The insurance company that used to insure Atlanta Hawks has been sued. The company has been sued over failure to cover some of the liabilities it had stipulated that it would cover in their premium terms. The former owner of the Atlanta Hawks has been joined to the lawsuit in which the prosecution is seeking to be compensated.

The prosecution side states that there are risks related to the work place and employment practices that the law firm was supposed to be insured against. These included issues such a wrongful termination, discrimination at the work place and other wrong employment practices. However, these were not covered during the time when the company was changing ownership, hence the lawsuit. The current ownership of the company said that they knew about the lawsuit, but did not wish to be involved in the proceedings. They also declined to give any information about the case.

Up until 2015, the company was owned and headed by Bruce Levenson. He had bought it off in 2011 and when he made the sale, according to it was big news especially because of the profit margin that the sale generated for him. Other notable investments that Bruce has taken part in include his first company, which he is still co-president in UGC Corporation. The company was started more than three decades ago when Bruce and his partner, Ed Peskowitz were just college students. See,

There was a lot of speculation about the manner in which the sale of the Hawks team was done. Initially, there were people who felt that the team Bruce had chosen to make the sale had set the asking price so high that buyers were discouraged, but comparing to the amount he had gotten the team for, the selling price was completely on point. The company said that they were hopeful for a fast settlement to the case.


Entrepreneurs, Innovators

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur and CEO of Tempus. He also co-founded Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, Uptake, and Mediaocean. He also helped found a venture capital firm based in Chicago, Lightbank.


He was born and raised in Michigan by his parents, a structural engineer and a teacher. He graduated from high school in 1987 and went to college at the University of Michigan. He graduated in 1991 with honors and continued his education at the law school of the University of Michigan, where re received his Juris Doctor in 1993.


After graduating from college in 1993, he and a friend, Brad Keywell, took loans from their family members to buy a Wisconsin apparel company, named Brandon Apparel. In 1999, the duo founded an internet startup company that specialized in promotional products, called Starbelly. They experienced quick success and was sold to Halo Industries in 2000. Lefkofsky even joined the Halo team as its COO (Chief Operating Officer).


After the success and bankruptcy of Starbelly, Eric Lefkofsky helped found InnerWorkings in 2001. This company provided print services and in 2006, the company had a very successful initial public offering in the stock market. He sat on the board of directors there until 2012.


In 2005, the duo was at it again, creating Echo Global Logistics, a freight logistics company. This new company attracted financing from one of the largest technology investors in the country and went public on the NASDAQ. Echo is now successfully being traded.


In 2006, they founded MediaBank, a company that provided buyers with buying and accounting software. In 2007, they acquired Datatech and in 2007, New Enterprise Associates invested in the company. In 2012, a merger approved by the US Department of Justice occurred between Donovan Data Systems and MediaBank, which created Mediaocean. The deal was an estimated $1.5 billion.


In 2007, Eric Lefkofsky co-founded and funded, which changed its name to in 2008. This website was an online collective action website that currently has an estimated value of over $1.35 billion. In 2010, Groupon was reported as one of the fastest growing companies in history.


In 2014, he co-founded an analytics company, Uptake, LLC. In 2016, he founded Tempus, a company that allows doctors to deliver personalized cancer care to patients.


Aside from his business ventures, Eric Lefkofsky is also very active in the community and in philanthropic works. In 2006, he and his wife founded a charity called the Lefkofsky Foundation, which has provided funding for more than 50 organizations which focus on children.


Lefkofsky is also very involved in his community. He sits on the board of directors at The Art Institute of Chicago, the Children’s Memorial Hospital, and The Museum of Science and Industry. He is a trustee of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company and a board member of World Business Chicago.

Cosmetics Industry


Doe Deere is an incredibly talented individual with a truly inspirational story. Her story starts in Russia. Ms. Deere was a natural born leader and showed great promise even when she was young. In her early years of school she started fashion trends and selling popular childhood items. Later in life she moved to New York City, New York to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional musician. Here she met her husband playing in a band and the two of them chose to move to California. In 2008, Doe Deere’s cosmetic brand, Lime Crime, took off.



Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a widely-known and very popular brand of Cosmetics that has been designed and created by Doe Deere and her husband. It features boldly colored lipsticks, stunning eye shadows, and vibrant nail polishes. These colors and palettes are inspired by Unicorns and their magical qualities. The line of bold and creative colors were created out of necessity as they were not colors that could be found anywhere else. To make the market seem fair and balanced, Lime Crime was born.



The Goal of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is so much more than make-up to Doe Deere. Lime Crime is a way of life and a form of self-expression. This cosmetic company was created as an alternative to traditional makeup brands and styles typically found for sale on the market. Bright bold colors, unique personalities, and self-love are all at the very center of Lime Crime’s heart. Doe Deere has described herself as an individual that stands up for what is right and what feels right. Her makeup was created to empower and inspire any person that wants to wear makeup.



What Does the Creation Process Look Like?

Every day Doe Deere waits for the inspiration that she needs to create her new and exciting looks. It may take hours, days, weeks, or even months to come up with the perfect idea for a new line of colors or shades for Lime Crime. Once that idea starts to form, she acts quickly. She creates a small batch of the product for herself to try out before she mass produces it for her customers. She feels as though this process is both real to who she is and fair to the customers that she truly loves.

Follow her on LinkedIn and @doedeere


Health is a website that offers a number of herbal products, which includes a vegan herbal cleanse. Here is information on the types of cleanses they offer, as well as what some bloggers’ reviews say about their experience with the website’s products.


Kind Of Cleanses Has

Dherbs offers 10 day cleanses, a 10 day colon cleanser, anti-viral cleanse. full body cleanses and pancreas cleanses. Substance abuse cleanses, female cleanse, male cleanse and a weight release cleanse are also available.


The cleanses that appeal the most to be are the 10 day cleanses. Dherbs’ 10 day blood cleanse is designed for those looking to cleanse and rejuvenate their body’s blood, as well as maintaining liver health.   There are reviews of what they can do, in terms of health benefits, on TrustPilot.

Blogger Reviews Of

One blogger discussed her experience with Dherbs’ 20 day full body cleanse. The blog,, mentioned how she had a lot of energy throughout the day, which she didn’t expect. She talked about how she was beginning to experiment with vegetarian and vegan food and as a result of the 20 day full body cleanse, she started to enjoy new food choices. The review was overwhelmingly positive.

Should you give one of the cleanses a try? The answer is yes, but it’s recommended that you take a look at Dherbs’ website and have a look at all of their cleanses. Once you decide which one will help you meet your goals, then you can place your order. Also, the website not only sells cleanses, but there are various other herbal supplements and products you should look at. It doesn’t matter what health goals you have in mind, the chances are Dherbs has the right supplements to help you accomplish your goals.  For more information, or just to weigh whether or not this might be the right choice for you, check them out on the official Tumblr account of

Caring for the Community, Seniors Needs

The caring Star is an award program that honors stellar assisted living and memory care centers. Apart from bestowing honor on an assisted living facility, the data report accompanying the award helps both the assisted living centers and consumers of their service in decision making. The award relies on the level of care accorded by a center to its subjects based on customer reviews. It, therefore, helps a facility identify its areas of weaknesses and address them as well as assist the community in making right decisions on the facility that adequately caters for their senior’s needs.

The Manse on Marsh caring star award

The Manse on Marsh, a senior assisted living facility in California, received the most recent caring star award for its assisted living care planning system. The center fulfilled all the requirements necessary for consideration by the caring star award selection panel. These included an overall four stars rating from total site reviewers as well as more than three positive reviews in the preceding 12 years, one of which must have a five-star rating. Additionally, the center must have minimal negative reviews, all of which must have been adequately addressed.

How the community relies on the award in decision-making

Community and family members can use the caring star award reports to make informed decisions on the type and level of care they accord the seniors in their care. makes decision making easier on the part of families with older people in need of specialized care by drafting a list of the facilities with the most reliable reviews and carefully planned care programs.

About The Manse on Marsh assisted care facility

The elder care facility is located in San Luis Obispo, CA and has been in operation for close to two decades. Borrowing from his wealth of experience in senior care center operations and management, the campus owner, Chris Skiff played a vital role in ensuring the facility met all the senior care standards required a modern care center.

The facility runs on a nationally acknowledged assisted care system that has been carefully blended into a home-town setting. Seniors at the facility are provided with spacious flats and private residence with maid and laundry services as well as a nurse on staff with discrete personalized assistance.

East Coast, RPS Solutions

Kevin Seawright is a project management and financial leader based in Baltimore, Maryland. He is well known for his strategic vision in business administration and a rare ability to achieve great milestones in business growth.

Kevin has spent a significant part of his career working with both the private and the public sectors. He has worked in real estate and education industries throughout Maryland, New Jersey, and Washington. He has also served as the chief executive officer and executive vice president of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

Community Development Strategies

For more than 13 years, Kevin Seawright has applied his financial expertise to better the communities around the East Coast. He exercises a unique blend of team inclusion and business acumen within the government and private sector enterprises.

As the vice president of Newark Economic Development Corporation, Kevin has formulated business strategies geared towards building responsive Accounting/Finance divisions. The system aligns technological initiatives with the current economic and organizational goals of the organization.

Kevin Seawright features on the Larry Young Morning Show

The Larry Young Morning show recently featured Kevin on their show where he talked about his new venture with RPS Solutions LLC. RPS Solutions was founded in 2005 as a joint partnership firm that specializes in construction and renovation of affordable housing units in Baltimore and the surrounding regions.

Kevin explained to Larry about his passion for home ownership and why he strives to help first-time homeowners achieve their dreams at affordable costs. The firm enables as many people as possible to buy homes and create stability in the neighboring estates. The mission of the company is to improve home ownership to surpass the 48.3% mark.

According to World Class Magazine, Kevin Seawright also explained that by providing affordable housing alternatives for individuals within the Baltimore area, the community is empowered to invest towards the development of the city. The project aims to promote a stable socioeconomic environment that will attract more investors to come on board.

Apart from his role as a Business Leader and CEO, Kevin serves on the advisory board of the Babe Ruth Museum and also volunteers as a coach for a local youth team.

Online Reputation System

Are you searching for online reputation tips and advice? Do you want to have a reliable system for monitoring and managing your reputation online? Perhaps you realize that having a good system in place can be very beneficial for business success. Online reputation management is essential nowadays, and it is imperative to enlist the services of the professionals.

These days, people use the Internet to find out about organizations and how reliable they are. If a company has negative online review, they will have a hard time operating profitably. Damaging content spreads quickly across the web, so as you develop a system for protecting yourself, remember that reputation management requires constant vigilance. If you take the time to find a reliable firm to handle your reputation effectively, you can have confidence that your potential clients and other Internet surfers will like what they are shown about you or your company’s brand.

As soon as a problem occurs, immediate action must be taken to resolve the issue and contain the damage. This will certainly ensure that your brand reputation is properly restored. All facets of your online presence must be considered when it comes to reputation management, including every aspect of your website, social media and, especially for those operating a business, local and mobile businesses.

Don’t hide from negative reviews, instead turn them to your favor. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from negative or unfavorable comments and remarks, no matter where they come from. Take the time to evaluate each and every comment or review you receive before deciding how to respond or address the matter. If you address your bad review appropriately, it will show that you are prepared to ensure the complete satisfaction of your customers, even those that are posting negative comments about you.

A reliable reputation control platform empowers you to benefit from your reviews online, both favorable and detrimental. A well-established reputation management team will have quality tools and resources to do the research and reputation tracking for you, allowing you to focus on other issues.



Town Residential helped my friend find a home in New York City only one month after she moved there. I thought that if I too moved to New York City, then I would simply have to get a magazine or newspaper and start searching for a home to find one. After I couldn’t find anything in the magazines and newspapers, then I went to an online source. I wasn’t having any luck, and I really didn’t want to spend too long staying with my friend.


I was starting to feel like a burden on my friend, and she did give me any advice on where to find a place, but I finally chose to work with the real estate agency she worked with, Town Residential. Just looking up New York City real estate alone helped me to find the Town Residential website, and the homes that they have are just incredible.


I learned of some homes that were being built in a certain area, and the amenities alone made me want to wait for these upcoming homes. In the meantime, I searched Town Residential’s website to see what they have to offer, and I honestly can say that every single home is something that I would love to live in. Now my problem was no longer finding a home but making the final choice on which home I would choose. My budget wasn’t lacking, and I knew that any home I wanted I could get, but I had to make sure I made the right decision.


I love the fact that my Town Residential agent would call me back shortly after I left her a message, and she put any fears that I had to rest. She was willing to do everything necessary to help me find the perfect home, and I’m quickly closing in on a place that I want to call my own. It’s been a journey trying to find a home in New York City, but after working with Town Residential for just over week, I’m already close to finding my new home.


Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners has never been one to pass up a chance to help someone out or be there for them. It does not matter who they are or where they come from. If they need some help, he is more than willing to do that. Even if people don’t necessarily need help, but they need a little boost or a little confidence, he is there to provide it. He realizes how lucky he is to be in the position he is in and it is not something he takes for granted. Keith Mann knows he worked for it and has earned it, but those are the kinds of people that are grateful for everything in their lives.


He is grateful for the chance to live his life and be safe. That is provided to him, his family, and all of us thanks to the police. Right now, there are a number of people out there that are scared of police or viewing them in a negative light. This is incredibly difficult for police. They are simply doing their job and doing it to the best of their abilities. As with any job and anything out there, it is not perfect. There are going to be a few bad apples. However, we fall into dangerous ground when we lump everyone in together.


It must be very difficult on the cops to be putting their lives on the line out there only to be underappreciated and undervalued. One can’t help but feel for them. It can be a thankless job. Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners is here to remind them they are doing a great job and he is grateful for all they do. After all, his uncle is a detective. He has learned a lot from him and what he has gone through.


That is one of many reasons why Keith Mann treated the 54th precinct to lunch in New York on two separate occasions. Everyone loves a free lunch and this was a gesture that really made their day and reminded them that people do care and people support them.


Read more about Keith Mann:


Adam Goldenberg is the CEO of e-commerce subscription Company. He ships out women fashion while changing its signature pattern and fulfilling long engagements. His company shows women how to put on each item through the provision of Exhibit whole aspects and style boards models. The company dedicates to motivate women full clothes by providing competent leadership style tips. The company makes women connected by sharing and uniting fashion on Bloomberg that evokes a response. JustFab perfects the subscription model while binding personalization and fulfilling great quality products.

After Adam Goldenberg had established several health and beauty market leader brands, he worked to create a distinct and enjoyable kind of shopping experience that could be accessed online. He also sought to join social cooperation with high-advantage fashion that could be obtained at an affordable price.

To benefit from a largely untapped possibility, Adam excited the principle of developing an entertaining, highly cultural and engaging online fashion. Goldenberg prepared for a significant Intelligent Beauty expansion. He commenced on the creation of a personalized policy to hire designers and style consultants, who could build an affordable and attractive agreement form. The effect was JustFab, a support community design, where members receive fashion items tailored for each feeling at a reasonable price.

Read more: JustFab heads toward IPO even as other subscription start-ups struggle

He was positive that his company could design a transformational market on Hence, he instituted a creative design and style technical team that could share his company’s vision to deliver necessary quality products at a guaranteed price. In 2014, a course led by Passport Special Opportunity Fund brought JustFab multimillion funding, turning the company into a unicorn business. The round of financing had a greater impact on how the company operated with its daily activities.

Adam Goldenberg believes the company’s success lies in its dedicated employees, who help to build great brands, and to advance customers satisfaction. He believes his dedicated workforce to be the incredible external validation, from which the company has made bigger, valuable products, leading to a possible company daily operations success. See:

Goldenberg maintains that his business is devoted to creating different online shopping stores that will revolutionize the shopping experience and the storefront retail markets. Adam Goldenberg understands how to recognize trends, expand businesses, and realize industry-leading brands. He is a determined man, who thinks big in terms of expanding the business even further. His passion is catching and prompts his company’s workforce and partners’ success. He is a role model to many.