It is time to face the facts and the facts are quite simple: the old way of doing business just wasn’t working anymore. That is why it was time for a company like Diversant to come along and shake things up and do things in a different manner. They have something that caught be taught and something you can’t put a price tag on and that is experience. They have been there, they have done that, and they have seen what works and what doesn’t work. That is what makes them qualified to handle any and all situations that are presented to them.

They are an IT staffing company and what is great about them is they see things in employees that other people miss out on or overlook. So often, companies get caught up in resumes and what that stands for or even degrees. Don’t get me wrong, those are important and vital, but I don’t feel as though they tell the whole story. There is another thing you can’t put a price tag on and that is life experience. What has this person been through? What have they overcome? That is the kind of thing that John Goullet looks for as a member of the leadership and advisory board. He looks for things that are unique and different about people.

Everyone is an individual with unique traits and qualities that make them who they are. There is not one person that is the same as everyone else and we have to remember that is a good thing. If everyone looked and sounded the same, what a boring world we would live in. When you find that right person, you just know it. They walk into the room and they have something about them that stands out in the best possible way. It is a certain aura, a certain confidence that isn’t cockiness. When you have that, it is up to the team at Diversant to get them ready for what awaits them and what is around the corner. That is what they have been specializing in for a long, long time.

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James Dondero is the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital Management, Dallas-based asset management firm. James Dondero teams up with Linda Owen, the CEO of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation in providing strategic directions to the company’s activities as its charitable program expands.

Mr. Dondero is philanthropic, interested in supporting health care, education, and public policy initiatives. Before establishing Highland, Dondero served as a portfolio manager and Corporate Bond Analyst at American Express. In his philanthropic mission, Dondero commits to promoting dedication among professionals to ensure that Highland’s contributions make a significant impact. He recognizes that a dedicated workforce puts organization’s interests forth, and when involved in decision making, they come up with solutions to the challenges facing nonprofit organization such as Highland and aligns strategies to support the causes.

Together with its affiliates, Highland is an investment advisor with close to $17 billion of the asset under its management. Highland is a specialist in developing collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge, and distressed and special-circumstances private equity. Furthermore, Highland informs clients about alternative investments including emerging markets, natural resources and short and long-term investments.

As Highland expands its philanthropic activities, the firm commits to promoting dedicated professionalism by building effective public-private partnership and sharing visions with the community to ensure their contribution make an impact in the society. Through Dallas Foundation, Highland contributes over $3 million annually for health care, education, veterans and the marginalized. The beneficiaries of Highland charitable program include the Dallas Zoo, the Center for Brain Health and Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Apart from funding, Highland led by its president James Dondero and other executives provides leadership programs and board services to the organizations it supports. Its philanthropic commitment inspires as the firm’s engagement in charitable activities goes beyond funding.

Owen, the president of The Woodall Rodger Park Foundation partners with Dallas Foundation as Highland’s charitable giving manager. He has a track record in building effective public relation in Dallas and shares organizational vision with members of the society to create a significant impact. James Dondero acknowledges that it would be incredible working alongside Owen to help them channel their dedicated charitable giving into a program that impacts positively.

Kabbalah, Spirituality

In our lives, we are always seeking fulfillment. The material gains that we make are meant to grant us the happiness and fulfillment that we so yearn. However, the more we seek it, the more it eludes us. Kabbalah is wisdom that teaches us how life and the universe work. The literal translation for the word is ‘to receive.’ It shows us how to gain lasting fulfillment in our lives as the Creator intended.

Kabbalah teaches that all the branches of life come from the same trunk and root. It educates you to look at the universe in a way that could bring fulfillment to your life. The teachings are not meant for selected people. Individuals of all backgrounds are welcome to share in the teachings regardless of their race, religion, and faith. The most vital aspect of the study is that no one is forced into thinking in the way of the teachings. The instructors at the Kabbalah Centre only convey a message, and it is up to you to decide whether to use it or not.

Why You Should Study Kaballah
• To gain clarity. Life is chaotic, and Kabbalah teaches you how to separate the chaos and to live a full life.
• To find fulfillment and lasting joy.
• To better understand yourself and the universe.

The Kabbalah Center was founded in 1922. It is a nonprofit organization started in Jerusalem by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. It was launched with the aim of teaching people how to eliminate chaos from their lives and the world. The Kabbalistic teachings at the center provide the learners with ancient wisdom on creation, human existence, the journey of the soul, and the laws of the universe.

The Kabbalistic wisdom is disseminated from 50 locations worldwide. People from all over the world receive the teachings either online or on site. After the death of Rav Yehuda Ashlag, the center was left under the leadership of Rav Yehuda Brandwein. He led the organization until his death in 1969. Kabbalist Rav Berg took up the mantle, and he has since been leading the organization with the help of his wife Karen and their two sons.

Caring for the Community

It’s not everyday that an assisted living center is picked as one of the nations best. However, that is the case with Manse on Marsh and with good reason too. Once you have experienced this community you will understand why they got this prestigious award. For those who don’t know, the Manse On Marsh is an independent and assisted living community that serves Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo areas. This is the second consecutive year that the center got the ‘Caring Star” award. This award is awarded to centers who provide the high quality senior living services that people want and need.

Some of the amenities of Manse on Marsh include flats that are spacious and private homes, open dining that is restaurant quality, social activities and so much more. The staff is full of attentive caregivers and personal assistants who are eager to help in any way they can. The center has laundry assistance, transportation and even it’s own movie theatre. The residents and their family members can experience movie night with popcorn. The movies that are shown are everything from current movies to the classics of years gone by. The movies just add to the over all experience.

Let’s face it, running The Manse on Marsh is hard work and winning this award lets the staff know that they are on track with the expectations of the families, residents and local community. This feedback is vital to the CEO and Executive Director Mr. Logan Sexton. Mr. Sexton uses this valuable information from the community, residents and their family to make the facility run better during it’s day to day operations.

If you know of anyone who needs assisted living care in the San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles or surrounding areas, you might want to suggest that they set up a tour at Manse on Marsh. This award winning center really cares about their reputation and the care of the people the serve. Why not have a look around at this amazing center while it is fresh in you mind. You will quickly realize why they are the recipient of this award for the second year in a row.


Originally reported on Press of Atlantic City, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority failed to make a 1 million dollar payment on a 20 million dollar loan. They received this loan from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. This improvement authority has already been behind in their payments, totaling 7 million dollars in late payments. The purpose of the loan was to finance the Heldrich, which was a New Brunswick hotel and conference center developed by the New Brunswick Development Corp.

The corporation headed by attorney Chris Paladino claims the CRDA will be paid, but it will take longer than expected. Since the 2007 opening, the hotel has failed to attract the occupancy rate expected. The hotel is in such need of money that it had to borrow 776,000 of its own money to cover expenses for mattress and carpet replacement. These development companies understand that they make risks in order to fund projects that will help communities grow and increase employment.

Devco is a corporation that believes urban revitalization is a ongoing process. They are a non-profit real estate development firm that works with projects to help the city’s growth. The key to their success it to make sure they have multiple projects going in order to ensure maximum success.

Unpaid Loans and City Investment



Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a man that feels very strongly about agriculture in Venezuela. He is a businessman that has debated, and has tried to fight for all rights due to farmers, agriculture production, and valuable imports. He currently works as the deputy of National Assembly by Guarico State. The state of Guarico is in rough condition, as crime rates continue to rise. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has tried to help reduce these crime rates, along with working with the government and politicians to rise awareness of agriculture. Mr. Gonzalez feels very strongly about agriculture in the state of Guarico, and has been trying to change things around for the better. However, it has been hard, as the government has not been willing to work closely along with Mr. Gonzalez.
He has stated that the Assembly has always tried to understand the situations of agriculture, but with a closed-door government, their heads have always been turned. Mr. Gonzalez has tried to be patient and understanding with the laws of agriculture, which has also turned his eyes ahead to more serious issues, such as crime rates in the state. He has reported that Guarico is an unsafe state. Hundreds of farmers are paying vaccines to criminal gangs, hurting the farming and agriculture ways of life in the state.
Jose Gonzalez has noticed that the only way to help with crime, but also to rise the agriculture that so many depend on, is through a national agreement through the government. The agreement should be accepted by all individuals, politicians, and government officials, through out the state, for the real progression to start. Peace and economic growth is needed, which in return, will bring about more agriculture work-related jobs. According to the help and research of Jose Gonzalez, this will help people get out of poverty and banish populism.

Economic Collapse

The WealthWave plan that was written by Jim Hunt was published by VTA Publications, and that is because they are the one company that is more focused on books for people who want to excel in business than others. Their company has published the WealthWave books by Jim Hunt, and they have a lot of other things that people can read when they want to learn about business or investments. WealthWave is just one plan, but it is the plan that VTA Publications believes in the most.

The books are great samples for people who are trying to make sure that they can start investing in the best ways, and they will be able to just follow the plan that is listed in the WealthWave books. These books are designed to get people off their couch and investing in new ways that will actually help them. It is actually something that a lot of people will be able to enjoy because they need assistance, and it will come across much better than advice that comes from a traditional broker.

The people that are reading through the WealthWave plan will be able to learn how to invest, and then they will need to make sure that they start reading up on other things that will help them get their work done. This can be something that speaks to productivity, and it can be something that helps people feel like they are now able to make more money and stay on top of their tasks at the same time. This means that all the people who are reading with VTA Publications will learn something, and it also means that all the people who are trusting in the WealthWave plan from Jim hunt will have amazing ways to make money from their investments.

Helping children

The Lovaganza Foundation has a goal of making a ‘Universal Quality of Life for all of Humanity.’ They have a further, specific goal of attaining this vision by 2035. By this year they plan to have attained a quality of life for every child on earth under the age of 15. These children are the primary focus of their work and goals. These goals are to
1) ensure all children have access to clean drinking waters,
2) ensure all children have access to sufficient food,
3) ensure all children have a place to sleep and clothing to wear,
4) ensure all children have access to basic health care,
5) ensure all children have access to basic education, and
6) ensure the safety and security of all children.

Although they plan to attain their primary goals by 2035, they have a scheduled plan for as long as up to 2050. They also plan to take time every year in each individual continental headquarters to assess the situation in their geographical foundation. Lovaganza is financed by the professional and entertainment productions of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. For further assistance with their work, they also plan to partner with other like minded foundations. Their goal is to have successfully partnered with at least ten other foundations by 2018.

Then in 2020, Lovaganza plans to start trying to get the many nations of the world to take their goals very seriously and to make them their own. The countries who do accept the vision and agree to work with Lovaganza toward that end will be closely monitored. By 2025, the goal of the foundation is to have the agreement of all the nations of the world. If all things go according to plan, the nations will work together for the next ten years to attain the goals. Lovaganza is still in its early forming stage and is accepting new memberships and donations.

Lovaganza’s work and official commencement are expected to begin this very year. Time and lots of hard work will tell if their long years of plans become an actuality or just a nice dream.

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ClassDojo is an Ed-Tech company that is turning the world of students and parents around. It was founded in 2011 by two determined individuals, namely Sam Chaundhary and Liam Don. They had a vision of improving the education sector in the United States. Being a startup, it recently raised 21 million dollars in the second round of funding, and it will use the funds in implementing various positive projects in the market.


ClassDojo in conjunction with Stanford’s Project that has been positive in the society is working on videos that teachers will use to introduce the idea of mindset growth among the children. It is with this kind of determination that Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) are working with ClassDojo to improve the mindset of students while at school.


Most of the ideas have come from observing teachers as they try to bring the ideas of mindset to the students at schools using YouTube videos. The research, therefore, has input data that is received from teachers and educators to succeed in producing the right outcome. It has incorporated videos of monsters that introduce the idea of having a positive mindset and feeling that an individual is worth in any sector.


From various pilot tests that have been done it has proved that students have liked the videos and since they are visual they bring the reality to the children. Positivity in the children’s thinking is the main idea that the research and the app are all about. Children should be self-confident and believe that they have all that it takes to succeed. For those students struggling to learn, it is also the time that they are encouraged about the reality of life that anybody can attain much if they so wish to.


ClassDojo is a company that is currently run by 25 employees since it is a non-profit making institution. Its primary focus was to develop the right tools that could be used by parents and teachers so that they can easily communicate. So far two out of three schools in the United States are using the application, and it is changing the classroom scenarios to a positive culture among the students.


When parents are aware of what is going to the school, they begin to appreciate the efforts that the teachers put into their work. It, therefore, makes learning and appreciation of what they do to be perfected. ClassDojo is planning to extend its applications to serve other purposes with more funding in the future.


Learn more about Class Dojo:



Health Beat

For centuries, Shea Butter has improved the lives and the skin of those in the region of Ghana, South Africa. This miracle cream has a consistency that is similar to Coco Butter, but Shea Butter contains copious amounts of vitamins A and E along with many anti-oxidant compounds. This amazing cream is the result of a multi-step process, which extracts the oils from the nut of the Shea Fruit. This involves cracking, boiling, roasting, and grinding the Shea Nut until only oils remain.

Shea Butter has a variety of uses, both cosmetic and medicinal. Regular use of Shea Butter will result in softer, smoother, and more refined looking skin. It is also useful for relieving the skin of many ailments including stretch marks, itchy patches, flaking skin, wrinkles, frostbite, eczema and more. It also moisturizes hair.

Premium shea butter is beige, creamy, and solid. It melts easily and is readily absorbed into the skin. At room temperature, Shea Butter spreads smoothly and easily, much like other butter. Consumers should beware of substitutes and Shea Butters altered with colors or fragrances. These products, typically labeled as Shea Butter, will not have the same healing results as pure premium Shea Butter. To be certain of the quality and purity of Shea Butter, look for the seal of The American Shea Butter Institute. The Institute assures Shea Butter’s quality and fair trade practices in the production of Shea Butter.

EuGenia Shea is a company, which is consistent with its quality production of Shea Butter and its fair trade practices. The company was inspired by Eugenia Akuete, an acclaimed Shea Butter expert and former president of the Global Shea Alliance. The words Eu-Genia translate to mean ‘origin of goodness’ and are an appropriate name for this company.

EuGenia Shea creates their pure Shea Butter products from Ghanaian Shea grown and harvested by farmers who are paid sustainable wages and use environmentally friendly techniques. EuGenia Shea is proud of their commitment to ethical production practices and donates 15% of their profits back to their employees in the form of an educational fund.

Not all Shea Butter is created equal; take the time to be sure the product is quality and the health benefits will be the best reward.