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For the last handful of years, Dr. Mark McKenna of Atlanta, Georgia has placed the focus of his work on building up his OVME clinics. The goal behind OVME has been to develop a new type of clinic that can truly provide the highest level of service to its patients. OVME strives to provide its patients with the options that they are looking for. All of this revolutionary work is being overseen by Dr. Mark McKenna. he is a trained medical doctor who is licensed to practice both medicine and surgery. His revolutionary OVME concept works on the basis of streamlining elective surgery processes. OVME offers a level of convenience that is truly changing the industry.

It would be hard for anyone to argue that it is anything other than fact that technology has rapidly transformed the world over the last handful of decades. Virtually every sector in the world of business has been affected by the presence of technological advancement. Dr. Mark McKenna has made it a point to fully embrace new and evolving technologies in his medical practices. He is a firm believer that technology only serves to enhance the medical profession and he is resolute that the best is yet to come.

In the spirit of harnessing technology, Dr. Mark McKenna is an avid proponent of on-demand apps. Many of these apps are now available for medical patients. This is a revolutionary and innovative method of connecting providers and patients with one another and it is all much more convenient than it has ever been before. These sort of apps are really revolutionary when considering their benefits to patiets that are from areas that are in remote locations. Mark McKenna and OVME are really revolutionizing the medical world with the way that he is utilizing these sorts of on-demand apps to provide services for his patients.


Dr. Mark Holterman is a highly successful pediatric surgeon from the United States with a global outreach. He is also known as a researcher, educator, and most importantly a committed philanthropist in the area of healthcare. Dr. Holterman gave active contributions in saving the lives of thousands of children as a chief visionary and contributor of IPSAC-VN, an alliance of pediatric specialists around the globe to help the children of Vietnam. He also serves as a lecturer and surgeon to this voluntary healthcare group to save the children of Vietnam.


The story of the group started in the year 2007 when Dr. Holterman visited the country with his wife, Ai-Xuan Le Holterman – whose roots are in South Vietnam. They witnessed the conditions of overcrowded children’s hospitals in Vietnam including in its capital, Ho Chi Minh City. Both of them understood that the country lacks both children’s hospitals and doctors significantly ( This is where they decided to establish a U.S.-based nonprofit group in the year 2009 to make pediatric care solutions readily available for the children across Vietnam. The group works with medical professionals in the United States and making ways to improve the pediatric healthcare conditions in Vietnam.


Under the guidance of Dr. Mark Holterman, the group started establishing rural clinics to make the healthcare accessible to every child in Vietnam. For reducing the significant cases of hospital infections, the group supplied modern equipment to hospitals and healthcare professionals across the country. Altogether, IPSAC-VN has significantly improved the pediatric condition of the country by saving thousands of lives (MarkHolterman.WordPress). Dr. Holterman has a humble background, and he earned his Biology major from the Yale University. Later, he started attending his medical graduation from the University of Virginia.


Later, he started working as a surgery resident at the Health Center of the University of Virginia. He also worked with the Children’s Hospital of the University of Washington as a pediatric surgery fellow. Dr. Holterman also worked with the Clinical Research Institute which is located in Montreal, Canada, as a research associate. He is also an entrepreneur and served as the Chief Executive of Mariam Global Health, an investment firm in the healthcare sector.