Success of a Business, Technology

With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technology is clearly a leader in its niche market as it has been able to serve over 2,600 law enforcement, public safety, correction agencies as well as over a million inmates all over North America. This company uses all its intellect and resources to serve by providing great incident management, investigations, communication, emergency response as well as monitoring products in a manner that ensures safety in this world that we live in. It is clear that this companies commitment to the betterment of the society is second to none, especially when it comes to law enforcement and prison agencies.Things got even better with Securus Technologies acquiring Jpay which is another giant in the provision of innovative services to correction agencies and law enforcement in general.

This was only possible because of the calculated and visionary leadership skills provided by the CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith. It is worth noting that Jpay, which is based in Miramar, Florida has a reputation for being a market leader in its role of providing inmate tablet products, providing inmate payments, emails and in the process, being able to serve a host of inmates and departments of corrections. It is worth noting that this technology is life changing as it is able to combat crime, reduce recidivism as well as reduce waste.The marriage of these two great innovative companies carries great news to the law enforcement as well as the correction facilities who are bound to benefit immensely. It is particularly notable how this technology will impact the lives of inmates, ensuring smooth self-service that reduces interactions with prisons guards, thus in the process enhancing the safety of everyone. This technology also ensures that communications in the prisons are much safer, with inmate families enjoying quality time with their loved ones at a safe distance.

The great leadership skills of Rick Smith did not just come from a vacuum, he had to undergo some quality training from an early age in preparation. Most notable is the Bachelor’s degree that Rick Smith was able to receive from the one and only State University of New York at Buffalo, which was in Electrical Engineering. Rick Smith did not stop at that but also joined the University of Rochester’s Simon School where he received an MBA. As if all that education was not enough, Rich Smith proceeded to the State University of New York at Brockport where he acquired the prestigious Masters in Mathematics. This is without a doubt a rich education background, one that is instrumental to the great leadership skills witnessed at Securus Technologies. Young people all over the world could clearly draw something from this highly determined and skilled man.

Success of a Business

Success in the manufacturing and food processing industry depends much on the kind of products a company offers to the market. There are different types of customers and each would like to get the assurance that the products they order are certified and verified to be used by humans. During many scandals involving food processing companies, when the case is followed it is often revealed that companies that have a low rating and few years in the industry are the ones that mainly offer products whose quality cannot be trusted. This trend is explained simply as a result of the heavy competition these companies face.

However, for companies like OSI Group, the path towards growth and success has always been smooth. The company enjoys massive support from its huge base of customers and has in response been offering them high quality products that are verified for quality and edibility. This focus on offering healthy and good quality products won the company an award in the category of food quality and environmental conservation. The effort the management team of OSI Group has been offering to the company has mainly been directed towards offering a system where customers are able to take part in shaping the products they get from the company.

Quality and variety
Modifying the feedback shared by customers to serve their demands has allowed OSI Group to produce useful and high quality products. They have a great network that is spread across more than 60 countries and with new tactics and plans, OSI Group is looking to serve more than that in few years to come. As a way to keep the network growing, the company has been investing in mergers and acquisitions, with the latest acquisition involving Baho Food Company, which serves Germany and Netherlands. Acquiring Baho Food Company helped OSI Group to expand its market share and to advance its agenda of growing to serve the whole world with different products.

Ranking among leaders in the industry has also been a benefit to the growth of OSI Group as many customers have wanted to be associated with the winning brand in the market. OSI Group offers product variety bundled with quality, so in case a customer fails to buy one of the products in display they are able to get something else from the same company. Their unique selling techniques saw the company return $6.1 billion revenues during the 2016 fiscal year.