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How Jeff Herman Built A Legal Career Fighting Against Childhood Sexual Assault

The New York State Senate is considering changing that states child sexual abuse laws. This includes removing both civil and criminal statute of limitations for this sort of abuse as well as increasing the window for filing a civil lawsuit about child sexual abuse from one year to 50. Actor Corey Feldman has announced his support for the Senate bill under consideration as has Sarah Powers-Barnhard who plays volleyball for Team USA. Some Senate Republicans are keeping this bill off the Senate floor which both Felman and Powers-Barnhard are making public.
Jeff Herman is a trial lawyer who has represented many victims of child sexual abuse over the course of his professional career. He founded his own law firm called Herman Law which has a main office in Baco Raton, Florida, and a satellite office in New York, New York. He has been in business for 33 years.
The biggest lawsuit of Jeff Herman’s career to date was won in November 2011. He had a client who had accused Father Neil Doherty of the Archdiocese of Miami of sexually abusing him when he was younger. This results in a $100 million judgment against this Roman Catholic priest and the Archdiocese. He also represented a number of men who said that Kevin Clash, the former puppeteer of Sesame Street’s Elmo, had sexually assaulted them.
Jeff Herman has been featured in both print and on national television. In print he has been talked about in New York magazine, the New York Times, Forbes, and USA Today. On television he has made appearances on HLN, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX. He has used these appearances to talk about childhood sexual abuse and the toll it has taken on its victims.
Growing up in Youngstown, Ohio, Jeff Herman knew he wanted to a lawyer one day. He first attended the University of Arizona in order to earn a bachelor’s degree. To earn his law degree he attended Cleveland, Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Among other honors he has received over the years he was named as the “Child Advocate of the Year” in 2013 by the KidSafe Foundation.