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Julia JacksonIrresistible charm, stunning beauty, unique sense of style, and remarkable business acumen are some of the qualities that best describes Julia Jackson, the daughter of one of the most popular wine-makers, Jess Jackson. Even top celebrities and the royal family cannot resist her warmth. While attending some of the greatest events such as the pre-Oscar dinner, Hollywood’s 2015 Tony Award, the 2016 Food and Wine Best New Chefs and the Royal Ascot, Julia has been seen in the company of celebrities including Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Jared Leto, Jaime King and Lou Fabrizio.

Once a Winemaker

Even before she was born, Julia’s family was in the wine business. It was only natural then that she would master the art of picking grapes and sorting them while she was still young. She went on to join Scripps College, graduating with a bachelor’s degree and earned a Stanford master’s degree in business. However, she went back to the wine business where she is now Cambria Estate’s spokesperson and represents Jackson Family Wines in various events including the pre-Oscar dinner where she gave the attendees a bottle one of her family’s wine brands—Sauvignon Blanc.Julia Jackson

Encouraging Authenticity, Rewarding Success

The wine-making world is a male-dominated industry. However, Cambria Winery which is owned by Jackson Family has women at most of the positions that matter. While Julia’s mother, Barbara Banke, runs it as the owner, she and her sister Katherine are vintners. Another woman, Denise Shurtleff, has been with the winery as a winemaker for almost two decades.In the spirit of encouraging women leadership, Julia founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, a non-profit program. Through it, she seeks to honor women who have overcome adversities in their lives and are an inspiration to others, especially little girls and young women. Every year, the program gives $100,000 to non-profit organizations that encourage the spirit of equality in the community.


At a young age, Julia Jackson is a household name in the wine-making industry. However, she is not all about wine-making. Her warm personality, selfless generosity, and flawless beauty as well as rare sense of style and fashion make her a darling of many people including celebrities.

Wine Selling

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