not any good unless it is carried out. With the implementation process, the client is encouraged to carry out his plan. With the monitoring, the plan can be looked at in order to see if there are any weaknesses or room for improvement so that the process can be sped up if possible. Whether the goal is achieving financial freedom, paying off all debt, or saving enough for retirement, Richard Dwayne Blair is able to help his clients form an effective plan.