International Tax Firms

Cone Marshall is a global and leading New Zealand Tax law firm, Trust, and Estate. The company, located in Auckland, began operating in 1999 and is currently under the leadership of Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone. One of its chiefs, Karen Marshall, previously worked for another law firm in its Commercial litigation field, until 2005, when she joined Cone Marshall. She is currently the advisor of trustee companies along with being a principal of the firm since 2006.


Geoffrey Cone has a long history in international trust and tax strategies, trust management and trustee since his inception into the industry in 1980.


He began his work in the industry in 1980 when he joined Auckland Law firm as a lawyer in 1980. He then relocated to Christchurch after a couple of years to join a new company as a Partner and Chairman. While at the new firm, Geoffrey practiced commercial litigation and acted as the leading counsel in various cases. His experience in tax and trust led him to establish Cone Marshalls in 1999.


Geoffrey addressed the misconception of New Zealand as a tax haven with an article published in NZ Herald. He explained that the reason New Zealand attracts increasing numbers of foreign investors is due to the legal infrastructure governing taxation and trust, set up in the country.


He explained that New Zealand has more than 20 tax agreements with other nations to promote transparency. Mr. Cone also revealed that all records require a registration in the English language, failure to which a hefty penalty is applied.



Cone Marshall specializes in aiding setting up New Zealand partnerships, trusts, companies and also in providing international wealth strategies advice to clients. The law firm avails its attorneys, private banks, family advisors and other required institutions to clients. These entities ensure that foreign buyers not located in New Zealand have access to the full services and products offered by the law firm. The firm ensures that it offers quality services and products such as the complete New Zealand taxation, succession, trusts, planning advice and administrative services.


To date, Cone Marshall has undergone several evolutions to become of one the leading law firms in New Zealand. Cone Marshall has integrated the use of technology to fasten procession of cases by using secure systems. Another revolutionary step by the firm is in the efficient administration by Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. Cone Marshall continues to serve international clients with transparent and quality services.