Canadian Beer

Eli Gershkovitch’s Grows Steamworks to Meet the Demand

The craft breweries in Canada are competing hardily with the world’s beers. Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks Breweries is one of those leading the charge. Steamworks opened in 1995 in Gastown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as a pub/brewery seating 184 patrons. Now, Steamworks’ beers sell in 14 states in the U.S., at home in all the Canadian provinces, Italy, Germany, Austria, Germany, Hong Kong and Switzerland.


Eli Gershkovitch is a brew master who deserves to be recognized. His creations please the taste buds and demand repeat purchases. Inspired by a trip to Europe in 1987 right out of college where he toured different European countries and sampled craft beers in each country. Gershkovitch waited until all the elements were in place for him to obtain an Old building equipped with a steam heat system in Gastown. In Heidelberg, Germany, Eli Gershkovitch fell in love with the idea of a microbrewery after visiting one (


After buying it, he began the process of turning it into the Steamworks Brewery. It was Canada’s only steam operated Brewery. For years Steamworks Brewery/Pub operated solely from Gastown. In his first year, Eli Gershkovitch introduced six beers to his pub’s beer aficionados. In 2013 Steamworks opened its first full Brewery in Burnaby, British Columbia. Today there are 14 additional U.S. locations and Steamworks Brewery produces 15 to 17 new brews each year.


Steamworks is the only brewery that offers the authentic Cascadia ales as it holds the trademarks. Their other best selling beers include Jasmine IPA, Summer Mashup, Tropical Tart Ale, Pale Ale and Flagship IPA. As one of Canada’s original microbrewers, Eli Gershkovitch will continue to develop new and interesting flavors like its new Chocolate Porter with a rich black body and a tan head. The flavor is well-balanced with a flavor of toasted chocolate malt.


Since its inception, the company has won many awards for its beers and his beers come in many of the over one hundred flavors currently available in craft beers. Just like Eli Gershkovitch says, he’ll meet the demand or he’ll have to shrink to meet the declining demand. Now with multiple locations and many unique craft beers on the market, he is seeking to meet the increasing demand (