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The elections in the country should be neutral and without any external influence. It is how the people of the nation would be able to trust the government and the leader. However, the elections in the United States are heavily influenced by the external forces, especially the corporations and high net worth individuals. These powerful entities want the government and leader of their choice to be selected by the people so that they can manipulate the government later on for their benefit. It handicaps the government and makes it impossible in many cases to function independently for the benefit of the voters. It is for this reason, it is seen that the political leaders make a lot of promises before the elections, but just don’t stand up to it after the elections are over.

It is for this reason Tiffany Mueller started End Citizens United, which is a political action committee that aims to turn over the decision of the Supreme Court to allow the corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money in funding the elections. The overhaul of the campaign finance rules would make it easier for the polls to be accountable and ensure that the people know which political candidate is working for the interest of the people and which candidate is in favor of the corporations and affluent individuals. End Citizens United aims to overhaul the Supreme Court decision of 2010 that it made in the case of the FEC and Citizens United. As per the choice, the Supreme Court allowed the individuals as well as the companies to spend the practically unlimited amount of money during the elections to fund their political campaigns.

Over the years, the amount of money being spent on the elections has been increasing and now run into millions of dollars. End Citizens United wants to stop the misuse of money and the manipulation of independent process such as elections, which decides the fate and future of the country. End Citizens United believes that if the country continues to be guided by the interest of the corporations and few wealthy individuals and families, then the benefit of the people would continue to be heavily compromised. End Citizens United financially backs the political candidates that have rejected the use of corporate money, and some of these candidates are Max Rose, Slyvia Garcia, Matt Morgan, Kattie Porter, Hiral Tipirneni, Debbie Stabenow, Gina Ortiz Jones, Abigail Spanberger, Nancy Soderberg, and more.

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George Soros, the billionaire from New York, has always been associated with the Democrats since he started his hedge fund empire. He has had long-term relations with some key members of the party, especially the Clintons and has backed them publicly for office.

The 85-year-old hedge fund billionaire made his fortune which is estimated to be around $25 billion through risky currency trade. He had never shied away from sharing his fortune with the Democrats with a good example being in 2004 when he pledged $27 million in an attempt to defeat President George W. Bush and supporting other Democrat candidates. Know more about George Soros on Business Insider.

After the way the events turned out, George Soros reduced his political donations and did his best to avoid the political center stage. Instead, he focused on running his business and supporting his charity foundations around the world.

Recently, Soros emerged and publicly aired his support for Hillary Clinton as the Democrat’s presidential candidate. He made an impressive financial contribution of over $25 million towards her campaign. According to his political advisor, Soros was more interested in the election as he believed that the stakes were high. He also didn’t support Donald Trump’s political and economic views and saw his policies as those of instilling fear into people rather than offering them security.

George Soros has always taken an interest in shaping and transforming political environments to what he calls “Open Societies.” He believes that societies should be formed around “universally” accepted principles that work to enhance the welfare of all mankind.

For this reason, he has used his wealth to fund various organizations around the world that share his views. He has also established more than 70 Open Society Foundations around the world that are charged with transforming the political and social environments of the people.

Considering his childhood background where he was forced to live in a German-occupied Hungary, one can only see where his need and urge to bring a change in the political field originated. He was from a Jewish family at the time where Jews were widely persecuted in Germany and other Germany-occupied territories.

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George Soros has always played a major role in philanthropy. He began his quest in 1979, and in 1984, he had already established an Open Society Foundation in Hungary. The network has grown and is operating in multiple countries. His spending and funding have also increased to hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Read more on

Business Leader, Political Activists

Soros’ Involvement With Democracy Action

Many have thought that George Soros would have retired long ago, but has since decided to become active in the fields of politics and finance. Not only has George returned to active trading, he has also increased his political contributions on George Soros made political contributions in favor of Hillary Clinton, but has shifted his political activity and contributions to opposing Donald Trump. Particularly, he is interested in helping to stop Donald Trump’s 100 day plan, in collaboration with the group Democracy Alliance. This is a group which has traditionally relied upon the vote of women and minority groups. George Soros’ political activity has been muted in recent years, but has picked up again because of his desire to play a role in the Trump election. George Soros’ political contributions have been a great source of his media attention.

Democracy Alliance Founded By Soros’ Funding

The group has since realized that as a result of this election, it’s old tactics were no longer effective on The group was founded in 2004 after the election with the intent of assisting in the defeat of Bush. This organization exists to make contributions to other groups which are in support of left-leaning candidates and watchdog groups.

Changing Tactics

Because of the defeat, George Soros has directed that Democracy Alliance change their tactics. The organization decided to cancel a conference which it was planning in light of the results. The defeat has made the group to realize that they would need to change in recognition of the fact that many working-class voters voted for Trump. One suggestion is that left-leaning groups spend more in states to get the message out on the ground, particularly in the Midwest.

About George Soros

George Soros is a investor whom has been able to build a successful empire by currency trading. He famously profited by shorting the British Pound in 1992. This short was triggered by a UK government action de-coupling the value of the British Pound to the European Economic Area on Forbes. This sent the power of the pound down, and George Soros was able to make a successful profit as a result of his short.

George Soros was born in Budapest, but eventually came to the United States by way of England as he left Nazi Germany. He was able to earn degrees at the London School of Economics before coming to the United States. He moved to New York in 1956 to accept a position at a brokerage house, and eventually founded Soros Fund Management in 1970.

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