Economic Collapse

A top International Monetary Fund economist, Robert K. Rennhack, has issued a warning that Venezuela’s economy is likely to collapse in the next 12 to 18 months. According to Corporation Wiki, this South American country’s probably just entered hyperinflationary stage, which will likely result in economic mayhem and chaos.
The IMF predicts that this year inflation will surpass 700%, and could reach 2,200% in 2017. Then, things could get even worse with 2018 inflation going to 13,000% as Miami Herald reports.

These estimates similar to Luque’s were based on previous inflationary spirals in other Latin American nations such as Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil. A total economic collapse could result in a military coup, something South Americans are quite familiar with.

Due to severe economic difficulties, many citizens are reported by the Latino Show Magazine have found themselves in dire straits. The crime has increased from already high levels. But, even the robbers prefer not to steal the nation’s currency, the Bolivar, as it is becoming increasingly worthless.


There is just no way to predict the future, and you should not be subject to a lawsuit in the event some component of your property breaks and injures a tenant. If you are covered through the proper insurance channels, you won’t be. And that is the reason Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions exists.

Recently, a blog post on Wealth Solutions brought to light startling but considerable issues that accompany subletting a property. Today homeowners are regularly renting out rooms and changing traditional living arrangements into bed and breakfast situations. but with being a hotelier in a legal sense come additional obligations often unknown to such enterprising individuals. While their activities in the past may not have been open to as much scrutiny, online programs like Airbnb, which provide listings for options like bed and breakfasts or temporary rentals, are putting private home owners on a national platform. That platform is subject to greater scrutiny from a variety of legal agencies that know there is money to be made from litigation against landlords who have not properly insured or vetted their property. Common issues involve theft, property damage, injury, illegal activity, refusal of pay from tenants resulting in loss of income, and a variety of other legal risks including lawsuits. All these things require careful consideration. It makes sense to get homeowner’s insurance, or to make rental of your property on stipulation the individual renting has acquired some form of property insurance on their own. Whatever you do, these things can be complicated, and that’s where individuals like Richard Blair come into the picture.

Richard Blair functions as the executive and owner of the aforementioned financial planning organization Wealth Solutions, Inc. Wealth Solutions is a $55M RIA that has its basis in Austin Texas. Mr. Blair has had the proper industry securities registration for some twenty-two years, and has subjected his activities to oversight from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Richard Blair has also become certified with FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Being regulated thus through more than one organization, Richard Blair has the endorsements to provide sound, trustworthy financial planning advise as it relates to properly supplementing income within the penumbra of an increasingly bureaucratic legal atmosphere. But it’s not just a client’s need to align themselves with the legal authority that recommends the services of Mr. Blair, it’s protection from unforeseen contingency that requires consideration.

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One of the best things someone can do to stop being an average achiever, is to stop acting like the average achiever. A few decades ago, during the Winter Olympics of 1980, the United States ice hockey team won the gold medal by thrashing the indomitable Soviet hockey team. Although the chances of beating the Soviet hockey team were slim, the USA coach Herb Brooks knew the best way to have a chance against them, was to work hard during training, and give their best performance during the games.

Since hard work requires preparation, it is necessary to do it adequately and avoid the discouraging words of other average minded people. There are people who are consigned to believe that they would achieve a certain level of success. To succeed in business, one should extensively read widely on business matters and identify the target market before rolling out the products. It is also necessary to exercise patience and discipline in the affairs that one does for one to achieve success.

This company has provided learning assistance to many people around the globe who are interested in acquiring knowledge on specific areas. They offer this service through distance learning from the highly qualified people who provide the knowledge to clients. Many people around the world have benefited from the services offered by VTA Publications and gained invaluable knowledge on specific important issues like trading in stocks using charts.

VTA Publications Ltd has its registered offices in The Dormers Low Road, Congham, King’s Lynn, PE32 1AE, which is located in the United Kingdom. The company was formed on 3rd December 2012. To contact the company for any product and services one is interested in, he or she can get send an email to the address provided on the website.


Wealth Solutions is a registered firm specializing in investment advisory. They are located in Austin, TX. This company creates investment portfolios for their clients. These investment portfolios consist of diversified and appropriate investments that are based on each client’s personal goals and needs. They have an expansive array of offers for their clients, and they exceed their clients’ expectation by providing them with extensive access to various investments that they otherwise may not have. Additionally, these are a wide array of alternative and traditional investment tools.

Wealth Solutions has an amazingly talented and experienced staff that possesses all the knowledge and expertise in this field. With all of this expertise, they can review all the necessary details of each client to evaluate their financial position, objectives, and risk tolerance level. Upon doing this, this investment firm can use the appropriate investment tools for their clients. They do this by creating a financial plan to establish short term and long term goals. This firm also works with clients in developing and implementing a plan to reach retirement objectives and goals. With this, parents and grandparents can benefit greatly by focusing on college planning, while also saving for retirement. This firm normally assists them with a 529 plan, or other educational planning.

Richard Blair

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. He founded this independent firm in 1994. With this firm, his goal is to make positive and significant differences for small business owners, families, and individuals. Also, he provide unbiased and objective advice to his clients. Clients are provided with tools for the sustainment of wealth, and to help prepare for their retirement.

Richard Blair’s Background

Richard Blair joined the financial services field in 1993- right after he graduated from college. Also, he was always attractive to education, and he attended college while using his aptitude for finance. He has a certification in RICP, Retirement Income Certified Professionals. He is also a certified financial planner (CFP). He passed seven exams relatable to his field. He has 24 years of experience in this industry, and his title is an investment advisor. He is also a certified estate and trust specialist (CES), a certified annuity specialist® (CAS), and a certified estate and trust specialist (CES).

Apps, Business

We make friends fast when we get to choose from a large selection of people that meet our interests. It is fun to use an engaging social media application that allows you to explore pictures of possible future friends. The application that I use to meet new people allows me to see their interests, and it helps match me with people that meet my interests. I am looking for a certain type of person to date, and I like that this application that I use matches me precisely with the right types of people that I am looking for. It also helps me make new friends that are not of the romantic persuasion by suggesting them to me when I provide that type of search criteria. The application that I am referring to is called Skout.

New Article About Skout

In a recent post by Adweek, the journalist talks about how easy Skout is to use, and they also discuss a number of features that Skout has that I was unaware of until reading the article. I have been using Skout for several months now, and I meet people regularly in real life by first introducing myself on Skout. We talk on the Skout messenger before meeting in real life for until we are comfortable enough to meet in person, of course. I am always safe about the people that I meet on Skout and other social media websites.

Skout has been upgrading their platform to include some really enticing new features that make it more engaging and more satisfying to use. I was unaware of some of the features until I read the Adweek article that talks all about them. One of the new features that I find compelling is called Wink Bomb, and it allows you to send a wink to multiple people at once.

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Fashion Company

The black bandeaus clothing has created a buzz in the fashion world with numerous fashion lovers purchasing such outfit to update their wardrobe. Celebrities such as the Kardashian-Jenners have been spotted endorsing the trend in various occasions. Consequently, Sami Miro, a stylist and model, has come up with her collection geared towards helping women cover their nipples.

In an interview with ELLE, she talked about how her new line could be worn with any clothing and how styling her boyfriend, Zac Efron, triggered the concept on Pinterest. In addition, she gives an insight into how the Sami Moro Vintage idea came along after being in the corporate world for some time before making a decision to pursue her desire.

Through Phlemuns, a designer, she was able to design an incredible jacket for Zac from various pieces of vintage fabrics. Ultimately, she was pleased with her creation and went ahead to create more pieces such as chokers and bodysuits. The original article can be accessed via ELLE

A Look at JustFab

Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler are the founders behind the growing online fashion retailer, JustFab on instagram. It was formerly known as JustFabulous, which was established on March 2010.In September 2011, the company recruited Kimora Lee Simmons in the capacity of president and creative head. The retailer specializes in different fashion lines including denim, shoes, jewelry and handbags with various brand divisions including the ShoeDazzle, FabKids, and Fabletics. The shopping experience offered to its customers is tailor-made to suit every individual client.

In the past, JustFab has been a recipient of massive funding from the Matrix Partners, a venture capital company. Consequently, it received $33 million from the firm and then received an additional $76 million from the Matrix partners and other businesses such as Intelligent Beauty, Rho Ventures, and Technology Crossover Ventures. A majority of the funding helped the company in its expansion endeavors to the UK, Canada, and Germany.

Book, Business

Mark Sparks is the author of, They Can’t Eat You, a book that is sure to make waves. Mark Sparks is a successful entrepreneur that achieved success on his own terms. Mark Sparks relates that he was not the typical success story. Most successful entrepreneurs brag about attending the best schools and universities. Of course, they were tops in their class and came from the best families.

Mark Sparks was a high school graduate, but still made it to the top. At one point, he lost everything, but managed to climb back to the top. Sparks shares the way that he achieved it all again in this inspiring novel.

Mark Sparks Philosophy

Most people have heard business experts state that one should have a college education to achieve success. Well, Sparks believes that you do not need a bunch of fancy degrees to achieve ultimate success as an entrepreneur. He is a perfect example of a smart entrepreneur that achieved success through determination and strength of character.

About Mark Sparks

The book is sold at Amazon and Mark Sparks is a modern day success story. He graduated from high-school back in 1975. Sparks relates that he always had a desire to start his own business. He committed himself to starting several business ventures over the years. Some achieved success and some were less than successful.

However, he had the determination to press forward with his desire to ultimately achieve success. Sparks says he learns as much from his disasters as he did from his successful ventures. Mark Sparks has achieved the type of success that others only dream of in his 34 years of experience.

In his page and in Marc Sparks book, They Can’t Eat You, was a work of intense passion for Sparks. He feels that others will find inspiration in the pages of the book along with learning from his mistakes. A few of his colleagues suggested that he should share his success story along with the mistakes that he made with fellow entrepreneurs that are on the way up.

The book should serve as an inspiration to them. It shows a man that was at the top of his game. He made literally millions of dollars. Then he lost the empire that he built in a matter of a few days. The good news is that with determination, he achieved more success.

Hair Care Process

The WEN hair care system created by Chaz Dean ( has been a sensation all over Hollywood. The cleansing conditioner system replaces ordinary shampoos which can contain harsh chemicals. There are different formulas for specific hair types. The Sweet Almond Mint cleansing conditioner is suitable for all hair types and textures. This revolutionary system makes hair shinier, softer, and more manageable. It has been thoroughly tested for safety.

In a recent article in Bustle ( the Sephora available WEN fig cleansing conditioner was used for seven days.  Her hair felt thicker and absolutely none fell out in the shower. She immediately noticed more volume and shine to her hair.
For the rest of the trial week, she had the exact same results. Her hair was noticeably bouncier and shinier. She received compliments from friends at how great her hair looked. She wrote this would be her go to product when she wanted a little more shine to her hair.
The Wen system is a game changing product. It cleans hair without stripping the natural oils and leaves hair stronger and softer. The WEN system is the only hair care product that offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

Health Beat

Though commonly known and practiced today, some forms of medicine have existed for hundreds of years. Chiropractic medicine, for example, has evidence supporting its establishment that dates back to the 17th century. Today, the practice is widely sought after and practiced each day, and has assisted people in overcoming painful conditions that affect the back, hips, and legs.

Chiropractic medicine is concerned with the treatment of disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system. While specifically concerned with the spine, this practice also works to alleviate conditions that affect the overall health of the nervous system.

Brian Torchin is somewhat of a hero within the medical industry. Currently residing in Pennsylvania, Torchin began his career as a chiropractor. He then opened and managed many offices in Philadelphia, Florida, and Delaware. These accomplishments have contributed to his overall goal of ensuring quality health care practices around the globe.

Torchin is the president of the Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC. The goal of this foundation is to staff health care facilities with only the best professionals, and to connect people with these professionals. Extending a base overseas to multiple European and Asian countries, Torchin reaches other areas of the planet by using social media and blogging.

Equipped with DocCafe as a tool, Brian Torchin regularly publishes pieces exclaiming the importance of staffing health care facilities with quality professionals. HCRC also offers extended hours of operation “to help ensure effective and quick communication with physicians and clients,” as they state. Mr. Torchin regularly writes articles stressing the importance of patient care. A popular article of his focusing on this is entitled “Warning Signs that your Practice is not Patient Friendly.”  He’s also always posting new job opportunities to when he finds out about them.

If the public can learn anything from Brian Torchin, it is that the health care industry -regardless of its daily advancements- needs to improve. Being an advocate for patients, Torchin is what the industry needs more of. While he and his foundation do not wish to fill practices with mirror images of Torchin, they do wish for physicians to show similarities.

Business, White Shark Media

It is not common to see firms being awarded 5-star reviews. This happens not to be so hard for the staffs at White Shark Media. Their professional behavior has attracted a long-term relationship with many clients apparently one of the clients was happy to have connected with Ferrer Shane a staff at White Shark Media he helped very much in going through the success of two infractions.

In a short period of time when the staff dedicated his all time to help the client was laid off the two infractions and gladly recommends White Shark Media to any small business own experienced any complications including those related to the government and local authorities.

White Shark Media came to realize that many small business owners were losing touch of their campaigns; normally they identified that the cause of the problem is the failure of clients to understand the whole process of ad words.

Ethics, positive attitude and professional practice from the White Shark Media staffs have been commended by many of the small business owners. Most of them prefer having one direct contact person with the whole ad word process which the firm is on the toe with the SEM director being in charge.

Clients also complain from some reviews of not receiving enough attention especially after signing I with White Shark Media – read more about it at: White Shark Media has tried all efforts to promote communication and assistance, and they agree to have not been the best performer. Such reviews are their route to improving and giving enough attention to all small business owners. The firm has also dedicated itself to tracking ad word performances through conversion tracking and Google freely as a response to the complaint by clients.

Clients have reported recording over 70% conversion rates and booming in sales. Others have reported achieving their dreams from the assistance of white shark media, and they are committed to having a long-term relationship with them.

According to a report from Top SEOS, Most of them are recommending White Shark Media to any person experiencing low sales and marketing crisis, especially in small business. White Shark Media has made online marketing the best strategy to engage customers and reach the targets. The firm is even dedicated to helping clients get the right SEO words for their business and ensuring performance from their SEO word service providers.