Educators are Vital in Research to Improve the Videos to be used by ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an Ed-Tech company that is turning the world of students and parents around. It was founded in 2011 by two determined individuals, namely Sam Chaundhary and Liam Don. They had a vision of improving the education sector in the United States. Being a startup, it recently raised 21 million dollars in the second round of funding, and it will use the funds in implementing various positive projects in the market.


ClassDojo in conjunction with Stanford’s Project that has been positive in the society is working on videos that teachers will use to introduce the idea of mindset growth among the children. It is with this kind of determination that Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) are working with ClassDojo to improve the mindset of students while at school.


Most of the ideas have come from observing teachers as they try to bring the ideas of mindset to the students at schools using YouTube videos. The research, therefore, has input data that is received from teachers and educators to succeed in producing the right outcome. It has incorporated videos of monsters that introduce the idea of having a positive mindset and feeling that an individual is worth in any sector.


From various pilot tests that have been done it has proved that students have liked the videos and since they are visual they bring the reality to the children. Positivity in the children’s thinking is the main idea that the research and the app are all about. Children should be self-confident and believe that they have all that it takes to succeed. For those students struggling to learn, it is also the time that they are encouraged about the reality of life that anybody can attain much if they so wish to.


ClassDojo is a company that is currently run by 25 employees since it is a non-profit making institution. Its primary focus was to develop the right tools that could be used by parents and teachers so that they can easily communicate. So far two out of three schools in the United States are using the application, and it is changing the classroom scenarios to a positive culture among the students.


When parents are aware of what is going to the school, they begin to appreciate the efforts that the teachers put into their work. It, therefore, makes learning and appreciation of what they do to be perfected. ClassDojo is planning to extend its applications to serve other purposes with more funding in the future.


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