Fagali'I Airport

Samoa’s Airport, Fagali’I, is located in it’s capital city of Apia. The city is located in the central north coast of Upolu, the second largest island in Samoa in the South Pacific Ocean. It’s small airstrip is used for internal and international flights in Pago Pago in American Samoa.

Fagali’I Airport is a very small airport has seen its fair share of controversy throughout the years. It was once owned by Polynesian Airlines and the Samoan Government. But once it was paved in 2002, it was de-commissioned in 2005 due to government and village concerns over the noise & safety of the civilians according to wikipedia.org. The airport was reopened July 1, 2009 but continued to receive controversial criticism over its previous reasons of why it closed in the beginning. What city and airport doesn’t go through these things right?

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Like many other small islands, Apia’s growth is due to its loving, caring community. Airways is what makes this country thrive to its fullest! Because there are no trams or trains, people mostly depend on buses and taxis to get back and forth throughout the country, as as well as walking. Some of the major airlines that comes through Fagali’I Airport, besides Polynesian Airlines, are Pacific Island Airways, Samoa Air and Talofa Airways. All three airlines are headquartered in the city of Apia! How wonderful is that? The second largest port of transportation is through the harbor where a lot of shipment of containers are brought to the country. It’s location in Apia is the busiest for the country of Samoa. It houses containers of gas and fuel, which is apparent for flying airplanes everyday for 4 different airlines.

This beautiful city has some of the best places you could ever imagine staying in! Just near the airport, you have lodging that is close to fish markets, parks, downtown and most of them all have breakfast included in your nightly stay according to dohop.com. Viewing the city from the aiport alone tells you know that being in this beautiful tropical area near a small but quaint airport is the best way to travel for rejuvenation!

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