Investment banking involves an institution that creates capital by underwriting or securities for public and private corporations, governments, individuals and other enterprises. It offers services such as merger and acquisitions, equity securities, FICC services and market-making. The financial firm has two operation sides which include sell and buy sides. The sell side is involved in trading securities either for cash or other securities. The buy side provides advice to institutions such as unit trusts, hedge funds, life insurance companies and private equity funds. Investment banks must adhere to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and U.S Securities and Exchanges Commission

Investment banks perform their functions in three departments. The front office is for revenue generation where clients are offered advice on mergers and acquisition. It also involves fundraising strategies such as initial Public Offering (IPO) and sales and trading. The middle office department analyzes market and credit risks, internal corporate strategy, treasury management and internal controls. The back office counter checks all the trades that have been done, technology and operations. Investment banking includes investment management and merchant banking .

Madison Street Capital is a firm that was founded in 2005 and it offers middle market investment banking services. It has competent and knowledgeable professionals who make it a leader in the financial industry. The international firm has offices in North America, Africa, Asia and its headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. It offers a broad range of top-notch services to private and public businesses. The services include valuation of assets such as goodwill; buyout advisory, merger and acquisition advisory, capital introduction, restructuring services and bankruptcy services. Other services are financial sponsor coverage, asset management, corporate governance, private placements, tax compliance, financial opinions in solvency, hedge funds and other equity funds services

Madison Street Capital has a diverse clientele from transport, technology, agriculture, telecommunication, media, manufacturing and oil and energy among others. The firm offers support to philanthropic organizations such as United Way so that they can make a difference in the community. Madison Street Capital offers excellent and high standards to enterprises such as Fiber Science Inc, Bond Media Group Inc and Central Iowa Energy LLC .

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One of the best things someone can do to stop being an average achiever, is to stop acting like the average achiever. A few decades ago, during the Winter Olympics of 1980, the United States ice hockey team won the gold medal by thrashing the indomitable Soviet hockey team. Although the chances of beating the Soviet hockey team were slim, the USA coach Herb Brooks knew the best way to have a chance against them, was to work hard during training, and give their best performance during the games.

Since hard work requires preparation, it is necessary to do it adequately and avoid the discouraging words of other average minded people. There are people who are consigned to believe that they would achieve a certain level of success. To succeed in business, one should extensively read widely on business matters and identify the target market before rolling out the products. It is also necessary to exercise patience and discipline in the affairs that one does for one to achieve success.

This company has provided learning assistance to many people around the globe who are interested in acquiring knowledge on specific areas. They offer this service through distance learning from the highly qualified people who provide the knowledge to clients. Many people around the world have benefited from the services offered by VTA Publications and gained invaluable knowledge on specific important issues like trading in stocks using charts.

VTA Publications Ltd has its registered offices in The Dormers Low Road, Congham, King’s Lynn, PE32 1AE, which is located in the United Kingdom. The company was formed on 3rd December 2012. To contact the company for any product and services one is interested in, he or she can get send an email to the address provided on the website.


Wealth Solutions is a registered firm specializing in investment advisory. They are located in Austin, TX. This company creates investment portfolios for their clients. These investment portfolios consist of diversified and appropriate investments that are based on each client’s personal goals and needs. They have an expansive array of offers for their clients, and they exceed their clients’ expectation by providing them with extensive access to various investments that they otherwise may not have. Additionally, these are a wide array of alternative and traditional investment tools.

Wealth Solutions has an amazingly talented and experienced staff that possesses all the knowledge and expertise in this field. With all of this expertise, they can review all the necessary details of each client to evaluate their financial position, objectives, and risk tolerance level. Upon doing this, this investment firm can use the appropriate investment tools for their clients. They do this by creating a financial plan to establish short term and long term goals. This firm also works with clients in developing and implementing a plan to reach retirement objectives and goals. With this, parents and grandparents can benefit greatly by focusing on college planning, while also saving for retirement. This firm normally assists them with a 529 plan, or other educational planning.

Richard Blair

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. He founded this independent firm in 1994. With this firm, his goal is to make positive and significant differences for small business owners, families, and individuals. Also, he provide unbiased and objective advice to his clients. Clients are provided with tools for the sustainment of wealth, and to help prepare for their retirement.

Richard Blair’s Background

Richard Blair joined the financial services field in 1993- right after he graduated from college. Also, he was always attractive to education, and he attended college while using his aptitude for finance. He has a certification in RICP, Retirement Income Certified Professionals. He is also a certified financial planner (CFP). He passed seven exams relatable to his field. He has 24 years of experience in this industry, and his title is an investment advisor. He is also a certified estate and trust specialist (CES), a certified annuity specialist® (CAS), and a certified estate and trust specialist (CES).