LED Bulbs, Smart Lighting

It is interesting to note that as we continue experiencing the wave of changes in technology, every new gadget keeps earning the adjective smart. When dealing with things like home lighting, it is difficult to really understand what this means. To understand the concept of smart lighting, it would be a great idea to think about the concept of smart homes. Of course these do not have the level of automation seen in fictional movies, but a good level of automation when it comes to the control of the indoor conditions.
When a home is described as being smart, there will be automated thermostats. In the process of trying to regulate the lighting in the home, energy efficient lighting is recommended and used. However, for a bulb to be described as smart, it needs to meet the criteria below:
• They have wireless controls that allow access through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth depending on the brand.
• The lights are automatic meaning they switch off and on depending on the occupancy of the room. Besides that, they dim color and temperature depending on time of day.
• You will not need to use a dimmer to get the right light intensity, color and hue.
The best thing about these Gooee’s Smart Lighting system is that the technology of making them is still evolving. Nowadays, there are bulbs that recognize a person’s ideal ambient settings and adjust for conditions such as different weather without you interfering with the process. Investing in this lighting systems will save you money and give you ultimate comfort in the home.