Krishen Iyer was born and raised in the State of California. He attended Bullard High School until 1998 and proceeded to San Diego State University where he was awarded a degree in Public Administration in 2004.

Krishen is the founding father of Managed Benefits Services (MBS) formerly known as Quick link Marketing. The company was established in 2016 to provide marketing solutions to the health and dental industries. The company uses a unique methodology to foster a connection between lead generation companies and those that pursue effective marketing solutions.


Before starting MBS, Krishen Iyer had long since established two more companies. Mr Iyer built the Iyer Real Estate Holding when he was still in college. Krishen later built MNP insurance in 2009, better known as “Name My Premium LLC” which was the first of its kind. It made it to the Inc. 5000 list in 2015 because of its continued growth.

Managed Benefits Services is based in both Fresno and the State of California. Krishen Iyer’s MBS company works with other businesses by focusing on leads management and consulting. Being in the field of insurance has increased his knowledge in the marketing of insurance lead.


Krishen Iyer has earned a name for himself among his peers because of his unique approach and experience in client interfacing and online marketing. He is involved in the business main focus area which is ensuring that every aspect of the market demand is appropriately taken care of. Krishen Iyer is naturally curious and is interested in learning almost any subject which has helped him sharpen his communication skills.

Apart from his usual work routine, Krishen Iyer loves getting involved in community work. He also plays soccer, chess, and tennis. Krishen Iyer is married and enjoys spending time with his son and daughter. Thanks to Iyer for his commitment and massive contribution.