Recap: Utilizing Big Data to Improve the Performance of the Supply Chain Performance

The transport department has always valued performance, and for the longest time, it has been considered the key performance indicator in this department. In the previous years, performance was always measured depending on the carrier’s effectiveness. Therefore, there was a system put in place to review a carrier’s scorecard. But with the current change in technology, everything is quickly changing. Unlike the previous years, manufacturers today can easily access more data.


This advancement in technology should change the companies’ perspective on performance. However, their mindsets are stuck in the in the traditional way of narrowly defining a carrier performance. The best way to evaluate KPI is to focus on metrics across functions and also the trading partners. The carrier is not the sole determinant of the performance of any company. Focusing on big data that is complete and accurate can help a company improve performance and also to evaluate themselves. A company can also integrate the use of software that is used to boost a business’s performance. One of such software is Edisoft which has been in the market for a while and is developed by the Edisoft Software Company.


About Edisoft

Edisoft is a well-known software solution provider ( The company’s software can be used in warehousing, shipping, and EDI. The software is used in storage to drive the performance with ERP Integrated Automation Solutions.


In the shipping area, the software uses ERP Integrated Shipping Automation Solutions which help in better supply chain performance. The EDI also uses an EDI Solution. The software’s integrated system enables warehouses and carriers to have better coordination and more data.


Edisoft is not new in the market but has been in existence for a while (FAQ). It was founded in 1995 and has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. It also serves both local and international clients. The software enables warehouses to exploit their full potential. Anyone can integrate this system. We are at a better time where technology has simplified things. Companies don’t have to be stuck in the traditional way of doing business.