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Most people that have any degree of experience with dating sites or social media whatsoever are familiar with the company known as Skout. If you are not familiar with the company yet, it is important to recognize that Skout does not operate like most online dating sites. It has both a smartphone app and a regular website that you can go to, but it allows you to meet people from different walks of life for all different reasons, not just to date or to hook up. The great thing about it is that it gives you the opportunity to meet people who have the same interests as you for the express purpose of surrounding yourself with people who think and feel the same way you do. It might translate into a regular dating relationship but it certainly doesn’t have to.

Obviously, this sets Skout apart from all of the regular dating sites where the only reason that people are on there is to find someone to go out on a date with. You can use Skout to make friends just as you could use it to find a date. As such, it is much more versatile than other websites that allow you to meet people. The company has prided itself on this for a number of years but recently, it took a huge step forward to further enhance its reputation as the leading site where you can meet people and form new friendships, not to mention relationships of all types.

In a story that was written for PR Newswire, it was reported that Skout released a new travel feature that allows you to get to know people in an area where you are simply spending some time just like you can get to know people in your hometown. Think of it this way. Imagine that you live in New York but you are travelling to Chicago for the summer to visit family. However, you want to be able to meet some people while you are there. Who wants to spend three months cooped up in a house with family they hardly ever see with absolutely nothing else to do? The new travel feature from Skout allows you to see who is in the area that shares your interests. It might give you the opportunity to meet a new best friend or to meet that life-long relationship that you have been searching for.

The truth is, the sky’s the limit. It is one more way that Skout is putting you in control of your circle of friends and allowing you to create the relationships that you really want to have. More importantly, you can take those relationships to whatever level you are comfortable with, whether that means meeting an acquaintance or eventually getting married. This changes the way that people meet others and it gives you the chance to meet people who are already interested in the same things you are without having to worry about whether or not you are compatible from the beginning.

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Sometimes, all it takes is one mistake to realize the importance of reputation management. Many people do not actually give a thought to the impact their online reputation can have on their personal or professional life. Once word spreads about your mistake or inappropriate conduct, then you will be dealing with a variety of issues, including reputation damage. And that’s exactly what happened to Melissa Click, assistant professor at the University of Missouri.

Melissa didn’t have any idea what she was getting herself into when she called for “muscle” to remove student journalists from a protest that was going on at the university campus. She didn’t choose her words wisely and that got her in trouble with the law as well as the school authority.

Melissa had to deal with the consequences of her action. Melissa was charged with third-degree assault and was ordered to do community service. And she faced suspension while the university was looking into the case, which almost got her fired from her job.

Melissa took immediate action to repair her reputation which got ruined once the video went viral. She sought help from Status Labs, one of the best reputation management firms in the industry.

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