Fashion Industry

It’s no secret that if the average person could afford to have that Prada bag over a brand from Target, they would most likely go with Prada. What if that same person saved to purchase the Prada handbag only to discover it was a knockoff from China when they got it home?

Julie Wainwright, CEO of the RealReal, became the holy grail of authenticity when she launched her app to run a series of rigorous tests to prove or disprove the authenticity of each piece, with preventing these these types of issues in mind. Wainwright founded the company in 2011 to bring transparency to the fashion industry by ousting companies that seek to rip off consumers through the selling of knockoff brands.

Wainwright’s instagram showcases a variety of pieces offered in her pop-up stores, temporary retail space that sells merchandise of any kind, as well as online. The last few posts have had summer vibes, such as the latest post which draws your immediate attention to the model’s earrings. They are a Burberry creation of bold and covered in chunky crystals which stand out against the royal blue coloring of the model’s dress.

Another piece that draws the consumer in is the rose colored Gucci heels with an elaborate crystal dragon broach on the toe. They give a cinderella vibe, like if one of these heels were left on a staircase, someone would want to track down the owner immediately.

The company which started in San Francisco has employed over 800 people nation wide, expanding to cities like Chicago, New York, L.A., and Washington D.C., which subsequently are also fashion capitols. Nothing in Wainwright’s stores have bypassed her authentication screenings, so rest assured, what you receive is the real deal.