DIVERSANT is a fully certified and Minority Owned Business Enterprise headed by John Goullet. He serves as the principal executive of the company. In terms of African American ownership, it is the biggest IT staffing company in the U.S. It provides variety of scalable IT staffing as well as diversity products. These products include direct hire, inventive diversity solutions, and IT staff augmentation.

DIVERSANT’s products and services are aimed at gratifying the clients and associates utility in addition to the communities they work in. The products and services are anchored on original best practice methodologies. As prudent business partners, DIVERSANT engages its clients using a consultative approach. It does that to enable them solve important issues instead of acting like an ordinary commodity supplier.

The company operates under a number of guiding principles. They have been proven to be effective in the firm’s pursuit to offer the highest level of service to its clients and partners. DIVERSANT believes in the value of diversity in its entirety as a key component of thriving operations. It leverages the wealth of experience and expertise with its team-driven modus operandi to offer business solutions in the firm. As a result, it has been able to attain the most effective outcomes.

As a firm, DIVERSANT is involved in mentoring multiple Minority Owned Business Enterprises. It shares its best practices and experiences to motivate and guide the enterprises to prosperity. The company also collaborates with the U.S. government representatives and its Fortune 500 clients to promote diversity, STEM education, and job creation. Additionally, the firm’s employees volunteer both their time and resources to aid charities and institutions that reflect DIVERSANT’s core values.

John Goullet is an entrepreneur and qualified IT staffing professional. He serves the principal of DIVERSANT. Goullet has led in the establishment of several successful ventures in the IT industry. He started his career as an IT consultant prior to working in IT staffing. He created Info Technologies, Inc., in 1994. John Goullet served as the CEO of the company until 2010 when it merged with Diversant Inc. He is a specialist in Network engineering, operations, and infrastructure support.

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Keith Mann is a dedicated advocate for animals’ activist. Keith Mann has worked in the executive search industry for around fifteen years and is an expert in hedge fund compensation.

Before he co-founded his current company Keith used to work for Dynamic Associates and later became the companies’ managing director. He later went on to become the vice president of the company. while working there he recruited for global financial services firm. Later he launched Alternate Investment Practice. In 2002 after he discovered the rapidly growing hedge fund industry as a growing market and saw that it was undeserved by the search community.

In the year 2006 the practice was expanded into private equity industry. In the year 2009 Keith Mann founded Dynamic Search Partners as an executive search firm. The company would be dedicated exclusively to alternative investment firms.

Keith Mann firm assists the clients to hire marketing, investment and internal strategy professional as also build new platforms. The company works with firms in the alternative investment industry in America, Europe and Asia. It fills over two hundred clients mandates every year.

The success of Dynamic Search Partners stems from persistent partnerships and relationships that they have forged with clients and candidates.

Keith Mann passion for animals has seen him make many sacrifices to ensure total animal liberation. It is a passion that he has and says from what he knows it is the only thing that he can do. When Keith got a job in a slaughter how he had a shocking experience that he says he was not ready for. This experience made him to lose appetite the for meat. Animal abuse has lead him to fight for their rights. Keith believes that to become better people we must first treat all animal with compassion.

Keith also believes that using animal for research and experiment teaches people nothing about our human health. Keith says that he loves food and that’s why he is a vegetarian. He also hates cruelty and bullying.

Keith Mann wants all people to love and this is something that we can all be proud of.

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Spring cleaning as the name suggests involves housekeeping and cleaning during springtime. It is especially common in areas that experience freezing winters. Spring cleaning includes the thorough cleaning of the house and it has become a very common practice. Cleaning is done high and wide around the house to reach the places that are not readily available for regular cleaning. It is done on windows, mattresses, carpets, ceiling and every inch of the house. Spring cleaning is usually quite a tedious job that requires time. To make spring cleaning easier there are enterprises which offer these services for hire.

Handy is one of the companies that provide cleaning services for those who are not able to do it themselves. Handy has been operational for a while and it has credible and reliable professionals who work diligently to provide satisfactory service. Handy performs background checks and ensures their employees insured to instill confidence of customers on safety and security. Employees are very experienced hence the clients are assured a good job will be done. Handy is widely dedicated to efficiency and effectiveness and they have online booking in place for convenience. After booking it is possible to schedule a cleaning appointment any day. Furthermore, you can have your house cleaned the next day after booking. In situations where the client is not satisfied with the work done the money is refunded fully.

Handy is a private company that was founded in 2012 to provide cleaning services. Its founders are Umang Dua, Oisin Hanrahan, Ignacio Leonhardt and Weina Scott who first called it Handybook. The company’s name was changed to Handy in September 2014 after it rebranded. The company provides not only cleaning services but also handyman services like plumbing. The company highly operates online by providing booking options and information about it and its services. It works in U.K, USA, and Canada in about 28 cities. The company has more than 200 people under its employment with approximately 10000 cleaners under its payroll. The company provides satisfactory cleaning services such that customers rebook an appointment each time they need cleaning. Handy’s cleaning services are extensive and available anytime which includes spring cleaning.

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It’s no secret that countries in South America have been going through hard economic times. Dallas-based Highland Capital Management has been involved in the South American market for years. One of Highland Capital’s offices is in Sao Paulo, so CEO James Dondero and his investment team have an open line of communication with most of the countries in South America. James Dondero has been involved and has been investing in emerging markets for more than 30 years, so when Dondero decided to invest more than $4 billion in Argentina in 2014 his team wasn’t surprised. Highland Capital has more than $19 billion in assets under management around the world, and many of those assets are in emerging markets.

James Dondero is considered one of the top hedge fund managers in the United States. His financial background is impressive, and his understanding of the accounting and debt consolidation industry is exceptional. Mr. Dondero worked for American Express in Europe before he started Highland Capital Management with fellow investor Mark Okada. Both men decided that the market was ready for an investment firm that could identify opportunities in other markets and react quickly. Dondero is a proven professional, and his decision to invest in Argentina turned out to be a great one.

The new president of Argentina, Mauricio Marci, is on the verge of getting the country back on its feet. Marci recently announced a $12 billion bond offering on the international market, and Jim Dondero jumped at the chance to invest in the new debt bonds. His 2014 investment in Argentina is producing an annualized return of more than 20 percent a year. Dondero thinks Argentina is in a position to pull out of its economic slump and become an economic force in Latin America once again. Highland Capital Management plans to be part of that recovery, according to Dondero.

Highland Capital has offices in New York, Singapore, and Seoul, so the company stays on top of the ever-changing hedge fund investment opportunities. Highland Capital Management is also active in Mexico, Russia, and India, according to Mr. Dondero.

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Most people that have any degree of experience with dating sites or social media whatsoever are familiar with the company known as Skout. If you are not familiar with the company yet, it is important to recognize that Skout does not operate like most online dating sites. It has both a smartphone app and a regular website that you can go to, but it allows you to meet people from different walks of life for all different reasons, not just to date or to hook up. The great thing about it is that it gives you the opportunity to meet people who have the same interests as you for the express purpose of surrounding yourself with people who think and feel the same way you do. It might translate into a regular dating relationship but it certainly doesn’t have to.

Obviously, this sets Skout apart from all of the regular dating sites where the only reason that people are on there is to find someone to go out on a date with. You can use Skout to make friends just as you could use it to find a date. As such, it is much more versatile than other websites that allow you to meet people. The company has prided itself on this for a number of years but recently, it took a huge step forward to further enhance its reputation as the leading site where you can meet people and form new friendships, not to mention relationships of all types.

In a story that was written for PR Newswire, it was reported that Skout released a new travel feature that allows you to get to know people in an area where you are simply spending some time just like you can get to know people in your hometown. Think of it this way. Imagine that you live in New York but you are travelling to Chicago for the summer to visit family. However, you want to be able to meet some people while you are there. Who wants to spend three months cooped up in a house with family they hardly ever see with absolutely nothing else to do? The new travel feature from Skout allows you to see who is in the area that shares your interests. It might give you the opportunity to meet a new best friend or to meet that life-long relationship that you have been searching for.

The truth is, the sky’s the limit. It is one more way that Skout is putting you in control of your circle of friends and allowing you to create the relationships that you really want to have. More importantly, you can take those relationships to whatever level you are comfortable with, whether that means meeting an acquaintance or eventually getting married. This changes the way that people meet others and it gives you the chance to meet people who are already interested in the same things you are without having to worry about whether or not you are compatible from the beginning.

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Jennifer Walden has come back to Texas to be close to her family, and she has brought one of the best plastic surgery practices in the world with her. She is one of the most prominent people in the profession, and she is sure that she can help all women find something that she is calling their inner diva. Their inner diva is a gorgeous woman that is ready to come out, and Dr. Jennifer looks for all the ways that she can help each patient. There are a lot of patients who are trying to make sure that they can get just one procedure done, and Dr. Jennifer will find the one procedure that works for everybody.

It is also helpful for people to come to Dr. Jennifer because her options are surgical and non surgical. Surgical and non surgical is something that people need to look into because something that is really easy to use can help people get around doing a surgery. Anyone who wants to do a surgery will be able to get one, and there are a lot of good designer surgeries that are going to help women look great. The most basic of these surgeries are very easy to do, and they are also easy to recover from. Her office is a great place to recover, and people can even bring their friends when they need someone there for moral support. Dr. Jennifer helps everyone with an office that feels like home.

Someone who wants to get one of these surgeries will be able to come out and see Dr. Jennifer for a consultation. She is going to help people make sure they pick the right surgery, and then she is going to clear everyone for the surgery that is best for them. It is very hard for people to choose the right surgery on their own, but they will be able to ask Dr. Jennifer for help when they need it. She helps advise all her patients on these matters, and she is going to make sure that everyone is happy with the choice they have made.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s latest philanthropic efforts were featured in an article for WRCBtv. In an effort to assist deserving children around the world receive the best possible healthcare, Dr. Weisfogel has created a GoFundMe campaign to directly benefit Operation Smile. According to Dr. Weisfogel , Operation Smile is an incredible international charity organizatoin that seeks to provide the most innovative and necessary medical care to children in all corners of the world regardless of their particular situation. The organization believes that all children deserve access to high quality medical care and is committed to working with the best medical providers and organizations around the world to make that happen. Dr. Weisfogel is certainly part of an impressive campaign, which has now extended to operations in more than 80 countries all over the globe. Through Operation Smile, there have been more than 220,000 surgical procedures performed for grateful children, who otherwise likely would not have had any access to this type or quality of medical care. In his current campaign, Dr. Weisfogel hopes to raise at least $2,000 for the charitable organization so that it can continue its incredible work around the world.

Since graduating from the New York University School of Medicine as a Doctor of Dental Science, Dr. Weisfogel has always been committed to helping people get the best possible medical and dental care. He truly takes a holistic approach to his practice and believes that doctors and dentists should be proactive for the sake of their patients’ overall health and wellness. In particular, in addition to Dr. Weisfogel’s dental practice, he is devoted to treating sleep patients. He is so passionate about fulfilling the widespread need for adequate sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment that he left his general dentistry practice in 2010 to focus specifically on the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

Since specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders as opposed to general dentistry, Dr. Weisfogel has been a pioneer in oral appliance treatment. He is widely consulted for his treatment method and assists other dentists in bringing high quality sleep disorder treatment to patients.

Economic Collapse

A top International Monetary Fund economist, Robert K. Rennhack, has issued a warning that Venezuela’s economy is likely to collapse in the next 12 to 18 months. According to Corporation Wiki, this South American country’s probably just entered hyperinflationary stage, which will likely result in economic mayhem and chaos.
The IMF predicts that this year inflation will surpass 700%, and could reach 2,200% in 2017. Then, things could get even worse with 2018 inflation going to 13,000% as Miami Herald reports.

These estimates similar to Luque’s were based on previous inflationary spirals in other Latin American nations such as Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil. A total economic collapse could result in a military coup, something South Americans are quite familiar with.

Due to severe economic difficulties, many citizens are reported by the Latino Show Magazine have found themselves in dire straits. The crime has increased from already high levels. But, even the robbers prefer not to steal the nation’s currency, the Bolivar, as it is becoming increasingly worthless.


There is just no way to predict the future, and you should not be subject to a lawsuit in the event some component of your property breaks and injures a tenant. If you are covered through the proper insurance channels, you won’t be. And that is the reason Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions exists.

Recently, a blog post on Wealth Solutions brought to light startling but considerable issues that accompany subletting a property. Today homeowners are regularly renting out rooms and changing traditional living arrangements into bed and breakfast situations. but with being a hotelier in a legal sense come additional obligations often unknown to such enterprising individuals. While their activities in the past may not have been open to as much scrutiny, online programs like Airbnb, which provide listings for options like bed and breakfasts or temporary rentals, are putting private home owners on a national platform. That platform is subject to greater scrutiny from a variety of legal agencies that know there is money to be made from litigation against landlords who have not properly insured or vetted their property. Common issues involve theft, property damage, injury, illegal activity, refusal of pay from tenants resulting in loss of income, and a variety of other legal risks including lawsuits. All these things require careful consideration. It makes sense to get homeowner’s insurance, or to make rental of your property on stipulation the individual renting has acquired some form of property insurance on their own. Whatever you do, these things can be complicated, and that’s where individuals like Richard Blair come into the picture.

Richard Blair functions as the executive and owner of the aforementioned financial planning organization Wealth Solutions, Inc. Wealth Solutions is a $55M RIA that has its basis in Austin Texas. Mr. Blair has had the proper industry securities registration for some twenty-two years, and has subjected his activities to oversight from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Richard Blair has also become certified with FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Being regulated thus through more than one organization, Richard Blair has the endorsements to provide sound, trustworthy financial planning advise as it relates to properly supplementing income within the penumbra of an increasingly bureaucratic legal atmosphere. But it’s not just a client’s need to align themselves with the legal authority that recommends the services of Mr. Blair, it’s protection from unforeseen contingency that requires consideration.

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One of the best things someone can do to stop being an average achiever, is to stop acting like the average achiever. A few decades ago, during the Winter Olympics of 1980, the United States ice hockey team won the gold medal by thrashing the indomitable Soviet hockey team. Although the chances of beating the Soviet hockey team were slim, the USA coach Herb Brooks knew the best way to have a chance against them, was to work hard during training, and give their best performance during the games.

Since hard work requires preparation, it is necessary to do it adequately and avoid the discouraging words of other average minded people. There are people who are consigned to believe that they would achieve a certain level of success. To succeed in business, one should extensively read widely on business matters and identify the target market before rolling out the products. It is also necessary to exercise patience and discipline in the affairs that one does for one to achieve success.

This company has provided learning assistance to many people around the globe who are interested in acquiring knowledge on specific areas. They offer this service through distance learning from the highly qualified people who provide the knowledge to clients. Many people around the world have benefited from the services offered by VTA Publications and gained invaluable knowledge on specific important issues like trading in stocks using charts.

VTA Publications Ltd has its registered offices in The Dormers Low Road, Congham, King’s Lynn, PE32 1AE, which is located in the United Kingdom. The company was formed on 3rd December 2012. To contact the company for any product and services one is interested in, he or she can get send an email to the address provided on the website.