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David McDonald: The President, OSI Group

Mr. Dave, full name David McDonald, is the CEO and President of OSI Group. He was raised and born in Lowa. David McDonald successful career started with a B.A. in Animal Science and he commenced with the OSI Group serving as the project manager while working with North American Meat Institute as a Chairman. After working tirelessly with lots of determination, David became the president of the Company.

It is undeniable that the food industry, OSI Group, has made lots of tremendous strides. It strives to always offer top services and products to customers making it a recognized premier food industry. David McDonald has greatly contributed to the remarkable success of OSI Group for nearly 30 good years and he continues to work extremely hard with passion to maintain the company’s logistics group, which can keep up with the ever-evolving international market. A great working team ensures that the company’s activities run smoothly and they offer customers what they need with no hassle.

The company recently purchased Baho Foods, a Dutch food industry that deals with deli meat as well as the processing of a variety of other foods. The acquisition has brought a great advantage to OSI group for it has gained more recognition in most European regions. David McDonald has established around 10 successful Chinese facilities that handle poultry throughout his tenure and they service several renowned chain restaurants. To know more about him click here.

David was inspired by his interest in agriculture and biology subjects to found his business. At first, he served at the very bottom but managed to find his way up through working extremely hard. The hardworking individual confirmed that OSI Group makes money through selling their services and food products to heavyweight companies in the world.

Having worked with OSI Group for nearly 3 decades, Mr. David McDonald has witnessed the success of the company. To him, the company became more profitable since they established dynamic partnerships. David’s vision for OSI Group is to surpass and meet customers’ expectations. The company is privately owned making it easier for it to stay flexible whenever solutions are needed. The respected man also confessed that the company views customers and staff as family.