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Figuring out a career can take some time. After the career is over, many people look back on their choices with a sense of satisfaction and happiness. Such is the case with Dr. Saad Saad. The doctor is someone who has recently retired and decided it is time to move on with his life. In doing so, he recounts some of the things he’s learned over the course of his life. He wants to share his understanding with others. In speaking out, he hopes that others may profit from the lessons that life has taught him. As a doctor he knows that life can be short and illness can strike suddenly. This is why he wants others to remember that it important to embrace the world around us.


Pursuing Goals


One lesson that he knows to be of great importance is learning to pursue a goal. Goals are what motivate many people. People define success as the achievement of a plan they set out to do.  Dr. Saad reminds people to be mindful of pursuing this goal with great vigor and determination. As a child in Kuwait, his own father pushed him to succeed and do well. It was at this point in time that he set his mind to becoming a pediatrician. He would later decide he wanted to enter the field of pediatric surgery.


Don’t Put Things Off


Another life lesson that Dr. Saad knows well and wants others to share is not putting things off. Even if something can be done tomorrow, it’s better to do it today. Doing it today means being as efficient with your time as possible. People who are able to use their time wisely are people who are like to see a great deal of success in anything they attempt. It was this understanding that led him to his career. He was driven to get into the field of medicine and do well for his patients. It was also this sense that people should not put things off that led him to look for ways to develop new treatments for the patients he treats. His work has helped reduce pain and increase recovery times. Learn more :


Everything is Possible


Ultimately, he wants people to realize that anything is truly possible in life. When people set their minds to a goal, they can reach it if they work hard enough. They can do anything they set out to do. His life and career have been about showing that hard work and concentration can really pay off. As he looks back on the things he’s done, he feels a sense of enormous satisfaction knowing that he’s made a difference to his patients and to the world.