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Perry Mandera’s Passion for Serving Customers and the Community Members

Perry Mandera is a renowned figure in the transportation industry. Through his company, the Custom Companies, Inc., Perry Mandera has continued to provide excellent services to his esteem customers. An article published on October 6, 2017, in the word press website discusses some of the technologies utilized by the Custom companies to serve their customers better. Perry Mandera’s leadership ensures that the customers get exactly what they deserve. Some of the technologies discussed in the article include the Cheetah Dispatch, warehouse management system, and Dock management system. These technologies improve the efficiency of the company’s operations and enable the customers to have the necessary information on how the company can help them.

About Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera did his high school in Chicago high school where he graduated in 1975. After the graduation, Mandera was determined not to waste time after his high school education; he enrolled in the U.S Marine Corps Reserves. While working with the U.S marine, he was assigned to work at the motor pool where he learned more about trucks. He was later discharged honorably from the Marines back into the civilian life. He was employed with several transportation organizations before forming his own company at the age of 23 years in 1980. He sold the business five years later in 1985.

Perry Mandera also developed an interest in politics, which saw him serve as a ward committee member under the Republican Party ticket. He was the youngest ever elected in that position. He started the Custom Companies, Inc. in February 1986. The company has continued to serve thousands of clients from the small household businesses to the established businesses on the Fortune 100 companies. The annual sales of the company exceed $ 200 million and employ hundreds of people in its facilities.

Perry Mandera was named among the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” by the ITA (Illinois transportation association). Mandera is currently a board of Directors member at the ITA (Angel.Co). Perry Mandera has also donated most of his time and energy to working with charity organizations and serving the community. Mandera was proud that his company contributed relief to tornado victims of Washington in 2013.

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