Mommies in Need, Spark Tank

Spark Tank is an innovative, philanthropic company created by Marc Sparks. The company provides $5,000 grants to DFW non-profit organizations to support businesses that help the community. Spark Tank also provides mentoring to award winners. Any philanthropic organization is able to submit a proposal to Spark Tank so that their idea can compete for the grant.

A Spark Tank applicant will need to have been in business for at least two years. The organization will be given 10 minutes to demonstrate their case and an additional 10 minutes to answer questions from the panel. Each organization will be evaluated based upon their presentation and the foreseeable impact their company will have on the community. The last criteria is that the program needs to have the ability to measure its results.

One grant winner, Mommies in Need, provides cost-free child care to those who need assistance due to health emergencies. Another grant winning non-profit organization is House of Eli. This organization mentors and houses boys who don’t meet the age criteria for the foster care system.

The group works to help prepare the boys to lead independent, structured lives and families. Groups that want to make a substantial impact in their community and are looking for funds will greatly benefit from Spark Tank. The company’s whole purpose is to better lives and provide a means for social innovation to occur.

Often times a non-profit organization simply needs capital in order to set programs into motion that can incite societal change and improve lives.

According to Crunchbase, Founder Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur who began his journey in philanthropy in McKinney, Texas. He met Lynne Sipiora and together they took a small, worn down homeless shelter in the area and over time built it into a multi-million dollar operation that now feeds over 200 people daily.

The operation is called The Samaritan Inn and is located in Collin County. Marc Sparks has also opened a transitional living apartment complex, thrift store, and is currently fostering a family shelter that is under construction.

Thanks to Spark Tank, thousands of lives have been changed for the better. Any organization related to human services or animal services is encouraged to apply for a grant. The only exceptions to the rule are national charities, political action committees, United Way charities, and faith based initiatives. A non-profit that knows how they want to improve their community in a measurable way is an ideal candidate for the grant.

A non-profit organization looking to get the grant should be creative and passionate in the way they tell their story. The organization should also present how their results can be measured. The grant has been awarded to several non-profits already and Spark Tank plans to continue changing communities in positive ways.

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