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Peter Briger continues to shine at Fortress

In 2002 when the Fortress Investment Group was looking to expand its portfolio, it would turn to Peter Briger who at the time was working for Goldman Sachs. They knew that with his experience he could help with starting and developing the group’s credit division. This was not born out of blind belief, but his achievements over the fifteen years he had worked at Goldman Sachs. His accomplishments spoke a lot of his abilities, and this has been proven over and over at his time at the Fortress Investment Group. He began working at Goldman Sachs after completing university at Princeton. After graduating in 1986, he knew that he was destined to work in the financial industry. He got a job at Goldman Sachs as an entry-level employee and began to work his way up. He would become a partner in 1996. This opened the door to more opportunities, and Peter Briger knew just where to focus his energies on. Learn more about him:

Goldman Sachs at the time was aggressively investing in the Asian market, and Peter Briger knew that he had to shift his focus to that market. He got opportunities to work on various committees which would at the time expose him to a lot of new ways of doing business on the continent. The Japanese special fund was one of the funds where he put in a lot of work. The fund was meant to focus on investments in Japan, which at the time was the second-biggest economy and had a lot of promising investment opportunities. This exposure would help him quite a lot when he joined the Fortress Investment Group, which would also launch a number of investment funds focused on Japan. Coincidentally the group was purchased by Tokyo based investment bank SoftBank. This has helped in the transition and understanding how its new owners are likely to conduct business going forward. Peter Briger is now the Co-CEO at Fortress and continues to lead the San Francisco based division even as it continues to lead the other investment portfolios at Fortress. They are today responsible for investments worth 17.9 billion.

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