Malcolm CasSelle: Integrating Cryptocurrency and In-Game Trades

Malcolm CasSelle is the current chief information officer for OPSkins, a company that specializes in the sale of virtual assets and other related products and services. OPSkins is also regarded as a giant bitcoin merchant, and they developed a new blockchain platform called the WAX, an acronym which means Worldwide Asset Exchange. Their aims for creating WAX is to solve some of the problems encountered in the virtual asset market, and the creators behind the WAX platform is confident that the blockchain technology would be able to address these issues. Fragmentation and fraud are two of the most serious concerns in the virtual trading industry, and once the platform has been fully implemented, the creators are stating that it would also provide extra security for those who are trading in-game.

Malcolm CasSelle was appointed to become the president of the WAX platform. He stated that because of the technology that OPSkins developed, it would be easier and more secure for the players to trade. Fragmentation has been a problem with the players for decades, and it limits their ability to trade with other players because of the limitations brought about by payment procedures and language. With the introduction of the WAX Platform, Malcolm CasSelle is confident that the issue with fragmentation will be solved, because it introduces the blockchain technology that would transform a virtual asset into a token that can be traded securely. Malcolm CasSelle also stated that the blockchain technology would solve the problems with fraud, as the system would leave behind information about the nature of the trade.

With the introduction of the WAX Platform, Malcolm CasSelle stated that the integration between cryptocurrency and virtual gaming would reach new heights, and it would become a phenomenon that would allow new users to get into the game and do virtual trading. Those who have experienced using the WAX platform are saying that their experience was superb, noting that the efforts by Malcolm CasSelle paid off. What the players liked about the platform is the added security given to the players, and its ability to detect fraudsters and scammers who have been a headache to the players for years.