NewsWatch TV Gets High Awards And Good Reviews

NewsWatch TV Is Winning

NewsWatch TV won several awards for half hour television segments. NewsWatch received Platinum and Gold for the Marcom Award and were given excellence for the Videographer Award. The Videographer award is one of the most precious awards for video industry companies to win. NewsWatch has won before for their show, more specifically speaking a Silver Telly Award. The show reviews the best technology, products for consumers, and companies to their American audience.

About The Marcom Awards

The Gold and Platinum Marcom Awards consist of the top two awards that can be achieved for television-broadcast & cable. The company also received the 2017 Videographer Award. This one was given for excellence in half hour television programming. This is the highest award level and hardest to gain. It is one of the oldest well respected awards in the industry.

About The Videographer Awards

The Videographer Award is meant to find and acknowledge the artists that are doing well within their industry. The award is presented and judged by the ACMP, which has thousands of media professionals who are a part of the programs. The board supervises awards and programs, places judges and defines standards.

How Projects Are Judged

To receive an Award of Excellence, projects had to be exceptionally written, shot, edited and produced. Anyone can view the winners of this award on the Videographer Awards website.

What Is NewsWatch TV

This program is viewed across the United States and is available in every market. Each show reaches close to 100 million homes in the nation. The show has decades of broadcast history, and over the past 25 years, the show has been viewed by over 700 million people. It ranks with the most successful independently produced new magazines on air. The show’s staff are in the Washington, DC area.