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New Year, New Music

By January 17, The Chainsmokers had already released a new single for their loyal fans called “sick boy”. This new tune hails from the dance rock genre and it is a page out of their darker catalog of music. Sick Boy is about the effect of society’s emphasis on social media exposure to our identity. Dim lighting and fire help set the stage for Sick Boy’s music video, which consists of the DJ Duo walking through a creepy glow in the dark house and being defined by society. What’s interesting about The Chainsmokers is they take full responsibility for the mayhem caused by their stardom. They always say that their lives now are by design and that they knew what they were signing up for.

Even More Hit Singles

The second single from The Chainsmokers called “You Owe Me” hit the top of the charts on the new billboard 100 dance list. The video soared to millions of views as soon as it was released. In March they released their third single “Everybody Hates Me” but they didn’t release the video until early April. In the meantime, their lyrics were cool enough to evoke a fan tattoo of a line from the song on his arm. This dynamic duo has such a major following. They are even one of the first artists to reach 1 billion streams on multiple songs in Spotify.

About The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are an American DJ and production duo consisting of bandmates Alexander Pall and Andrew Taggart. They have been on the scene since 2014 and they have been a fan favorite ever since. So far in 2018, the pair has released at least 1 to 2 songs a month in preparation of their upcoming second studio album release. They released the fourth song “Somebody” in late April.


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Doug Levitt has been criss crossing the country for over ten years now, racking up over 120,000 miles riding the bus and sharing stories with the passengers he sits and talks with. Even though people come from different parts of the country with different experiences, they seem to be united by the bus ride and sharing stories.Case in point, Doug found himself sitting next to a neo-Nazi, ex convict on his latest bus ride. To say that Doug was a little skeptical was a fair assumption.

But by the middle of the long ride, Mr. Levitt’s seatmate offered to share his sandwich with him and sit on the floor so Doug could stretch out and get some sleep.That’s one of the reasons that Doug still rides the bus year after year. To share experiences, write songs, stories, and take pictures. That is how The Greyhound Diaries came into existence. Mr. Levitt is a former foreign correspondent who came home from London to work for the Kerry campaign registering undecided voters across the nation.

Mr. Doug Levitt discovered that he loved traveling by bus and found the conversation with strangers cathartic. Doug lost his father at age 16, when his dad suddenly committed suicide and Doug stated that talking to strangers along the way has helped him sort through some long buried personal issues.Mr. Levitt has compiled his past year’s experiences into the Greyhound Diaries, a multimedia package of his journey. To read more about his latest travels, a link to the original article can be found here.