Mobile Dating Apps

Whitney Wolfe has spent most of her young adult years busy working on some of the hottest apps out there. Once she graduated college she immediately sought out working for Hatch Labs. Known for their hit dating app Tinder, Hatch Labs changed the way we date, but Wolfe wasn’t satisfied with this. She wanted to make her own dating app and she wanted to handle some of the issues surround harassment that were present at Tinder.

Bumble Is Changing Things

This is when she came up with the idea of Bumble. Online dating apps are easy to find, but they all seem to revolve around men initiating and dominating the entire dating experience. Bumble changes all of this by giving women the power to make the first move in all opposite sex matches. This means that men are forced to take a passive role in dating for a change. The approach has worked so far in terms of handling sexual harassment issues. Fewer than 0.1% of all users complained about sexual harassment on Bumble in 2015. There aren’t many stats surround sexual harassment in online dating, but this clearly shows the issue is well handled at Bumble.

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Women Make The First Move

Bumble’s success model is paying off and the app is gaining on its rivals like Tinder and OKCupid. The internet in general has become a place where the uglier side of humanity is simply far too comfortable. Bumble wants to make this doesn’t happen in online dating. There are already millions of users and the app has already resulted in 150 million matches. It seems as if people enjoy the direction Bumble is taking them.

What Whitney Wolfe Has Planned Next

Whitney Wolfe already has an incredibly prolific career with many achievements in business, but she has no plans of stopping any time soon. Bumble is a smashing success and changing the way online dating works. People are clearly tired of the old way of doing things and they want something fresh to shake things up.

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