Hair Product Reviews

WEN is a hair care system that uses one sephora product to replace your shampoo, conditioner, and detangler. It claims to clean hair without lathering or using harsh sulfates which can strip hair of its natural oils. On Emily McClure tries out the Wen system on her hair. She is curious as to how the system will work on her own fine, thin hair. Emily orders the fig version because it is supposed to deliver moisture, bounce, and shine. The first thing she notices is that the Wen hair system recommends using more product than she is used to in her normal routine.  By day three, she is impressed by how shiny and bouncy her hair looks. Emily also notices that less of her hair seems to be falling out in the shower and that her hair almost immediately seemed thicker. On day six she gets a much needed confidence boost from friends who notice how shiny her hair looks. Overall, she is happy with the shine the WEN hair product line provided but would recommend daily showering in the morning for the product to work with fine hair.

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