As a leading direct selling company, Stream Energy has spent the last twelve years successfully growing and expanding its customer base by providing quality Energy, Wireless, and Protective and Home services. Stream Energy (founded in 2005) has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and offers Energy Services in eight other locations outside of Texas. One of those locations is Illinois. Stream Energy introduced its Stream Connected Services to the state of Illinois in the fall of 2017. Illinois residents now have the option of not only signing up for the company’s Energy Services, but they will be able to include Wireless, and Protective and Home Services in their choice of Stream Services. Stream Energy’s expansion into Illinois will provide consumers the chance to lower their energy bill by offering 6 and 12-month fixed-rate electric plans. This recent expansion is also great news for Stream Energy’s Independent Associates. Associates have a chance to successfully create new business opportunities in this large market (


Stream Energy has received many accolades since it was founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji. Steam Energy is recognized as a top 20 direct selling company in a competitive industry. The company has amassed over $ 8 billion during the 12 years it has been in operation. Along with Steam Energy’s financial accomplishments, the organization was named as one of the top 10 Most Trusted Electric Providers in Texas by Market Strategies International. Stream Energy was also given the “2016 Most Innovative Marketer of the Year Award” by the Energy Marketing Conference.


While consumers of Stream Energy benefit greatly from signing up to receive Stream Connected Services, those who join the Independent Associates program have an opportunity to operate their own business. Associates can earn an unlimited monthly income by signing up new customers and selling Stream Services. Moreover, Stream Energy Associates can enjoy access to Free Energy and Free Wireless. Hard-working Associates earn Personal Customer Bonuses for each newly enrolled customer, along with receiving Team Customer Bonuses for assisting sponsored Associates with the process of signing up new customers for Stream Services.

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Jorge Moll earned his degree in Medicine from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1994 in addition to completing his medical residency in Neurology. After obtaining a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology at Sao Paulo University, he became the head of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) and the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) located in Rio de Janeiro (Scholar.Google).

The Gift of Giving

Jason Marsh and Jill Suttie offer commentary on why gift giving can be beneficial. The act of giving strengthens their health and happiness in addition to the community around them.

Jorge Moll and several of his colleagues at the National Institute of Health conducted a research study in 2006 to determine the positive effects of gift giving. They discovered that when individuals donate to charities or hand out gifts, regions of their brain associated with pleasure, social connection and trust begin to open. “Helper’s high,” an emotional feeling triggered by endorphins being released in the brain, creates this altruistic behavior. This biological finding adds more depth to the following research study on the benefits of giving.

Other major advantages include

  1. Major Health Benefits: The odds of health diseases such as chronic illness, HIV, and multiple sclerosis are greatly reduced
  2. Increased cooperation and social connection: As suggested by Robb Willer, giving to others increase the likelihood of being rewarded in the future, regardless if the person is the recipient or someone else. The exchange also promotes trust and cooperation that increases our ties to others.
  3. Giving evokes gratitude
  4. Domino Effect: Once an act of kindness or giving is apparent in a community, it motivates more members to follow the same trend or action.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden is not your average cosmetic surgeon. Not only does she offer comprehensive, detailed descriptions of her procedures, she stands out as a clear leader in the plastic surgery field due to the numerous awards and honors she has received as a practicing cosmetic surgeon.

She is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, specializing in cosmetic surgery. Not only does she work rigorously at her own practice, but is a participating member of the exclusive American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She serves as a fellow for the the American College of Surgeons and as a member of the board of directors and communication commissioner for the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Aside from her prestigious position of various boards and societies, Dr. Walden has accumulated a number of awards for her work. Both Texas Super Doctors and Castle Connelly have recognized her as a top doctor. Because of her stance on women’s rights and health care, she was chosen by Harper’s Bazaar as one of the twenty-four best beauty surgeons in the United States.

Dr. Walden has also been featured in numerous well-known publications and media sources. Aside from having her own lifestyle and beauty piece on a local Austen channel, she has been seen on Fox News, the entertainment channel E!, VH1, NBC, ABC, CBS, and more. She is also a regular on numerous Austen media outlets, including radio, TV, magazines, and newspapers. Her printed work has appeared in outlets such as the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Refinery 29, Vogue and Teen Vogue, Self and Shape magazines, and many more.

Dr. Walden is not just talented at surgery; she also has skills in writing. She has published numerous award-winning research papers and enjoys displaying and sharing her work at national conferences or teaching at universities.

Clearly, Dr. Walden has taken the plastic surgery world by storm. She is proud to be a positive role model for young women and looks forward to what the future holds, both for her professional career and personal life.

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Large media outlets and scientific journals have recently been abuzz with the discussion of Elysium Health‘s first product, Basis. Many of the company’s reviewers have requested information about the product, its purposes, and the claims made about it by Elysium representatives. These questions can be sufficiently answered by reviewing the large amount of information about the product located on the company’s website. Elysium Health has included the supplement’s purpose, intended results when taken consistently, FDA regulatory information, price points for a subscription, and the results from a clinical trial that test subjects participated in to review the product. Here are the most significant elements of Elysium Health’s first product, Basis.

Basis is a dietary supplement that has been designed to help promote health at the cellular level. The expert scientists at Elysium Health based the development of this product on several years of prior research regarding the coenzyme NAD+. NAD+ is a coenzyme used in many cellular processes, from energy production to circadian rhythm regulation, and it’s present in all living cells. As humans age, NAD+ levels can decrease significantly. The depletion of the NAD+ compound can subsequently affect the processes it is present in. That’s where Basis comes in. Basis utilizes two primary ingredients to increase the levels of NAD+ in the body, thus affecting the cellular processes in which NAD+ is present.

Basis is sold in containers that include 30 capsules each. While consumers can purchase the supplement in its single container form, it can also be ordered in bulk or in a monthly subscription plan. On Elysium Health’s website, consumers can make arrangements for the dietary supplement to be delivered as a one-time, single purchase for $60, a monthly delivery for $50 per month, a 6-month delivery for $270, or a year-long delivery for $480. Deliveries can also be scheduled for more than one bottle of the Basis supplement to be delivered each month.

When taken consistently and as instructed (Elysium recommends taking two capsules each day with or without food), Basis is intended to support cellular health. Internally, the consistent use of the Basis formula should increase NAD+ levels, as demonstrated in a clinical trial conducted by the company earlier this year. Basis customers have already taken to Elysium’s testimonial page to leave stories about their use of the Basis supplement.

Bottled Water

Waiakea water is one of the most successful brands of bottled water today. The company started just a few years back but has emerged in the industry. Their popularity can be credited to the fact that they are much different than any other bottled water company on the market. They have made a few outstanding accomplishments that have set them apart from their competition.

The first aspect about the Waiakea that makes them so unique is their water bottle. The water bottles created by this company are different than any other water bottle today. There are two main factors that make the bottles so interesting. First, the bottles are made from entirely post recycled plastic. The company wants to help the environment by creating a more eco friendly bottle. The bottles that this company creates does not require any more additional plastic material to be produced. The next aspect that makes these bottles so interesting is the speed at which they are able to degrade. Traditional water bottles take around 1,500 years to naturally break down in the environment. The reason that there is such a big push for recycling is because plastics like this are beginning to harm the environment. The bottle created by the Waiakea company takes only a mere 15 years to degrade. The technology that this company has put into this product is amazingly economical.

Another unique aspect about this company is their water. The water is very pure. It is also surprisingly natural. Before the water is collected it passes through thousands of feet of volcanic rock. The process naturally filters the water and enriches it with minerals. The water is ready to drink upon its collection and isn’t altered whatsoever by the company. It has a pH level that is ideal for consumption. It also tastes very clean.

The company does one more thing that sets them apart. They help others through charitable services. Founder Ryan Emmoms promised that for every liter that the company sells, they would donate a weeks supply of water to a family in need of clean drinking water.

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Louis R. Chênevert has had an illustrious career. This Canadian businessman has served in various positions of leadership with remarkable achievements. He’s moved from General Motors to Pratt & Whitney in 1993 and to serving in various roles in United Technologies Corporation (UTC) from 2006. At UTC, he’s served as the Director, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and later became the Chairman & CEO in January 2010.

He achieved a whole lot while at UTC. His legacy at UTC rests firmly on the ability of UTC during his time to bring together the interests of customers, shareholders, and stakeholders in such a way that allowed them to remain at the top during the recession.

Some manufacturers have worked hard to salvage the manufacturing sector after losing a lot of steam after the war in America. To understand the depth of the slide, statistics showed that contribution by the manufacturing sector to the GDP has dropped by about 50% over the years. One of the companies still making huge strides in the manufacturing sector is United Technologies Corporation (UTC), worth about $63 billion.

The role Chênevert’s has played in writing the remarkable history of the company is by raising the bar and maintaining that position as a market leader when it comes to innovation in the building space and aerospace. He achieved this feat without the need to leave the birthplace of the company at Hartford, Connecticut or paying unfair wages to workers, and importantly, meeting major environmental standards and fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities.

Chênevert began his career by earning a bachelor of commerce in Production Management from École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), which is an affiliate of the Business School of the University of Montréal. He serves as Chairman of the International Advisory Board of HEC Montreal and also doubles as the Chairman of the Board of Directors in Friends of HEC Montreal. This shows is a commitment to give back to the educational community.

Chênevert has an honorary doctorate from HEC Montréal. He was also named Person of the Year in 2011 by the Aviation Week & Space Technology, due to his major contributions to the success of the aviation industry.

Health and Beauty

Jeunesse Global is a company that does something that no other company does. That is to say that they provide the products that people need in order to fight against aging and make themselves feel better about life in general. We all know that we are complex creatures, so why do we only treat things like physical illnesses? We could in fact be going after a whole host of problems that impact us both physically and mentally. One of the psychological things that we all go through is the process of aging.

There is no one silver bullet that cures our psychological battle with aging, but there are a circle of products from Jeunesse Global that can help. They have things that can do everything from restoring your sleep cycle to enhancing your mental focus and clarity. Each and every one of these unique products has been specifically crafted to work better than many others.

You can see it in their energy drink product called Nevo. This is a drink that you will want to try if you are not appreciating what comes with all of the other energy drinks on the market. Yes, they are chalk full of caffeine, but they also have a lot of other unhealthy things in them such as artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colors. You can avoid all of this if you just drink Nevo instead. It has just fifty calories per can, and you get to avoid all of the artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors that come with the regular energy drinks.

Think of Jeunesse Global as your one-stop shop for everything to do with revitalizing your body and mind. You will be amazed as so many others before you have been by just what all of these products can do for your battle with aging.

More than one-hundred and twenty countries have distributors of Jeunesse Global products in their land. They work to get those products spread out to as wide a swath of people as they possibly can.

Hedge Fund, Leader

Hungarian-American billionaire investor and financial genius announced that he is donating $18 billion, a large chunk of his fortune to the foundation he started, Open Society Foundation. This influx of money to the Open Society Foundation has made it the second largest organization in the country, just short of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. George Soros, who may be old, still has power over the foundation and serves as the chairman, along with three of his children. The contribution, comes as the Soros’ family works to transfer the hedge fund into a pool of capital, that will help the foundation over a long period of time.

Bloomberg has said that the massive contribution was in part to lessen a tax bill that hedge fund managers face this tax year. After Congress eliminated a tax break in 2008, following the financial crisis, hedge fund managers like Soros have until the end of 2016 to pay taxes on fees earned from offshore funds. Many are attempting to find a workaround by making charitable contributions, which will soften the tax burden. As a group, hedge fund managers are estimated to have $100 billion stored offshore. Hedge fund managers like George Soros, could be in a federal income tax rate of 40%, while also facing state and local taxes. In 2013, George Soros wealth soared to $13.3 billion through using deferrals.

As part of his growing reach, George Soros launched the Open Society Foundation in 1993, and has been used to support liberal causes and Democratic candidates. George Soros and his organization recently contributed $33 million to several Black Lives Matter groups and some to the Women’s March. George Soros was a major financial donor to Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential campaign in 2016. George Soros was taking a break from contributing to politicians after he was unable to defeat George W. Bush.

George Soros was born and raised in Hungary. Soros and his family survived Nazi occupation by securing false identities and helping others do the same. He fled Hungary as communism was beginning to take over and ended up in London. While in London, he worked as a railway porter and studied at the London School of Economics. He then later emigrated to the United States, where he became an investor genius. He is best known for breaking the bank of England, after making a wager that the U.K. would have to devalue the pound.

George Soros and his foundation have been working to support victims of hate crimes. The foundation is built to promote democracy, human rights and ensure a free press. George Soros founded programs that work to protect minority groups including the LGBT community and the Roma people in Europe. Soros foundation provided treatment centers for those affected by the Ebola outbreak. George Soros is planning on contributing another $2 billion to the Open Society Foundation. Soros’ foundation has been spending $900 million on programs and grants, more than what is required by law. Soros continues to help those who are being neglected by the majority.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich is a renowned plastic surgeon with international acclaims and known as an innovator in the field. Based in Dallas, he is known for bringing back the youthfulness of face and body with his unique artistic skills. Per the latest information, Dr. Rohrich has a busy year ahead in 2018 with multiple symposia around the globe. He will attend the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium in Miami that is scheduled from February 8 to 10, 2018. The 52nd annual live surgery symposium is the largest of its kind in the country and known for bringing technical advances in the sector to more surgeons and people.

Dr. Rohrich will also attend the Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting as the chair and organizer of the event. The 21st annual meeting is taking place from February 28 to March 1, 2018. At the meeting, Dr. Rohrich will bring the faculties who are experts to highlight the advancement of cosmetic treatments in IPL, noninvasive fat removal, lasers, vaginal rejuvenation, dermal fillers, ethical social marketing, skin tightening, advances in skincare, patient safety, and more. It will introduce latest techniques in cosmetic surgeries that are covering the breast, face, body contouring, and more. It also facilitates options for the candidates to go through live involvement to learn the technology and techniques from the experts.

Rohrich would also organize and chair the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting which is scheduled for March 2 and 3, 2018. It will be a meeting of experts in Rhinoplasty around the globe, and the topics would include major areas of Rhinoplasty including common problems, revisions, and the latest innovations in the area. The sessions will detail how to analyze the conditions of the nose, reviewing the nasal anatomy, troubleshooting various general and uncommon issues related to rhinoplasty problems. The meeting will have a fresh cadaver lab to experience the participants with rhinoplasty procedures.

Dr. Rohrich is an internationally recognized figure and professor of plastic surgery. He is a professor as well as Chairman of Southwestern Medical Center’s Plastic Surgery Department. He is a certified plastic surgeon by the prominent American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Rohrich is doing his clinical practices at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and the Southwestern Medical Center. After completing his graduation and post-graduation from the North Dakota State University, Dr. Rohrich earned his medical graduation from the prestigious Baylor University College. He did residencies in plastic surgery as well as general surgery from the Medical Center – the University of Michigan.

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Their professional at MB2 Dental provide a licensed and bonded technician with over 50+ years experience in the dental industry. You’ll get the smile you’ve admire from other friends and family. Would you like to whiten your teeth or are you experiencing dental concerns? You’re invited to visit an MB2 Dental professional who is willing to offer you personalized care that is centered around your unique style. Many celebrities want to look their best on camera and in there photos and they opt for teeth whitening options and other customized dental services.

What To Expect From A MB2 Technician

A dental specialist at their professional spa dental will give you a free consultation and help you work with every aspect of your smile until it’s exactly how you want it. Your smile is the only one you’ll ever receive in your lifetime and should be handled with care throughout your lifetime by a professional. Their professionals will offer you a free consultation aimed at finding out what will work best for you and giving you the opportunity to make decisions on your treatment process. Dr. Villaneuva, lead dental professional at MB2 has always given their patients the opportunity to be a part of the treatment process by deciding what works best for them.

MB2 Dental: Services

– spa dental

– specialist referrals

– oral cancer screenings

– gum disease

– tooth extraction

– dental x-rays

emergency services

– pediatric dentistry

– dental counseling

– most insurance accepted

– braces traditional/clear

– jaw realignment

– teeth correction

– Veneers

– and much more…

They suggests their patients apply for in-house financing when they have limited resources. Dr. Villaneuva believes their patients should never have to sacrifice emergency dental services because of limited resources. They allow their customers to pay for dental services over time with bi-weekly or monthly payments.

You’re encouraged to bring your child to a schedule tour of their spa dental to relieve any anxiety before their first dental procedure. They’ll receive a tour of the facilities, learn how the office dental equipment works, and meet their dentist. After a job well done, they never receive sugary sweets, but a fun fact sheet that teaches them more about dental health. You can become a part of the superior MB2 Dental family today by visiting their descriptive website for more details.