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InnovaCare Health is one of the leading providers of Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services. The headquarters of the company is located in Fort Lee, NJ. Most of its operations are in Puerto Rico. The leadership of InnovaCare Health comprises CEO Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides. The two leaders lead the company towards the provision of quality healthcare services at an affordable rate. The two are instrumental in the growth of this company. They have made sure that there is a significant development in the company so that they can meet the needs of as many people as possible. So far, InnovaCare Health has over 500,000 people who subscribe to their services.

CEO Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is one of the most experienced professionals in this company. He is well- educated since he holds a B.S from the University of California and a medical degree from New York University. He also has an MBA from the University of Redlands. With the strong background in education, he is definitely up to the task of making sure that people get the best services. She started his career as a pulmonologist in California. This marked the start of a high flying career in the healthcare industry. He has since then been featured among the TOP 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare in 2018.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is another instrumental leader at InnovaCare Health. She joined this company in 2015 after gathering experience of two decades from other organizations. She has held top positions in other organizations such as Centerlight Healthcare, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice. Some of the senior positions he has held include vice president and chief operating officer. In her career, she has mostly worked in the field of managed care and strategic planning.

Penelope Kokkinides holds biological sciences and classical languages degree from Binghamton University. Penelope holds a masters in Social Work from New York University and a degree in Public Health from Columbia University.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is boosting the performance of the healthcare sector by equipping physicians with modern and innovative solutions. It has created a network of over 7,500 providers to help the clients get the value for the services needed.

For over a decade now, the company has striven to offer high quality and affordable services. These two rarely go together, but InnovaCare is making it possible for them to work. Currently. The providers working with InnovaCare are covering over 500,000 people.

Business Expert

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman who attained his higher education at the leading Universities in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. He has an outstanding track record in various top-ranked companies in the united states among them being IBM where he held a very responsible and involved position in United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and United States of America as well as Canada.

After accomplishing his mission in the stated countries the entrepreneur, later on, returned to India in the year estimated to be around 1990’s where his career of being entrepreneur started from then. In the year 1998, Vijay Eswaran leads a special team of like-minded people to try and find a direct training as well as a selling firm which as per now it has grown into a multi-billion company which is known over the world.

The multi-business kind of conglomerate has been well identified by the name QI group. In this company, Vijay Eswaran works as the co-founder holding the positioned the chief executive officer as well as the chairman of the firm. The position was well deserved due to his experience coming from the skills and knowledge which enables him to pass them into the employs where the ideas are actualized by them through implementation.

The QI group having 18 years in the field of business is known to have regional offices in some recognized places and countries which include; Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore as well as in Thailand. Furthermore, the firm has got over 30 subsidiary companies offering a wide range of services to the clients from those countries.

Vijay Eswaran is among the most respected motivational speakers in the region whereby he offers lecturing services on diverse subjects across the world ranging from business topics to spiritual matters due to skills and knowledge he has in those fields rating him as an expert.


Currently, the healthcare industry is in for some great things, and some exciting changes are coming. One of the pioneers pushing for these changes is Jacob Gottlieb. Jacob believes that we are living in a time when the health care industry has a strong foundation and therefore should put forward in assuring that it’s providing excellent health care to all citizens in the world.

As a result, Jacob Gottlieb is adding yet another investment opportunity in the healthcare industry known as Altium Capital. Altium Capital is well known for its previous investment in companies in the same sector as the Oramed pharmaceuticals and Amarin Corporation.

The Expansion of Altium Capital

So far, Jacob Gottlieb through Altium Capital has invested 5.6% stake in Oramed with the aim of developing an oral treatment for diabetes patients. Rather than receiving injectable drugs, Jacob believes that this should be one of the advancements in the healthcare industry. Altium believes that its partnership with Oramed is for the better because Oramed is an international company that has an experienced management team with several years’ pharmaceutical world.

Altium’s Relationship With Amarin

Amarin and Altium’s partnership, on the other hand, is focused on developing drugs to improve cardiovascular health. The base of the end product is on a combination of two significant scientific aspects – lipid science and therapeutical polyunsaturated fatty acids. In the end, Jacob Gottlieb looks forward we better medicinal alternatives compared to the ones that are present in all aspects of medicine.

How Jacob Is Managing Everything

Managing all these new benches takes quite some time, and that is why Jacob shares office space with another healthcare investor and longtime friend Stuart Weisbrod. The two, who have previously worked on the Merlin Biomed group, now share offices and talk about future collaborations. For this, Jacob had founded an asset management company in 2005, and by 2016 the company was worth 8 billion dollars and had over 200 employees in different offices across New York and London.

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Are you stuck with critical legal decisions you need to make for your company? Jeremy Goldstein can help you make that decision. He has been an attorney for the past two decades. He has seen policies introduced and dismissed. There is nothing new in the legal law for Jeremy Goldstein. He acquired his JD from New York University. He also attended the University of Chicago and Cornell University, where he received his M.A. and B.A respectively.

When asked about his typical day, Goldstein says that in his type of job, there are no shortcuts. He advises his clients on matters affecting their lives dearly. There have to be a lot of meetings, discussions and drafting. He says he also has to have a bedside manner that allows dedication and availability 24/7. He limits the matters he takes in his hands to see that he guides his clients right.

Jeremy Goldstein faced challenges that he had to overcome on his way to the top. He says that his advice to his younger self is to remember that sometimes things that appear like setbacks are opportunities. He remembers, growing up most of the things he thought could destroy him ended up being good for his career. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein is also a cheerful giver. For the past decade, he has been a board of director of Fountain House. He recently arranged an exclusive dinner party for VIPs, where one ticket was sold at $3500. This money was used to support the projects of the foundation.

The Fountain House takes cares of the people living with mental illness. They have managed to change the lives of many individuals by sending them back to school and helping them get jobs. In the USA, 95% of homeless people are individuals living with mental illness. Fountain House helps at least 500 members of the foundation get homes in New York every year.



Whenever a legend passed away, there is always a story to be written– Alastair Borthwick was born in Scotland in 1913 just before the First World War, his parents moved to Glasgow thereafter where he joined the community high school which is the only form of education he ever had and while there he joined a subdivision of the Scotland army where he lent the basic defence skills. He later left school to join the local newspaper where his carrier as a writer starter. Alastair Borthwick wrote most of the content of the newspaper including the interactive fun puzzles. Adventure driven led him to surrounding areas in and around Glasgow port and isolated hills and mountains during his writing carrier with much of his early work and writing as a newspaper columnist, as a result, one of the most important past time sport of rock climbing was discovered.

During his adventures, in remote areas of Scotland, most of his open-air column was written. These write-ups were later published just before the beginning of the Second World War. Documenting the story of his time at Glasgow

When the war came he had to drop all his writing ambitions and join the army and served in many countries during the war including North Africa. His most astonishing accomplishments were when he single handily led his battalion behind enemy line in the dark without any map.

Alastair Borthwick was then asked to write a book about their encounter during the war by his commander, which he did and later published, this publication was his second book. Thought he got married when he was in the military, he and his wife moved to a countryside cottage after the war and this was when they had his first and only son.

Alastair Borthwick was later offered a job in the media industry where he continued as a radio broadcaster and a television presenter until his death.

Like they say “not all heroes are a legend but all legends are heroes” for his books, writing and his service to a great nation will always be remembered.

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How OSI Food Solutions Started

The OSI Food Solutions origins date back in 1909 in Chicago when a German national who had immigrated to the USA, opened a family business of selling meat. The German who was Otto Kolschowsky grew the food business over the years where his first milestone was when he began a wholesale business that eventually became a company by the name “Otto & Sons” in 1928. The company continued to prosper from decade to decade, and due to its excellent customer service and quality meat supplies, it became the preferred brand to most of the food businesses. What’s more, 1975 saw Otto & Sons changing their name to OSI Industries as it continued to expand its business where today it is known as the OSI Food Solutions.

How OSI Food Solutions Operates

OSI Food Solutions Company is a top brand that deals with the production and supply of value-added meat products to international food brands. The company abilities include providing customized food products, reliable supplies, and timely distribution to meet their clients’ needs effectively. Further, the business is currently operational in three continents while it has over 65 premises in 17 countries, and has employed more than 20,000 employees. Furthermore, OSI Company is an award-winning global food supplier and was recently recognized by the “British Safety Council” during a luncheon at the Draper’s Hall in London. The company was presented with the Globe of Honor Award due to its exemplary care for the environment.

The OSI Company continues to expand its business in order to serve as many of its customers as possible, and for this reason, it recently acquired Baho Foods to penetrate the European market. The Baho Food Company was a Dutch manufacturing company that had its area of focus on the quality food production and processing of deli meats, snacks, and other foods to the retail markets. Again, the CEO and president, David McDonald, stated that with the company acquiring Baho Food would lead to a broader coverage of supplies as it had five other subsidiaries in other countries in the business world. Moreover, Baho Foods’ subsidiaries are in Netherlands and Germany where they include Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, and Gelderland Frischwaren.

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Purchasing Fortress Investment Group may seem like a strange purchase for tech-giant SoftBank to make, but it may end up fitting in perfectly with their plans to expand into finances alongside their other endeavors. When the acquisition was first announced, many were completely surprised and had not been expecting it at all. SoftBank has plans to build themselves up to be one of the biggest investments firms around the globe and getting the expertise that Fortress has to offer is a great step to complete their goal.

The acquisition was made for $3.3 billion but they don’t believe that Fortress Investment Group will be changing much when it comes to how their daily business operations. The investment group has a considerable amount of assets under their management and SoftBank has stated that they plan to not interfere with it. This is good news for everyone as Fortress has been able to thrive when left to their own devices. This is why it is so important that they will be able to take their company private once again under their new ownership. Visit to learn more.

Their ability to operate independently is one of the reasons why purchasing the company first became so appealing to SoftBank. While Fortress Investment Group will largely be left alone to pursue their goals independently, they will still be able to offer a lot of returns for SoftBank. They respect the Fortress Investment Group for their abilities and know that their experience will help their financial world efforts as well.

While there are a lot of businesses that may not want to be removed from the NYSE, they see it as an opportunity to be able to make the decisions that will be good for the company’s long-term goals instead of just trying to satisfy the market. They recently invested in a private railroad company based out of Florida. There are already plans to expand their travel options to other cities including those in different states around the country. Unlike other forms of transportation, the comfort of their customers is important. There are even amenities like free internet and charging ports for phones and other devices.



Brain Disease Treatment

QEEG is the method of reading by computer the brain’s electrical impulses that constitute EEG. It began to be pioneered in the 1960s along about the same time as another revolutionary neuroscience innovation: Neurofeedback, the technique of using EEG readings to help patients with brain disorders train their brains to fix themselves. This was an area first explored by Joe Kamiya in 1968. Dr. Barry Sterman took Karniya’s findings them and further developed neurofeedback by testing its concepts on cats. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Via his further developments, Sterman was able to help NASA lessen the seizure trigger effects of rocket fuel. This was his first great successful application. After that success, he successfully applied it to people suffering from epilepsy. In recent years, neurotherapy has been most used on depression patients. Depression remains one of the most misunderstood mental conditions. However, it is known that a person’s brain chemistry, genetics, and hormones all are contributing factors. And there have been some major contributions to the study through the years.


Beginning in the 1930s, Frederick Lemere used EEG to more fully understand depression. He discovered that the Alpha wave is extremely important in the investigation of depression in individual patients. Lemere found that depression is a result of great Alpha activity in the brain. Today, one of the many neurology-oriented companies using neurotherapy to treat depression is Neurocore. And its work has seen decided results. Neurocore is also currently making great strides in children afflicted with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

There are three kinds of this disorder: Predominantly Inattentive Presentation, Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulse Presentation, and a combination of the two. ADHD is an area of mental conditions that was first investigated by J.F. Lubar during the 70s. He was instrumental in the eventual discovery that ADHD was the result of too many theta waves and too few beta waves. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Miami Billionaire

Staying up most nights listening to conversations of people think and talk on radio show Voice of America while in a broom closet is what the billionaire founder of Burch Creative Capital, a firm based in New York City regards to as the pioneer to his young mind, refer to ( He is curious to listen, create ideas and dreams. Burch describes his talent as his ‘camera of curiosity.’ Chris has an eye to leaf through anyone who comes across his path and decides by gut feeling and creativity.

Being the founder of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch is conceivably the creative force driving numerous luxurious fashion brands including Jawbone, Poppin, Voss Water, and hospitality group, the Faena Hotel plus Universe and many technology firms. Not long ago he partnered with his friend Ellen DeGeneres to embark on her lifestyle brand ED.

Speaking to his staff, Lauren Holmes of Elite Traveler revealed how his employees’ faces light up at the mention of his name. Everyone from his gardener to his ship captain had stories to tell of their fascination with him, his energy, his drive for work and many agreed that he is not your everyday Miami billionaire, check this out,

Chris Burch describes his personality to have been shaped by the great occasions in his life of extreme happiness and pain. Chris has always come out having learned so much about good and bad things in life, about people and the art of building himself up. He credits these moments as learning tools, which have defined his career paths and finding great pleasure in the success of the people in his vicinity. It is his passion to help people and his investments have become one of the top employers.



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Would you believe it if I told you that there’s a food processing company that has been around for 100 years? Would you believe that this company is headquartered in the state of Illinois? OSI Food Solutions is the name of the food processor, and it has been able to withstand the test of time. Being a food wholesaler isn’t easy at all. There are a lot of mechanics that goes on behind the scenes that the public doesn’t get a chance to witness. If all of the food processors in the world shut down, then society would come crashing to a sudden halt.

OSI Food Solutions has been able to succeed throughout the decades because it has evolved with the times. This company has progressively changed with each generation. On the other hand, OSI has progressively changed to meet the demands of society. In its early days, the company specialized in the production and selling of meat products. By doing so, the company was able to build long-standing relationships that have played a crucial role in its success today. McDonald’s, a popular hamburger chain, just so happened to be one of the wholesaler’s top clients. OSI Food Solutions has even built a facility that caters to the production of hamburgers. In 1973, this particular facility was built in West Chicago.

Cryogenics has also helped the company to expand even more because the meats could travel for farther distances. This flash-freeze technology was heaven-sent as the company exploded with more proficient cost reduction. OSI Food Solutions’ Spain factory has more than doubled its production of beef and chicken. The company spent up to $17 million on a high-capacity production line, and this addition has made a world of difference. In 2017, OSI Food Solutions processed more than 45,000 tons of beef, pork and chicken.