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The startup application had received a lot of funding in 2015 and 2016. The company received will over $50 million in late 2015 from venture capital companies. In total, funding has reached over $110 million. This surge in funding turned this small startup into a big deal with huge expectations.

Most other NYC home cleaning companies in the same market have trouble raising funds while Handy has the opposite problem. Handy has struggled in the beginning of 2016 to appropriately allocate their excess funds into productive parts of the project. The founders also worried that they would be criticized for squandering their abnormally high funding.

Venture capital has been correcting itself recently with funding going down rapidly. Many projects had received disproportionate amounts of funding in accordance to the type of application. This has lead to inappropriate spending habits of new technology startups. Investors are now going back to focusing on ROI rather than throwing money at new ideas and hoping to strike gold.

In 2014, Handy decided to stop geographical expansion of the company and they stuck to 28 cities. They wanted to focus on improving efficiency of the product and discover ways to maximize their ROI before trying to take over the world. They recently reported a profit margin of 72 percent over their monthly investment. Their profits have proven that they are not just another money burning startup. They have reported that they are open to investment but it may not be necessary at this point.

Their decision to focus on quality has paid off. Their staff is very happy and their is a high retention rate of employees. Both the amount of cleaners available on the application and customers are plentiful in the cities that they operate. Customer referrals, which is their primary method of growth, has drastically increased and their cost of obtaining new clients has become cheaper.

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Comparative law is a field of study that entails comparing two systems or more of the constitutions of different countries. It studies the legal systems that exist globally with intensive comparisons being undertaken. The significance of comparative law has grown due to forces such as globalization, democratization, and internationalism.

The comparative constitutional law helps scholars understand the working of a particular nation. For instance, when a scholar studies German basic law, they can have a better understanding of Germany. It is even more insightful when a scholar compares American Constitutionalism with German basic law. It grows their understanding of how both countries run.

However, one of the most significant reasons for undertaking comparative law is that it forces people to question the relevance of a particular constitution. For instance, through comparison, we can establish which country’s system seems to work best. The result is that it works as a great contributor to constitutional scholarship.

Even in the U.S., the use of the comparative law has become a subject of lively debate among Justices of the Supreme Court. It is quite different from past years where constitutional exclusivism held a firm grip over the nation. Although it may seem like there would be more harmonization among industrialized democracies, it is not the case. However, with the comparative law taking a firm grip in developed nations that is slowly changing.

About Sujit Choudhry

He is the founder and director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. It is the first such center globally that mobilizes knowledge for the constitutional building. Dean Sujit Choudhry is recognized internationally for his expertise in the comparative constitutional development and constitutional law. He has written on constitutional design extensively. He believes it is an effective tool for countries transitioning from conflict to democracies. He also has published more than seventy articles, working papers, reports, and book chapters.

Dean Choudhry is also a member of many international bodies concerned with the constitutional law. He has worked as a consultant for the World Bank and as a foreign expert in constitution transition in Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Sujit Choudhry holds law degrees from Harvard and Oxford, Toronto. He has also served as a clerk for Chief Justice Antonio Lamer, of the Canadian Supreme Court.

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Prison Communication

Christmas is the best time of the year. However, people in correction facilities can hardly relate to this. It is a sad part of the year because they get to miss their loved ones and do not spend time with them. The day of joy, love and family is a day of gloom for people in prisons. Securus Technologies has strives to change this with their video visitation program. The company believes that everyone deserves a happy time during the holiday, even if they are in a correction facility. Securus Technologies has availed its services. The company has mostly benefited children who cannot visit their parents in correction facilities.


Securus Technologies introduced the revolutionary technology a few years ago. Since its launch, many families have praised the program for its benefits. Many family members have preferred video visitation compared to traditional visits. They get to spend more time with their loved ones. The person in the correction facilities gets to connect with everyone in the home and its general environment. One video advertised by Securus Technologies was that of a son opening a gift presented to him by his dad. The two were happy to spend 20 minutes together. The video made me realize that communication is a special aspect of family. Improved communication like that of a video visitation is even more meaningful.


Securus Technologies recognize the need for better communication with the video visits. The company moved forward to invest close to $32 million in the development and deploying visitation systems. The company makes use of advanced software and connectivity to realize the communication network. The visitation system has been very strategic. The whole video cost is extremely affordable. The video cost per visit should be less than $7. The calling rate charges are usually $0.30 per minute. The amount is affordable considering the quality and the invaluable nature of a video visit. Family members that want to use the video visit can sign up for the program. All that is needed is a computer, smartphone, tablet and an internet connection.


Securus Technologies is a non-profit company situated in Dallas. The company has a specialization in prison technology. It deals with correction systems and law enforcement in prison. Securus has established itself as a leading provider of communication systems for prisons. The company has its offices in several parts of the United States such as Georgia, Atlanta, Carrollton, Allen, and Texas.

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Centered in 1973, Capitol Anesthesiology association (CAA) has grown to be one of the vital nation’s greatest independent follow of physicians specializing in anesthesiology. With over eighty physicians (MDs) and a hundred thirty certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), CAA is committed to delivering the best possible nice care in additional than 20 scientific amenities throughout the better Austin discipline. CAA presents anesthesia offerings at Austin’s level 1 Trauma centers, a few excessive-acuity hospitals, and numerous ambulatory surgery centers. Their physicians are board licensed by way of the American Board of Anesthesiology or are in lively pursuit of board certification. Moreover, lots of their physicians have accomplished developed training in specialized areas of anesthesia including obstetric, cardiothoracic, and pediatric anesthesiology. Their commitment to clinical excellence is demonstrated in all aspects of our care and places CAA within the best percentiles of national exceptional benchmarks. A vital factor of our quality-centered, crew strategy is their staff of over 130 highly trained CRNAs who aid our anesthesiologists in delivering a dependable and relaxed anesthesia experience. Along with our MDs and CRNAs, our registered nurses and anesthesia technicians make up their anesthesia crew that work in unison to give the best care.


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The world is faced with enormous challenges including diseases, poverty, provision of essential facilities and services and environmental degradation. Tackling these challenges require significant financial outlay to finance research on evidence-based, viable solutions, their implementation and assessment. Many governments and institutions are stretched in terms of financial capabilities and the sheer magnitude of these challenges. Historically, successful tackling of these challenges have been aided in part by philanthropists who have donated funds, technological knowhow and personnel. One such philanthropist who has significantly contributed to the betterment human life is Eric Lefkofsky; a Chicago-based serial entrepreneur who has actively supported genomics technology-based cancer treatment in addition to other charitable activities within his Chicago community.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Inroads in Cancer Treatment

Technological development has revolutionized cancer treatment. Personalized treatment based on patient’s gene sequencing and development of anticancer drugs specific to a patient’s genes is increasing gaining traction in the medical field. Tempus, co-founded by Lefkofsky in 2016, is one of the leading companies actively involved in this novel cancer treatment and care approach. Through genomic sequencing of the cancer cells from the patients and using data analytics algorithm technology, the company is offers physicians a deeper insight on molecular and cellular biology of the tumors for each patient. Such success in cutting-edge gene sequencing for cancer treatment is a product of collaborative operation with like-minded organizations such as Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center. Tempus also employs highly-qualified individuals in the field including its current president, Kevin White, a leading geneticist. In addition to co-founding Tempus, a startup focusing on using technology to modernize cancer treatment, Lefkofsky has supported cancer research through personal donations. He also co-founded Lefkofsky Family Foundation together with his wife. One of the focus areas of the charity is cancer treatment.

Bettering the Local Community and Education Background

Eric Lefkofsky holds a Jurist Doctor degree from University of Michigan’s Law School upon graduation in 1993. Born in Michigan, he moved to Chicago where is has actively engaged in activities aimed at bettering the local communities. He is serving on several boards of various organizations within Chicago including museum, a memorial hospital and an art institute. He is also serving as a trustee for performing arts organization, Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He has taken teaching roles within the local learning institutions. Eric Lefkofsky’s forays in charitable activities are reflective of his entrepreneurial ventures: he has a multifaceted approach to community development and entrepreneurial success.

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Business Leader

Anthony G. Petrello is a highly successful attorney and corporate executive. At the moment, he is the Board Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. The company is involved in oil and gas exploration in the Middle and Far East, North America, and Africa. Mr. Petrello joined the company’s board of directors and executive committee in 1991. His presence on the board has coincided with unsurmountable success, which has enabled Nabors to dominate the oil and energy sector.

Petrello’s Pre-Nabors Career and Board Memberships

Antony had already made a name for himself before he was brought on board by Nabors. Between 1979 and 1991, Anthony Petrello was a senior partner at Baker & McKenzie. This is one of the largest commercial law firms in the US. Here, Petrello was in charge of cases pertaining to international arbitration, general corporate law, and taxation. He was a managing partner at the practice between 1986 and 1991. Petrello graduated from Harvard Law School with a J.D. degree. He also holds a Master’s of Science in Mathematics from Yale.

Anthony Petrello serves on the boards of Hilcorp Energy Corporation and Stewart & Stevenson. Besides this, he sits on Texas Children’s Hospital’s board of trustees. He was appointed to this position due to his dedication towards funding clinical and research programs aimed at addressing the needs of kids who are affected by neurological disorders.

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Roles Played by Petrello and Nabors

Mr. Petrello initially served as the chief operating officer and president of the firm from 1991 to 2011. During this time, he was also the deputy chairman. In October 2011, he retained his presidency besides being appointed chairman of the executive board. In addition, he became the firm’s chief executive officer. Besides his operational functions at the company, Mr. Anthony Petrello provides corporate guidance and strategic planning. This has enabled Nabors Industries to adapt and prosper in a corporate environment that is highly dynamic and competitive.

The corporation has attained notable milestones under Mr. Petrello’s leadership. He helped it get listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In addition, he played a crucial role in reorganizing the company’s structure, thus moving it away from the brink of collapse to sustained profitability. Before his appointment, Nabors was performing poorly. During his early years, he implemented a raft of measures aimed at keeping debt under control. As a result, the company grew remarkably in the mid 90’s despite a general meltdown in the industry. During the late 90’s Nabors Industries was named among the largest listed companies in the US. This is attributed to the shrewd leadership that Petrello provided.

Petrello’s Philanthropy

Petrello and his wife Cynthia are among the most notable givers in Texas. Their philanthropic efforts have largely been inspired by adversity. The couple has led numerous fundraising efforts to support the Neurological Research Institute. They personally contribute nearly 5 million dollars every year. Their daughter Carena suffers from periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). Her plight is what motivates Antony to fund translational support since he believes it is the only hope for his daughter and other kids who suffer from neurological disorders.

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International Tax Firms

Cone Marshall is a global and leading New Zealand Tax law firm, Trust, and Estate. The company, located in Auckland, began operating in 1999 and is currently under the leadership of Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone. One of its chiefs, Karen Marshall, previously worked for another law firm in its Commercial litigation field, until 2005, when she joined Cone Marshall. She is currently the advisor of trustee companies along with being a principal of the firm since 2006.


Geoffrey Cone has a long history in international trust and tax strategies, trust management and trustee since his inception into the industry in 1980.


He began his work in the industry in 1980 when he joined Auckland Law firm as a lawyer in 1980. He then relocated to Christchurch after a couple of years to join a new company as a Partner and Chairman. While at the new firm, Geoffrey practiced commercial litigation and acted as the leading counsel in various cases. His experience in tax and trust led him to establish Cone Marshalls in 1999.


Geoffrey addressed the misconception of New Zealand as a tax haven with an article published in NZ Herald. He explained that the reason New Zealand attracts increasing numbers of foreign investors is due to the legal infrastructure governing taxation and trust, set up in the country.


He explained that New Zealand has more than 20 tax agreements with other nations to promote transparency. Mr. Cone also revealed that all records require a registration in the English language, failure to which a hefty penalty is applied.



Cone Marshall specializes in aiding setting up New Zealand partnerships, trusts, companies and also in providing international wealth strategies advice to clients. The law firm avails its attorneys, private banks, family advisors and other required institutions to clients. These entities ensure that foreign buyers not located in New Zealand have access to the full services and products offered by the law firm. The firm ensures that it offers quality services and products such as the complete New Zealand taxation, succession, trusts, planning advice and administrative services.


To date, Cone Marshall has undergone several evolutions to become of one the leading law firms in New Zealand. Cone Marshall has integrated the use of technology to fasten procession of cases by using secure systems. Another revolutionary step by the firm is in the efficient administration by Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. Cone Marshall continues to serve international clients with transparent and quality services.


The insurance company that used to insure Atlanta Hawks has been sued. The company has been sued over failure to cover some of the liabilities it had stipulated that it would cover in their premium terms. The former owner of the Atlanta Hawks has been joined to the lawsuit in which the prosecution is seeking to be compensated.

The prosecution side states that there are risks related to the work place and employment practices that the law firm was supposed to be insured against. These included issues such a wrongful termination, discrimination at the work place and other wrong employment practices. However, these were not covered during the time when the company was changing ownership, hence the lawsuit. The current ownership of the company said that they knew about the lawsuit, but did not wish to be involved in the proceedings. They also declined to give any information about the case.

Up until 2015, the company was owned and headed by Bruce Levenson. He had bought it off in 2011 and when he made the sale, according to it was big news especially because of the profit margin that the sale generated for him. Other notable investments that Bruce has taken part in include his first company, which he is still co-president in UGC Corporation. The company was started more than three decades ago when Bruce and his partner, Ed Peskowitz were just college students. See,

There was a lot of speculation about the manner in which the sale of the Hawks team was done. Initially, there were people who felt that the team Bruce had chosen to make the sale had set the asking price so high that buyers were discouraged, but comparing to the amount he had gotten the team for, the selling price was completely on point. The company said that they were hopeful for a fast settlement to the case.


Entrepreneurs, Innovators

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur and CEO of Tempus. He also co-founded Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, Uptake, and Mediaocean. He also helped found a venture capital firm based in Chicago, Lightbank.


He was born and raised in Michigan by his parents, a structural engineer and a teacher. He graduated from high school in 1987 and went to college at the University of Michigan. He graduated in 1991 with honors and continued his education at the law school of the University of Michigan, where re received his Juris Doctor in 1993.


After graduating from college in 1993, he and a friend, Brad Keywell, took loans from their family members to buy a Wisconsin apparel company, named Brandon Apparel. In 1999, the duo founded an internet startup company that specialized in promotional products, called Starbelly. They experienced quick success and was sold to Halo Industries in 2000. Lefkofsky even joined the Halo team as its COO (Chief Operating Officer).


After the success and bankruptcy of Starbelly, Eric Lefkofsky helped found InnerWorkings in 2001. This company provided print services and in 2006, the company had a very successful initial public offering in the stock market. He sat on the board of directors there until 2012.


In 2005, the duo was at it again, creating Echo Global Logistics, a freight logistics company. This new company attracted financing from one of the largest technology investors in the country and went public on the NASDAQ. Echo is now successfully being traded.


In 2006, they founded MediaBank, a company that provided buyers with buying and accounting software. In 2007, they acquired Datatech and in 2007, New Enterprise Associates invested in the company. In 2012, a merger approved by the US Department of Justice occurred between Donovan Data Systems and MediaBank, which created Mediaocean. The deal was an estimated $1.5 billion.


In 2007, Eric Lefkofsky co-founded and funded, which changed its name to in 2008. This website was an online collective action website that currently has an estimated value of over $1.35 billion. In 2010, Groupon was reported as one of the fastest growing companies in history.


In 2014, he co-founded an analytics company, Uptake, LLC. In 2016, he founded Tempus, a company that allows doctors to deliver personalized cancer care to patients.


Aside from his business ventures, Eric Lefkofsky is also very active in the community and in philanthropic works. In 2006, he and his wife founded a charity called the Lefkofsky Foundation, which has provided funding for more than 50 organizations which focus on children.


Lefkofsky is also very involved in his community. He sits on the board of directors at The Art Institute of Chicago, the Children’s Memorial Hospital, and The Museum of Science and Industry. He is a trustee of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company and a board member of World Business Chicago.

Cosmetics Industry


Doe Deere is an incredibly talented individual with a truly inspirational story. Her story starts in Russia. Ms. Deere was a natural born leader and showed great promise even when she was young. In her early years of school she started fashion trends and selling popular childhood items. Later in life she moved to New York City, New York to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional musician. Here she met her husband playing in a band and the two of them chose to move to California. In 2008, Doe Deere’s cosmetic brand, Lime Crime, took off.



Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a widely-known and very popular brand of Cosmetics that has been designed and created by Doe Deere and her husband. It features boldly colored lipsticks, stunning eye shadows, and vibrant nail polishes. These colors and palettes are inspired by Unicorns and their magical qualities. The line of bold and creative colors were created out of necessity as they were not colors that could be found anywhere else. To make the market seem fair and balanced, Lime Crime was born.



The Goal of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is so much more than make-up to Doe Deere. Lime Crime is a way of life and a form of self-expression. This cosmetic company was created as an alternative to traditional makeup brands and styles typically found for sale on the market. Bright bold colors, unique personalities, and self-love are all at the very center of Lime Crime’s heart. Doe Deere has described herself as an individual that stands up for what is right and what feels right. Her makeup was created to empower and inspire any person that wants to wear makeup.



What Does the Creation Process Look Like?

Every day Doe Deere waits for the inspiration that she needs to create her new and exciting looks. It may take hours, days, weeks, or even months to come up with the perfect idea for a new line of colors or shades for Lime Crime. Once that idea starts to form, she acts quickly. She creates a small batch of the product for herself to try out before she mass produces it for her customers. She feels as though this process is both real to who she is and fair to the customers that she truly loves.

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