Dog Food, Dog treats

Walmart is a great place to shop for just about anything. They always have roll back prices and sell items at a much lower price than you can find anywhere else. One amazing product they sell is Purina Beneful dog food. The store not only sells the food and treats in store, but they can be found online as well.Dry dog food found at Walmart comes in two different types. The first is Beneful Originals made for adult dogs. The second is dry dog food made for puppies.

Each type is made with all natural and real ingredients. Each flavor contains whole grains, a few vegetables, and a meet. You can choose between beef, chicken, or salmon with the healthy weight option. The same flavors can also be found in the wet dog food cans. The price varies a lot depending on what size of dog food you decide to buy. You can find a single can for around $1.77 or a large 40 pound bag of dry food for $33.98. The sizes vary so that owners like yourself can choose a size based on the needs of your dog.If you move quickly you can checkout the $3 off coupons is offering on there Beneful dog food products.

Dog Food, Dog treats

Dog treats are wonderful for letting your puppy know that you love him, and he’s been a good dog. Beneful dog treats let him know that you care about him, as well. The Purina Beneful brand of dog treats is a brand that focuses on animal wellness. Purina had maximum nutrition in mind when it developed this product. Many of the foods are grain free and contain real meat instead of processed meats. Pets enjoy the real meat 10 times more than they enjoy other products. As a pet owner, you can start a new regimen of healthy pet foods today if they want to show love.

The range of items that you can find on the Beneful treat list is almost overwhelming. Puppies and dogs that love meats will get a kick out of the Meaty Minis treats. They consist of favorites such as chicken, apples and beef. Pet owners who are concerned about their pet’s dental health will appreciate the Dental Minis With Peanut Butter. The poultry lovers have three options when it comes to treats. The Chicken Break N Bites have a mixture of sweet potatoes, carrots and delicious real chicken. The Crunchy Chicken Break N Bites have sweet potatoes and real chicken. The Crunchy Minis have carrots and chicken.

There’s something on the list for the beef lovers, too. The Meaty Minis take beef, apples and chicken and put them together in an appealing bag. Dogs of all ages will enjoy chomping down on these delicious treats. The manufacturers offer a few discounts and incentives for people who want to try the product today. Coupons are available to make the buying experience less stressful. After all, buying treats for dog should be fun, not stressful. Interested parties can sign up for some amazing savings on food for their favorite pets.

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