Baltimore real estate is one thing that cannot be spoken of without mentioning Todd Lubar. Armed with a charming smile and outspoken nature, he is now a well-established real estate developer and business owner in the City commanding widespread respect. Todd is the one man you want to consult concerning matters of real estate, not only for his perspective on the business but also because of his broad experience that he has gathered over the decades he’s been in the industry. Since 1999 when he started working for Crestor Mortgage Corporation immediately after graduating from Syracuse University, he is yet to disappoint at any position he has been entrusted with. With a resolute determination to achieve something once his mind is set on it, he helped grow the Maryland Legacy Financial to a level where its production unit per year was over several hundred million dollars in loan volumes. For more details visit Patreon.

As if this was not impressive enough on his resume, he still went ahead and became the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding at the peak of the chaos in the mortgage industry. Working in the finance and credit sector is what has made his perspective on the business more valuable and with great impact to the extent that he has reserved his place amongst the top 25 mortgage originators for a number of years. With the influx of young professionals streaming into Baltimore City, Todd Lubar is now the focal point of insight on the industry by home buyers looking to maximize their financial gain.

His motivation is driven by the fact that he loves to help others achieve their dream of becoming homeowners and has the skills needed that people can rely on. In his high school days, he used to work at a grocery store and later discovered Todd was destined for more and started working towards it. His lesson for the value of money drove him always to strive to achieve the best and as of now, he is the President of TDL Global Ventures. Just as he is passionate in his business and serving the community, he’s also a loving Dad to a son and daughter with whom he is to be found whenever he creates free time. Check out LinkedIn for more info.

One of his famous quotes goes: ‘surround yourself with people that challenge you and promote you to grow professionally and personally.’



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According to the administrative officials, they have decided to order the public schools across the nation to disdain the ordinance issued by 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. The ordinance conveyed the message that forbids the transgender students from availing the facilities, which alienates from the laws against the anti-discrimination. The administrative committee of Trump had decided to roll back the ordinance that specifies the rights of the transgender students to use the public restrooms in schools, that matches their gender identities. This Wednesday, the Educational Secretary, and philanthropist, Betsy DeVos is stated to have opposed this particular decision of the administrative officials of Trump, which she has denied today, affirming her full consent with the decision.

Before that, the leading newspapers reported that DeVos had opposed the decision of the Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In the first place, Betsy DeVos was determined to reverse the ordinance because her student support might be severely affected by the step due to the lack of proper protection in the bill. The reports went on to the extent stating that the Sessions went further up to the president, who expressed the desire that he wanted DeVos to cooperate. Today, Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary denied the disputes and stated that there was no conflict at all between the president and the secretaries and it was merely a discussion, about the time and language of the issuance.

Soon, Betsy DeVos also issued an acknowledgment, in defense of the action which stated that it is undoubtedly the best option to get the matter solved at the local as well as the school level. Through her statement, she addressed her concerns for the safety of each and every student, which also includes the transgender students (since a major section of the transgender students feels unsafe at the schools); and went on saying that it is their fundamental duty to ensure complete protection of every American student. The families, academic institutions, and communities can work out solutions to protect the students so that they can enjoy the freedom to gain knowledge and live in a safe and healthy environment. This is their moral duty towards every student, which nobody can relinquish.

Mrs. DeVos further adds that she will ensure that the officials for Civil Rights carefully investigate all the allegations of intolerance, harassment, or offensive attitudes against the sensitive students in the schools. She even Twitted this message, to reach out the people.

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On 17th of January, during her confirmation hearing before the Senate Education Committee, DeVos stated that she is a firm believer of equality and respects the instinctive characteristics of every human being and thus, all the students must feel safe at school. Unfortunately, the critics seem unhappy with her decision to comply with the decision. In fact, some of them have directly criticized her step in Twitter stating that she has betrayed the students.

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In the business world, Todd Lubar is recognized as a business entity working towards sustainability and development. As a matter of fact, he is considered as an established serial entrepreneur. He works to make himself a better person in the future than the day before. Or this reason, he has always gone ahead o the rest in innovation and technology in his business. In the real estate industry, he is also considered as one o the most experienced individuals. For what the industry needs, he has all the expertise needed for development.

The father of two children studied at the New Jersey-based Peddie Schools and the Washington-based Sidwell Friends School. In 1995, he graduated with the highest honors with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Business Communication from the University of Syracuse. When he commenced his work, he went on and started working as a loan obligatory in the real estate industry. He commenced his career working at the Crestar Mortgage Company. When Todd Lubar learned about the convention mortgage, he decided to use the knowledge and found his company. As a matter of fact, he went on and developed financial relationships with financial companies and developed high-end solutions for his workers.

When he acquired enough knowledge in the financial industry, Todd Lubar joined the Legacy Financial Company ( and expanded his capabilities in lending through innovation in the business world. He started by brokering loans to the investment companies as a matter of urgency. Through the mortgage bank, his working capabilities were expanded in a manner which is unprecedented in the industry. When his company went through a series of financial crisis, he went on to develop high-end facility management in a manner which is unmatched in the industry.

Because he was a big risk taker, he expanded his lending capabilities to large amounts. He also moved his business to the access of several programs and products. He also worked to form an affiliate of the Legendary Financial Company through founding the Legendary Financial Properties Company. For individuals and entrepreneurs seeking mortgage loans at the fastest rates in the market, you can consider setting your foot at this company. Check out his website at

More information on Mr. Lubar available on his Tumblr page and spokeo bio.