Helping children

The Lovaganza Foundation has a goal of making a ‘Universal Quality of Life for all of Humanity.’ They have a further, specific goal of attaining this vision by 2035. By this year they plan to have attained a quality of life for every child on earth under the age of 15. These children are the primary focus of their work and goals. These goals are to
1) ensure all children have access to clean drinking waters,
2) ensure all children have access to sufficient food,
3) ensure all children have a place to sleep and clothing to wear,
4) ensure all children have access to basic health care,
5) ensure all children have access to basic education, and
6) ensure the safety and security of all children.

Although they plan to attain their primary goals by 2035, they have a scheduled plan for as long as up to 2050. They also plan to take time every year in each individual continental headquarters to assess the situation in their geographical foundation. Lovaganza is financed by the professional and entertainment productions of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. For further assistance with their work, they also plan to partner with other like minded foundations. Their goal is to have successfully partnered with at least ten other foundations by 2018.

Then in 2020, Lovaganza plans to start trying to get the many nations of the world to take their goals very seriously and to make them their own. The countries who do accept the vision and agree to work with Lovaganza toward that end will be closely monitored. By 2025, the goal of the foundation is to have the agreement of all the nations of the world. If all things go according to plan, the nations will work together for the next ten years to attain the goals. Lovaganza is still in its early forming stage and is accepting new memberships and donations.

Lovaganza’s work and official commencement are expected to begin this very year. Time and lots of hard work will tell if their long years of plans become an actuality or just a nice dream.

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