Elderly Care, Health and Wellness

Sussex Healthcare recently appointed Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the business’ new CEO. Before even formally being recognized as the CEO, she had already begun work in order to have more time to get to know the company, management, patients, and everything needed. In reference to the recent article on the Sussex Healthcare website, “she has already begun to make a real difference”.

Sussex Healthcare is a care home company located in Horsham, West Sussex, UK, founded in March 1998. They are an independent business that provides support and aid for the elderly, including those suffering with dementia and others, as well as adults with any difficulties, whether they are physical or learning based. Their 20 homes house patients who are properly accommodated for and are provided support 24/7.

The behavior that sets Sussex Healthcare apart from other homes is that they take the time to really understand a patient with both social and recreational programs to help them in various ways. This kind of tactic of course promotes good health and the patients feel at ease with the leisure time. In an article by Release Fact, they state “Respect for the individuality of each patient provides an opportunity for the staff to match previous interests such as taking quizzes, dancing, crafting, cooking and reminiscing with current abilities.” This offers the patients quality self-expression time and helps them create new memories and build new skills.

According to glassdoor.co.uk, Ms. Morgan-Taylor already has over 30 years of experience working in the medical field outside of Sussex Healthcare. Her longstanding medical career has grown since she became a certified Mental Health Nurse long ago, including taking on challenging leadership positions. Because of her successful career in several different medical sectors, she has a fine understanding of practices and experience in facing challenges.

Appointing Ms. Morgan-Taylor, a particularly experienced and understanding individual was a great move for the company. Sussex Healthcare is very excited upon this decision, commenting, “This is an exciting and important appointment for the organization, and is further evidence of Sussex Health Care’s commitment to providing high quality care at all of our homes and services in 2018 and beyond.”

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