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OSI Industry Looking to Expand

OSI Industries is looking to further expand. They are looking to add a production line to improve the sales of chicken. OSI Industries is currently developing a plant in Spain that can put out at 24,000 tons of chicken every year.The improved production of chicken is looking to do more than just increase sales. OSI Industries is looking to add more jobs to the local economy. In addition to adding production jobs, the company is looking to add management positions to help keep up with this increased workload. OSI Industries decided to increase production of chicken due to the increased consumer demand.

The demand for chicken has increased by over eight percent and is still on the rise. OSI wants to be ready to meet the demand of their customers and deliver high-quality products.The new facility will have modern storage supplies, an area for shipping and receiving, and refrigeration rooms. They will have a social area for employees as well. The company is looking to add a test kitchen to this plant so they can try out new recipes and products. In addition to the new technology used at this facility, there will be improved fire safety and security.

The company is also looking for ways to reduce waste and reduce the amount of energy they are using. The plant is going to use 20 percent less energy and will recycle the machine create heat. They are also going to recycle this heat to help warm up water during the cooler months to help save energy. In addition to this new plant in Spain, OSI has purchased a large plant in the state of California. This plant will produce beans, rice, and tofu. This will help OSI expand to all people and increase their food supply rates to include every diet plan.

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