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Florida’s Governor charged with Campaign Violations – End Citizens United

The current charges that are facing Mr. Rick Scott will probably provoke remembrance of another infamous act that involved him when he was serving as the CEO of the Colombia HCA. This scandal involved a Medicare fraud that saw Mr. Rick resigning. This followed after his company was forced to pay a figure close to $1.7 billion fine after the FBI investigated this matter to the core.

However, Mr. Scott denied those allegations just the way he has dismissed the campaign violation allegations that are facing him currently. This refusal has not been in the mind of many individuals until Mr. Rick appealed his fifth right in the court that handles civil issues, which are related to fraud. As his second term ends, the End Citizens United is focused on some of his undertaking that has a potential of improving his haunt for US senatorial position. Watch this video on Youtube.

Indulging End Citizens United Goal to Limit Campaign Contributions

In 2010, the Supreme Court recognized the corporations as the only entity that can spend untraceable and unlimited resources to support political candidates in the United States election. To this end, the candidate will not be required to explain the source of their support. Therefore, mogul can utilize their wealth to support the candidates of their choice without having to worry about what will follow.

This move, however, was strongly opposed by those who felt that this was not right this being the primary reason for the establishment of the End Citizens United. The main aim of this foundation is to ensure that the democracy of the citizens remains at the equilibrium without the influence of the wealthy. The primary basis of the accusation for this body includes the gifting of an undisclosed and unlimited fund. View the group’s profile on

The New Republican PAC

In the middle of April this year, the American bridge reported that one of the entities that were chaired by Mr. Scott, PAC had received significant donations from some undisclosed equity executives. While the SEC has barred financial institutes from funding political activities, this funding is said to have been channeled to PAC.

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According to the administrative officials, they have decided to order the public schools across the nation to disdain the ordinance issued by 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. The ordinance conveyed the message that forbids the transgender students from availing the facilities, which alienates from the laws against the anti-discrimination. The administrative committee of Trump had decided to roll back the ordinance that specifies the rights of the transgender students to use the public restrooms in schools, that matches their gender identities. This Wednesday, the Educational Secretary, and philanthropist, Betsy DeVos is stated to have opposed this particular decision of the administrative officials of Trump, which she has denied today, affirming her full consent with the decision.

Before that, the leading newspapers reported that DeVos had opposed the decision of the Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In the first place, Betsy DeVos was determined to reverse the ordinance because her student support might be severely affected by the step due to the lack of proper protection in the bill. The reports went on to the extent stating that the Sessions went further up to the president, who expressed the desire that he wanted DeVos to cooperate. Today, Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary denied the disputes and stated that there was no conflict at all between the president and the secretaries and it was merely a discussion, about the time and language of the issuance.

Soon, Betsy DeVos also issued an acknowledgment, in defense of the action which stated that it is undoubtedly the best option to get the matter solved at the local as well as the school level. Through her statement, she addressed her concerns for the safety of each and every student, which also includes the transgender students (since a major section of the transgender students feels unsafe at the schools); and went on saying that it is their fundamental duty to ensure complete protection of every American student. The families, academic institutions, and communities can work out solutions to protect the students so that they can enjoy the freedom to gain knowledge and live in a safe and healthy environment. This is their moral duty towards every student, which nobody can relinquish.

Mrs. DeVos further adds that she will ensure that the officials for Civil Rights carefully investigate all the allegations of intolerance, harassment, or offensive attitudes against the sensitive students in the schools. She even Twitted this message, to reach out the people.

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On 17th of January, during her confirmation hearing before the Senate Education Committee, DeVos stated that she is a firm believer of equality and respects the instinctive characteristics of every human being and thus, all the students must feel safe at school. Unfortunately, the critics seem unhappy with her decision to comply with the decision. In fact, some of them have directly criticized her step in Twitter stating that she has betrayed the students.

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Like many people cross the U.S. I was largely aware of Betsy DeVos as one of the most important education reformers in the U.S., but in recent months I have been learning more about the wide range of charitable programs the Michigan born philanthropist enjoys providing support for. Alongside the educational reform programs Betsy has backed she has also provided a large level of support for many arts based programs in Michigan and across the U.S. as well as backing a number of business ventures that will benefit the world through her own The Windquest Group.

Looking back at the life of Betsy DeVos has shown me the Holland, Michigan born philanthropist has always maintained an interest in politics dating back to her days as a student at Calvin College. Twice the chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Mrs. DeVos has impressed me with her ability to cross party lines and work with members of different parties to aid education reform across the U.S.; in Michigan itself Betsy DeVos has helped develop the first aviation based charter school in the history of the U.S. in the form of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Before helping to form the Detroit Charter School system, Betsy DeVos was already playing an important role in education reform, particularly after attending the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids and being inspired to assist struggling families in finding the best educational options for their children. I have been pleased to see the Potter’s House Christian School remains an important part of the philanthropic program undertaken by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation each and every year.

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I have come to realize the work of Betsy DeVos is far more varied than I believed in the past, not only does she continue to back various educational programs she also looks to develop programs including arts programs and a range of business interests. The first national political role taken on by Betsy DeVos dates back to 2004 when President George W. Bush appointed her to the board of the Kennedy Center for the Arts, a group her own charitable foundation has supported for decades. Business also plays a major role in the work of Betsy DeVos as she and husband Dick have worked together to create The Windquest Group that is uses to invest in various business interest the couple are interested in; the forward thinking nature of Betsy DeVos has been shown, I believe, in the investments made in boxed water supplies and clean energy sources that show the interests of Betsy DeVos. Follow her on Twitter.


Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a man that feels very strongly about agriculture in Venezuela. He is a businessman that has debated, and has tried to fight for all rights due to farmers, agriculture production, and valuable imports. He currently works as the deputy of National Assembly by Guarico State. The state of Guarico is in rough condition, as crime rates continue to rise. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has tried to help reduce these crime rates, along with working with the government and politicians to rise awareness of agriculture. Mr. Gonzalez feels very strongly about agriculture in the state of Guarico, and has been trying to change things around for the better. However, it has been hard, as the government has not been willing to work closely along with Mr. Gonzalez.
He has stated that the Assembly has always tried to understand the situations of agriculture, but with a closed-door government, their heads have always been turned. Mr. Gonzalez has tried to be patient and understanding with the laws of agriculture, which has also turned his eyes ahead to more serious issues, such as crime rates in the state. He has reported that Guarico is an unsafe state. Hundreds of farmers are paying vaccines to criminal gangs, hurting the farming and agriculture ways of life in the state.
Jose Gonzalez has noticed that the only way to help with crime, but also to rise the agriculture that so many depend on, is through a national agreement through the government. The agreement should be accepted by all individuals, politicians, and government officials, through out the state, for the real progression to start. Peace and economic growth is needed, which in return, will bring about more agriculture work-related jobs. According to the help and research of Jose Gonzalez, this will help people get out of poverty and banish populism.