Mobile Dating Apps

Whitney Wolfe has spent most of her young adult years busy working on some of the hottest apps out there. Once she graduated college she immediately sought out working for Hatch Labs. Known for their hit dating app Tinder, Hatch Labs changed the way we date, but Wolfe wasn’t satisfied with this. She wanted to make her own dating app and she wanted to handle some of the issues surround harassment that were present at Tinder.

Bumble Is Changing Things

This is when she came up with the idea of Bumble. Online dating apps are easy to find, but they all seem to revolve around men initiating and dominating the entire dating experience. Bumble changes all of this by giving women the power to make the first move in all opposite sex matches. This means that men are forced to take a passive role in dating for a change. The approach has worked so far in terms of handling sexual harassment issues. Fewer than 0.1% of all users complained about sexual harassment on Bumble in 2015. There aren’t many stats surround sexual harassment in online dating, but this clearly shows the issue is well handled at Bumble.

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Women Make The First Move

Bumble’s success model is paying off and the app is gaining on its rivals like Tinder and OKCupid. The internet in general has become a place where the uglier side of humanity is simply far too comfortable. Bumble wants to make this doesn’t happen in online dating. There are already millions of users and the app has already resulted in 150 million matches. It seems as if people enjoy the direction Bumble is taking them.

What Whitney Wolfe Has Planned Next

Whitney Wolfe already has an incredibly prolific career with many achievements in business, but she has no plans of stopping any time soon. Bumble is a smashing success and changing the way online dating works. People are clearly tired of the old way of doing things and they want something fresh to shake things up.

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Business Leader, Political Activists

Soros’ Involvement With Democracy Action

Many have thought that George Soros would have retired long ago, but has since decided to become active in the fields of politics and finance. Not only has George returned to active trading, he has also increased his political contributions on George Soros made political contributions in favor of Hillary Clinton, but has shifted his political activity and contributions to opposing Donald Trump. Particularly, he is interested in helping to stop Donald Trump’s 100 day plan, in collaboration with the group Democracy Alliance. This is a group which has traditionally relied upon the vote of women and minority groups. George Soros’ political activity has been muted in recent years, but has picked up again because of his desire to play a role in the Trump election. George Soros’ political contributions have been a great source of his media attention.

Democracy Alliance Founded By Soros’ Funding

The group has since realized that as a result of this election, it’s old tactics were no longer effective on The group was founded in 2004 after the election with the intent of assisting in the defeat of Bush. This organization exists to make contributions to other groups which are in support of left-leaning candidates and watchdog groups.

Changing Tactics

Because of the defeat, George Soros has directed that Democracy Alliance change their tactics. The organization decided to cancel a conference which it was planning in light of the results. The defeat has made the group to realize that they would need to change in recognition of the fact that many working-class voters voted for Trump. One suggestion is that left-leaning groups spend more in states to get the message out on the ground, particularly in the Midwest.

About George Soros

George Soros is a investor whom has been able to build a successful empire by currency trading. He famously profited by shorting the British Pound in 1992. This short was triggered by a UK government action de-coupling the value of the British Pound to the European Economic Area on Forbes. This sent the power of the pound down, and George Soros was able to make a successful profit as a result of his short.

George Soros was born in Budapest, but eventually came to the United States by way of England as he left Nazi Germany. He was able to earn degrees at the London School of Economics before coming to the United States. He moved to New York in 1956 to accept a position at a brokerage house, and eventually founded Soros Fund Management in 1970.

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Prison Communication

On May 12, 2016, we, Securus Technologies, received accreditation by Better Business Bureau. We are the current leading technology solutions provider for both civil and criminal justice.

While making the heartwarming announcement, our senior vice president of the operations, Danny de Hoyos said Securus is working towards formal accreditation in both what we say and print. Mr. Danny further explained Securus has worked together with Better Business Bureau to meet certain standards.

List of Securus standards

Some of the standards we strive to achieve include building trust, advertising honestly, telling the truth and being transparent. Other equally important criteria include honoring promises, being responsive, safeguarding privacy and embodying integrity. We train Securus representatives using these standards.

Securus Domestic call center

To improve our customer relations to reach over twenty-five million people, Securus established a two hundred and twenty seat in-house local call center. This move provides us more control on our customer service relations. On an average, our representatives respond to about two and a half million calls every month. Securus Customer satisfaction has received four point three rating out of five. The high rating is a result of our commitment to our clients and meeting Better Business Bureau standards.

Securus accreditation benefits

As stated by Mr. Danny de Hoyos, accreditation to us means Better Business Bureau verified, confirmed and is entirely convinced Securus is a leading full sector solutions provider. It means we have the largest team in the industry with over one thousand three hundred associates and we still meet the set standards.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith, acknowledged accreditation could also mean our actions complements our words and we can prove it. Mr. Smith explained our satisfaction with Better Business Bureau’s methods.

More about Securus Technologies

With our headquarters in Dallas, Texas, we serve more than three thousand four hundred and fifty customers. These clients are spread across law enforcement, public safety, and law enforcement agencies. We are committed to connecting with what matters.


US Money Reserve

The U.S Money Reserve was founded in 2001 by market experts who identified a market niche in combining high-quality customer service, extensive market comprehension, and an informative guide to acquiring precious metals.


Based in Austin, Texas, it is among the leading dealers of government-issued precious metals. Among the products, the U.S Money Reserve offers gold coins, gold buying guide as well as certified and graded gold coins.


The U.S Money Reserve is under the leadership of Philip N. Diehl, who serves as the President. He was previously the 35th director of the U.S Mint thus making the U.S Money Reserve the only private precious metals dealer directed by a former manager of the U.S Mint. It also means that Diehl brings firsthand expert knowledge of ‘what works where’ and market trends to the field of precious metals


His time at the helm of the U.S Mint is a tremendous asset to the Reserve’s dedication to a memorable customer experience. It has also contributed to the common purpose of being the most trusted professionals in the industry.


Over the years, since its inception, many entry level clients into the precious metals market have placed their confidence in the U.S Money Reserve’s ability to provide in-depth market analysis and guidance to help choose coins that are representatives of the highest market values.


The organization’s workforce enforces commitment to providing top-notch services by supplying the rarest coins in the market. Because of the dedication to effective and efficient service, the team and relationships built, the U.S Money Reserve has been able to work with 300,000 individuals to date successfully. The organization has also shipped over 1,000,000 coins.


Recently, the US Reserve launched a new and improved online presence in the form of, and it is a catalog for rare and unique gold, silver and platinum coins. The site is meant to educate consumers of the advantages of owning government-issued metals and also enhance the purchasing experience.


According to Ryan Buchanan, the Vice President of Brand and Creative, who is responsible for the site remodeling, the upgrade has a responsive tool that allows the organization to generate quality content across all platforms, create further interaction with the clients, and also offer the best precious metal products through a secure online storefront.


In a nutshell, it is the organization’s commitment to customer service that has seen it grow in leaps and bounds. It has been awarded the highest rating possible of an “AAA” by the Business Consumer Alliance for their honest and ethical business practices.


The success has also escalated due to their Buyback Guarantee, which is undoubtedly the best in the industry. The shipment process has a tracking system that is fully insured and guaranteed. It also has an adequate turnover time that is between five to seven business days.

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Like many people cross the U.S. I was largely aware of Betsy DeVos as one of the most important education reformers in the U.S., but in recent months I have been learning more about the wide range of charitable programs the Michigan born philanthropist enjoys providing support for. Alongside the educational reform programs Betsy has backed she has also provided a large level of support for many arts based programs in Michigan and across the U.S. as well as backing a number of business ventures that will benefit the world through her own The Windquest Group.

Looking back at the life of Betsy DeVos has shown me the Holland, Michigan born philanthropist has always maintained an interest in politics dating back to her days as a student at Calvin College. Twice the chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Mrs. DeVos has impressed me with her ability to cross party lines and work with members of different parties to aid education reform across the U.S.; in Michigan itself Betsy DeVos has helped develop the first aviation based charter school in the history of the U.S. in the form of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Before helping to form the Detroit Charter School system, Betsy DeVos was already playing an important role in education reform, particularly after attending the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids and being inspired to assist struggling families in finding the best educational options for their children. I have been pleased to see the Potter’s House Christian School remains an important part of the philanthropic program undertaken by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation each and every year.

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I have come to realize the work of Betsy DeVos is far more varied than I believed in the past, not only does she continue to back various educational programs she also looks to develop programs including arts programs and a range of business interests. The first national political role taken on by Betsy DeVos dates back to 2004 when President George W. Bush appointed her to the board of the Kennedy Center for the Arts, a group her own charitable foundation has supported for decades. Business also plays a major role in the work of Betsy DeVos as she and husband Dick have worked together to create The Windquest Group that is uses to invest in various business interest the couple are interested in; the forward thinking nature of Betsy DeVos has been shown, I believe, in the investments made in boxed water supplies and clean energy sources that show the interests of Betsy DeVos. Follow her on Twitter.


In the business world, Todd Lubar is recognized as a business entity working towards sustainability and development. As a matter of fact, he is considered as an established serial entrepreneur. He works to make himself a better person in the future than the day before. Or this reason, he has always gone ahead o the rest in innovation and technology in his business. In the real estate industry, he is also considered as one o the most experienced individuals. For what the industry needs, he has all the expertise needed for development.

The father of two children studied at the New Jersey-based Peddie Schools and the Washington-based Sidwell Friends School. In 1995, he graduated with the highest honors with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Business Communication from the University of Syracuse. When he commenced his work, he went on and started working as a loan obligatory in the real estate industry. He commenced his career working at the Crestar Mortgage Company. When Todd Lubar learned about the convention mortgage, he decided to use the knowledge and found his company. As a matter of fact, he went on and developed financial relationships with financial companies and developed high-end solutions for his workers.

When he acquired enough knowledge in the financial industry, Todd Lubar joined the Legacy Financial Company ( and expanded his capabilities in lending through innovation in the business world. He started by brokering loans to the investment companies as a matter of urgency. Through the mortgage bank, his working capabilities were expanded in a manner which is unprecedented in the industry. When his company went through a series of financial crisis, he went on to develop high-end facility management in a manner which is unmatched in the industry.

Because he was a big risk taker, he expanded his lending capabilities to large amounts. He also moved his business to the access of several programs and products. He also worked to form an affiliate of the Legendary Financial Company through founding the Legendary Financial Properties Company. For individuals and entrepreneurs seeking mortgage loans at the fastest rates in the market, you can consider setting your foot at this company. Check out his website at

More information on Mr. Lubar available on his Tumblr page and spokeo bio.


Insurance Firm Lawsuit

Bruce Levenson is a former co-owner of Atlanta Hawks basketball team and Philips Arena. He is also a renowned businessman and philanthropist with several ventures across the U.S. Levenson co-founded the United Communications Group(UCG) in the year 1977 and also served as a founding board member for the TechTarget, a publicly traded IT media firm.

Education & Early Life

Bruce Levenson was born and brought up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. His parents are of Jewish origin originally living in Washington DC. He attended his college in St. Louis, Washington DC, where he graduated with a degree in Law. His career ( in journalism began in college working for the Washington Star.

Atlanta Hawks Sues An Insurance Firm

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC has filed a lawsuit against an insurance firm based in New Hampshire for breach of contract. The contract involved claims settlement the former general manager Danny Ferry had made.

According to Time’s report, Bruce Levenson is associated in the suits as a controlling partner and part of the former Hawks ownership group (AHBE). However, the serving Hawks ownership led by the principal owner Tony Ressler is not involved.

The lawsuit was filed on September 13 in the Superior Court of Fulton County against AIG insurance company. AHBE claims that AIG breached the contract and acted in insurance bad faith. The policy in question covered for losses associated with employment practices including “Workplace Torts”, “Wrongful Terminations” and so on.

Ferry and the Hawks ownership had reached a buyout agreement that would unceremoniously end a six-year, $18 million contract on June 22, 2015. The sale of the company to the group led by Ressler would be concluded two days later. The amount of claim remains confidential, according to the court documents.


Success of a Business

Success in the manufacturing and food processing industry depends much on the kind of products a company offers to the market. There are different types of customers and each would like to get the assurance that the products they order are certified and verified to be used by humans. During many scandals involving food processing companies, when the case is followed it is often revealed that companies that have a low rating and few years in the industry are the ones that mainly offer products whose quality cannot be trusted. This trend is explained simply as a result of the heavy competition these companies face.

However, for companies like OSI Group, the path towards growth and success has always been smooth. The company enjoys massive support from its huge base of customers and has in response been offering them high quality products that are verified for quality and edibility. This focus on offering healthy and good quality products won the company an award in the category of food quality and environmental conservation. The effort the management team of OSI Group has been offering to the company has mainly been directed towards offering a system where customers are able to take part in shaping the products they get from the company.

Quality and variety
Modifying the feedback shared by customers to serve their demands has allowed OSI Group to produce useful and high quality products. They have a great network that is spread across more than 60 countries and with new tactics and plans, OSI Group is looking to serve more than that in few years to come. As a way to keep the network growing, the company has been investing in mergers and acquisitions, with the latest acquisition involving Baho Food Company, which serves Germany and Netherlands. Acquiring Baho Food Company helped OSI Group to expand its market share and to advance its agenda of growing to serve the whole world with different products.

Ranking among leaders in the industry has also been a benefit to the growth of OSI Group as many customers have wanted to be associated with the winning brand in the market. OSI Group offers product variety bundled with quality, so in case a customer fails to buy one of the products in display they are able to get something else from the same company. Their unique selling techniques saw the company return $6.1 billion revenues during the 2016 fiscal year.


Anthony Petrello is one of the most respectable names in the oil and drilling contractors world, currently holding the position of Chief Executive Officer at Nabors Industries Inc. He is also the Chairman of the Board and President of Nabors Exchangeco (Canada) Inc.

Anthony Petrello holds B.S as well as M.S. degrees in Mathematics from Yale University and J.D Degree from Harvard Law School, which speaks about his in-depth academic know-how. Anthony, also fondly known as Tony, has been deeply involved in different projects that the company has undertaken in the past and continued to ensure that the growth momentum of the company continues to outpace its competitors, as it continues to consistently expand its clientele across United States, Middle East and parts of Africa.

As a great communicator and having experience in the oil and gas industry, spanning over three decades, Anthony understands the oil and gas business with great insight. This helps him to make decisions, in conjunctions with his senior team of advisors and board directors, which would be beneficial for the company.

His experience and ambitions have helped Nabros Industries to become World’s Largest Land-Based drilling rig fleet. The range of services offered by Nabros, under his leadership, has also expanded and become comprehensive in nature, which includes land drilling, directional drilling, offshore drilling, rig equipment, performance tools, specialty rig, innovative technologies, advanced drilling automation capabilities, and drilling software and technology.

Apart from his association with Nabros Industries, Anthony Petrello is also a director at Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart and Stevenson LLC. His in depth experience in the oil industry helps him take strategic initiative and planning, which helps the company move in the right direction and prosper in this ever-changing and highly volatile oil and gas sector.

Anthony Petrello, even after being busy with his association with Nabors and other enterprises mentioned above, finds time to contribute towards social causes and the welfare of the society. One of the important reflections of this is his association with Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc, where he serves as a director. Irrespective of his busy schedule throughout the year, he ensures that he does not neglect his duty towards the society he is part of, and also plans corporate social responsibility processes with his CSR team by being personally involved all throughout.

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Cleaning Company

The startup application had received a lot of funding in 2015 and 2016. The company received will over $50 million in late 2015 from venture capital companies. In total, funding has reached over $110 million. This surge in funding turned this small startup into a big deal with huge expectations.

Most other NYC home cleaning companies in the same market have trouble raising funds while Handy has the opposite problem. Handy has struggled in the beginning of 2016 to appropriately allocate their excess funds into productive parts of the project. The founders also worried that they would be criticized for squandering their abnormally high funding.

Venture capital has been correcting itself recently with funding going down rapidly. Many projects had received disproportionate amounts of funding in accordance to the type of application. This has lead to inappropriate spending habits of new technology startups. Investors are now going back to focusing on ROI rather than throwing money at new ideas and hoping to strike gold.

In 2014, Handy decided to stop geographical expansion of the company and they stuck to 28 cities. They wanted to focus on improving efficiency of the product and discover ways to maximize their ROI before trying to take over the world. They recently reported a profit margin of 72 percent over their monthly investment. Their profits have proven that they are not just another money burning startup. They have reported that they are open to investment but it may not be necessary at this point.

Their decision to focus on quality has paid off. Their staff is very happy and their is a high retention rate of employees. Both the amount of cleaners available on the application and customers are plentiful in the cities that they operate. Customer referrals, which is their primary method of growth, has drastically increased and their cost of obtaining new clients has become cheaper.