Dick DeVos Proves Instrumental In Growth Of Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos is the former President of the Amway Foundation and he is one of the most prominent business professionals in the entire state of Michigan. Alongside Betsy DeVos, his wife, and frequent business partner, Dick DeVos has helped Michigan to grow and form into the booming state that it is today. Dick DeVos is currently being overshadowed by the important work that his wife is doing as the Secretary of Education for President Trump but that doesn’t mean his work is any less important. Let’s take a stroll through the past in order to see how Dick DeVos became such a vital member of Michigan’s development.


When talking about the impact that Dick DeVos has had on Michigan’s development, you need only go to the city of Grand Rapids in order to see it. Dick DeVos founded the Grand Action group which helped to pioneer resistance to a costly convention center that would have been constructed back in 1991. In protesting this convention center, Dick DeVos helped taxpayers out by preventing them from being strangled by the tax burden that comes from a costly convention center built only to help professional athletics. The Grand Action group was not just a protest group, however, as they also became vital for the development of the rest of Grand Rapids. The Grand Action group became responsible for the construction of many of Grand Rapids’ most prized projects including the Grand Rapids City Market and the Van Andel Arena.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have done more than just work to develop businesses in Grand Rapids, they have also used their philanthropic outreach to change and save lives while also improving culture appreciation around the city. Dick DeVos personally helped to oversee the establishment of the West Michigan Aviation Academy and he was also instrumental in getting the airline company Southwest to push more routes through the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Dick DeVos has also donated millions upon millions of dollars to various foundations that go toward improving education, art appreciation, and cultural touchstones.


Most recently, Dick DeVos scored national headlines himself after he was nominated for a civilian position on the FAA Management Advisory Council. Jim Gill, CE Of the Ford Airport, was vocal in his praise of Dick DeVos and the work that he can and will be doing on the Advisory Counsel. With Dick DeVos onboard, the council is in good hands.


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